Long, thick, lustrous, silky and shiny strands of hair - every woman desires this and may go the extra mile to ensure the same. Women and their love for having healthy and shiny hair and accessorising them date back centuries. Talk about women from the prehistoric era, mediaeval times, from the times of Sita, Draupadi or even today’s millennials, accessorising hair with multiple ornaments made from flowers, precious metals, gold, silver and pearl are common. These hair accessories have been famous with the names of shishfuls, hair pins, hair clips, jhudas and so on. We can even find mentions of antique shishful designs in the Rajputana and Mughal cultures too.

These sheeshfuls have been in trend since time immemorial. Women from Rajasthan, Hariyana, Gujarat and the southern states wear shishfuls today, too, as a part of their routine shringar or for special festive celebrations.

We at Kanhai Jewels bring you an extensive yet extravagant collection of curated, elegant and sophisticated shishfuls that are sure to inspire awe among your friends and family. From contemporary to modern, classic to regal, minimalist to heavily-studded ones, whatever your style preference is, you won’t be disappointed with our collection of sheeshfuls.

Antique Shishful Designs and How to Best Coordinate Them With Versatile Ensembles?

With Kanhai Jewel, you won’t have to worry about coordinating your ensembles with versatile jewellery essentials, and the same goes for shishfuls too. Whether you are looking for a classic shishful or a more enticing meenakari design or a plain gold, Moti or Pearl one, we have them all. Take your pick from our exclusive collection.

Whether gold plating, matte gold plating or mehndi plating speaks to your style preferences, choose stunning shishful designs from our online collection. Your loved ones are sure to notice its charm and timeless elegance right away and you will be turning heads your way at any gathering that you choose to grace.

Aqua, Firozi, gold, green, LCT, Moti, pink, Ruby, Ruby-green and a host of other enthralling colour palettes - our shishful designs can make you spellbound.

Whether you are decked up in the regal glory of 9-yard classic sarees or a trendy beige lehenga or a fascinating Indo-Western wear for any occasion, you can style your hair with stunning shishfuls that will amplify your charm like never before.

Why Kanhai Jewels?

We at Kanhai Jewels understand and value the love of women for jewellery and, thus, strive to bring forth premium jewellery essentials in an extravagant range and at competitive prices. Our expert craftsmen leverage their years of experience and legacy to craft some of the most adorable, swoon-worthy, timeless and elegant antique shishful designs that can elevate the style quotient of your hair by a multitude.

With Kanhai Jewels, you can browse the entire selection of sheeshfuls online with just a few clicks. The designs, premium-quality of materials, expert craftsmanship and unbeatable prices are some of the aspects that set Kanhai Jewels apart from its counterparts. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our extensive and extravagant collection right away!


1. What is Antique Shishful jewellery?

Antique Shishful jewellery, a traditional head ornament, is known for its vintage and classic designs. This type of jewellery, worn primarily on the head, embodies historical artistry and cultural heritage, representing the rich traditions of the past through its unique design and ornamentation.

2. What materials do you use in crafting Antique Shishful pieces?

The creation of our Antique Shishful pieces typically involves the use of metals like gold and silver, often embellished with precious stones and intricate engravings. These materials are chosen for their lasting quality and historical significance.

3. How does Kanhai Jewels’ Antique Shishful pieces differ in style from modern jewellery?

Kanhai Jewels' Antique Shishful collections showcase a distinctive traditional aesthetic, contrasting with modern jewellery that leans towards minimalist and contemporary designs. Our designs evoke a sense of nostalgia and timeless beauty, setting them apart from modern trends.

4. Are Kanhai Jewels’ Antique Shishful pieces suitable for daily wear?

Our Antique Shishful pieces are designed with durability in mind, making them suitable for daily wear while maintaining their timeless elegance. They are crafted to withstand regular use, ensuring longevity and sustained beauty.

5. Do Antique Shishful pieces tarnish or change colour over time?

Antique Shishful jewellery can experience tarnishing or colour change over time, which is natural for vintage metal pieces. This patina adds to the unique character and authenticity of each piece.

6. How should I care for my Antique Shishful jewellery in different weather conditions?

To maintain the lustre of your Antique Shishful jewellery, it is essential to store them in a dry place and avoid exposure to extreme weather conditions. Regular cleaning and proper storage are key to preserving their appearance and condition.

7. Is it safe to wear Antique Shishful in water or while swimming?

It is advisable to avoid wearing Antique Shishful jewellery in water or while swimming to prevent damage and preserve its quality. Exposure to water can lead to discolouration and potential damage to the intricate detailing.

8. How does sweat affect Antique Shishful jewellery?

Prolonged exposure to sweat can potentially affect the integrity and appearance of Antique Shishful jewellery, necessitating regular cleaning and care. It's important to gently clean the jewellery after exposure to sweat to maintain its condition.

9. Will my Antique Shishful turn black?

No, your Antique Shishful won’t turn black, no matter how frequent the usage is. However, over time, it may lose its shine, which can be regained with a routine rinse and refresh.

10. What are the shipping costs for Kanhai Jewels’ Antique Shishful orders?

The shipping costs for Antique Shishful orders from Kanhai Jewels vary depending on the order size and destination. Customers are advised to check the specific shipping costs during the ordering process.

11. How long does it take to receive my Antique Shishful order?

After the order is processed, which usually takes about 2 days, the delivery of the product might take around 4 to 5 days. This duration may extend in case of deliveries to remote areas.

12. Can Antique Shishful pieces be customised?

Customers interested in customising Antique Shishful jewellery can inquire with Kanhai Jewels for specific options. Customisation may include alterations in design, size, or gemstone selection, subject to the availability of materials and design feasibility.

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