Must-Have Stunning Necklaces For Brides and Bridesmaids This Season

April 26, 2023

One cannot envision wedding seasons without those glittering and alluring jewellery options. Not just for the brides but wearing the perfect jewellery has become a vital ritual today for the bridesmaid of the function too.

Every woman has a hidden fear in her subconscious about whether she will look perfect or not when she dolls up in the bride's getup on her special day. So, it is quite normal to get confused with the right kind of jewellery that you actually wish to wear on your wedding day. But as fashion trends change every now and then, choosing the perfect jewellery for this special occasion also gets extremely daunting.

It is believed that among different jewellery options, the necklace is the one piece that grabs the attention of the viewers the most. If you have noticed a bride getting dressed up, the look actually gets completed that that majestic necklace that compliments perfectly with the attire.

While the bride is getting ready for her special day with that perfect look, most bridesmaids usually choose a perfect necklace for her attire that will make her look distinct from anyone else and just next to the bride.

So, while selecting the right necklace is so important for the bride as well as the bridesmaid, here we have listed down some must-have stunning necklaces for brides and bridesmaids this season.

Polki Diamond Necklace:

Polki diamond jewellery is a popular choice not just among the brides but also among the bridesmaids. The necklaces designed with polki diamond stones are known to offer a royal look to the brides and there is no looking back when you have decided to wear a Polki Diamond necklace option such as Polki Diamond Rani Haar for your wedding. There are also subtle Polki Diamond necklace options available that go perfectly with the attire of a bridesmaid.

Multicoloured Stone Necklace:

The new-age brides quite often prefer to wear a gemstone necklace matching it with the colour of their attire. The gemstones are available in diverse colour options such as topaz, sea green, maroon, and many others so that you can get a perfect necklace that matches your wedding dress. These multicoloured gemstone necklaces align well with your attire to provide a perfect picturesque frame. Also, if you are looking for a necklace that looks stunning within budget, getting this multicoloured stone artificial necklace option is the best pick that you can have as a bride as well as a bridesmaid.

Layered Pearl Necklace:

Earlier Pearl jewellery sets were just associated with catholic brides of the West. But in recent days even Indian brides of different cultures are gracefully decking up themselves with pearl jewellery sets. One of the popular pearl options that are a top choice among brides today is the layered necklace set.

The layered pearl necklaces with a huge pendant at the centre will offer an aristocratic look to the bride. Pair this necklace with matching earrings and mang tika to complete your bridal look. Even the bridesmaid can show up side by side in a pearl double-layered necklace to get some memorable photographs together with the bride.

Pearl with Stones:

While the pearl necklace is itself a symbol of serenity and sophistication, combining the pearls with precious stones such as ruby and emerald definitely raises the class. The classic combination of white and red is perfectly achieved by combining pearls with rubies in a layered necklace set that is perfect for occasions such as a wedding or even for an engagement. Similarly, pearls can be combined well with other precious stones such as emeralds to break the white monotony of the usual pearl necklace. Also, when you are about to wear a classy and ethnic wedding lehenga, offering some hint of colour to your pearl necklace always works wonders.

A Pearl necklace with precious stones is not just perfect for the bride but is extremely charismatic for the bridesmaid. It is quite obvious that the bride will be wearing a heavy necklace. The bridesmaid can settle down with a single-layered necklace to keep her look subtle in front of the bride.

Jadau Necklace:

A multilayered Jadau necklace seems to be just perfect for brides who wish to get an extravagant look for their special day. You can get either a jadau necklace with the usual stones or with the coloured ones. These necklaces are extremely famous in a posh wedding or if the bride wishes to reflect a maharani look. While the bride can choose a multilayered jadau choker set, the bridesmaid can settle down with a jadau usual necklace that can be matched up well with matching jadau ear danglers. 

Rajasthani Adh Necklace:

Exaggerate your royal bride look to the next level with a piece of Rajasthani Adh Necklace. If you have planned for a choker set for your wedding but are not happy with the usual jadau or other options, then you should take the next leap to have your hands on the Rajasthani Adh Necklace. These are usually choker necklaces that are rectangular in shape and elongated to cover most of your neck. These are decorated well with precious or semi-precious stones and sometimes pearls. While the bridesmaid can put on the usual conventional Rajasthani Adh Necklace, the bride can display an enchanting look with an Adh Necklace that is beautified with small dangles at the bottom.

Temple Jewellery Necklace:

Usually, the popularity of the Temple Jewellery Necklace has been noticed mostly in the Southern part of India. But now, it has got its fans in other parts of the country too. These are known to be one of the most precious jewellery set options as these are made up of pure gold. Crafted with idols of goddesses and temple architectural designs, this jewellery set is a perfect one for brides who wish to pass on their necklace to the next generation.

The Temple Jewellery Necklace and jewellery is made up of gold, but now designers have also come up with artificial necklaces in this category for those brides who cannot afford the extreme price of these jewellery sets. You can conveniently get Temple Jewellery Necklace for brides and bridesmaids now with a budget that suits your pocket.

Meenakari Necklace:

A Meenakari necklace is something that will never grow old with time. It is a special craft piece that is designed by the Jaipur artworks with great patience and hard work. Each one is a masterpiece because there are so many details intriguing in them. Kundan and Meenakari Necklace sets have become a staple today for many brides today because of their vibrant look and diverse designs to match up well with the bride’s attire.

Traditional brides who opt for a red lehenga can always go with a traditional Meenakari necklace that is studded with maroon or red stones. On the other hand, modern brides are in love with subtle and neutral shades. Hence, there are many other colour options available such as peach, sea green, and others that will go well with the lehenga colour that you have chosen for your day.

American Diamond Necklace:

It is said that diamonds are the first love in almost every woman’s life. So, if this is it, then we cannot leave out diamonds from this list. While real diamonds can get extremely expensive and out of budget for many brides, American Diamonds have been there for many years now to fulfil the need and craving for diamonds.

There are some stunning designs and styles when you look for American Diamond Necklace for your wedding day. If you have chosen a light-shaded lehenga or saree for your day, then an American Diamond Necklace set is a perfect thing that you can enjoy. Also, you can get a set that has a maang tikka to get a complete look without any hitch.

Why should the bridesmaid be left behind? The bridesmaid can also showcase her love for diamonds with the American Diamond necklace that will surely match up well with the dress she is wearing. Of course, the charm of American Diamond necklaces is that it compliments almost every attire that you wear for the function.


The types of necklaces that the brides can adorn for their special day are endless. Every passing fashion and trend gives a new design and new type of necklace option for the bride. Some of them are such that they pass away with the passing of time while some of them remain for eternity. Some such eternal necklace options that are a hit among brides and will hopefully remain to stay in fashion are kundan, pearl, and gemstones.

Whether you are the bride for the special evening or you are the bridesmaid, choosing the apt jewellery is crucial. It is always better to get in touch with the necklace wholesaler so that you can choose from a wide range of options and can settle down on the best one. Buying a necklace from the best necklace wholesaler such as Kanhai Jewels will allow you to search for a necklace according to your taste and budget so that you do not have to settle down with something that does not bring that beautiful smile on your face that is necessary on your wedding day.