Tikka, which is a maang tikka worn on the head. A maang tikka is a piece of gems ordinarily worn by Indian ladies and is like the idea of head trappings. It is made out of a chain with a hook toward one side and a pendant on the other. Married women commonly wear maang tikkas, yet they can likewise be worn by all age groups women. 

Unique Indo western tikka: 

Kanhai Jewels manufacture the best imitation Indo western tikka online. We have a surprising and amazing collection of Indo western tikka from which you can choose. 

We have different variations in Indo western tikka like classic tikka, Peacock tikka, delicate tikka, chand tikka, and more. We have different and unique colours of tikka for different outfits. We have gold plated, 2 tones plated and other plated tikka on our website.

Diversity of Indo Western jewellery:

Our Indo Western tikka jewellery can be worn with any kind of outfit. Daily Wear / Party Wear / Office Wear. Use it with a suit or a saree, and lehenga for an ethnic yet classy look. These tikka Jewellery are also perfect if you want to match it with your particular colour of the dress as we have many colour options. 

Every piece of jewellery is hand-curated and specially made to guarantee that you get lovely craftsmanship with each piece you buy. If it's not too much trouble, you can visit our website or mail us if you have any questions concerning the item/conveyance delivery. 

Best gifting option:

This could be a perfect surprise gift for your special one or your wife. You can gift this on occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and karwachauth which are a special day for every married woman. 

So, if you want any kind of jewellery wholesale then you can contact us through mail or call us at the provided number on the website. 


1. What defines Indo-Western Tikka jewellery?

Indo-Western Tikka jewellery is defined by its unique blend of traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary Western design elements, creating a fusion that appeals to a global audience. This fusion often involves integrating modern motifs and minimalist styles with classic Indian designs.

2. What are the common design elements found in Kanhai Jewels’ Indo-Western Tikkas?

Kanhai Jewels' Indo-Western Tikkas are distinguished by their elegant blend of traditional Indian motifs with modern design sensibilities. Our Tikkas often feature classic elements like Kundan and Polki, integrated with contemporary patterns and streamlined shapes to suit the tastes of a global clientele.

3. How do you incorporate Western aesthetics into your Tikka designs?

By incorporating minimalist concepts and modern art elements, we bring a Western touch to our Tikka designs. Our pieces feature streamlined aesthetics, understated patterns, and a symmetry that resonates with our clientele, who enjoy the harmonious blend of age-old tradition and modern elegance.

4. What materials are typically used in crafting Kanhai Jewels’ Indo-Western fusion Tikkas?

Our Indo-Western fusion Tikkas are crafted using a variety of materials, balancing tradition with modernity. We use high-quality metals like gold and silver, adorned with diamonds, emeralds, crystals, and coloured gemstones, creating timeless yet contemporary pieces.

5. What are the latest trends in Indo-Western Tikka jewellery?

The latest trends in Indo-Western Tikka jewellery are leaning towards minimalist designs featuring geometric patterns and the use of non-traditional materials and colours. These versatile pieces are crafted to complement a wide range of outfits, from traditional to contemporary.

6. How can Tikka be styled for a contemporary Western look?

To style a Tikka for a contemporary Western look, opt for simple, elegant attire like a cocktail dress or a sleek jumpsuit. Ensure the Tikka remains the focal point by balancing it with minimal other jewellery.

7. Can Tikkas be worn with non-ethnic, everyday Western outfits?

We design our Tikkas to be versatile, allowing them to complement non-ethnic, everyday Western outfits beautifully. Our pieces are crafted to add a touch of elegance and cultural richness to any attire, be it casual or formal.

8. What are some popular occasions for wearing an Indo-Western Tikka in Western countries?

Some popular occasions for wearing an Indo-Western Tikka, include multicultural weddings, where they add a distinctive charm. They are also a favourite at fashion events, cultural festivals, and themed parties, bringing elegance and cultural flair.

9. Are customizations available for Indo-Western Tikkas at Kanhai Jewels?

Yes, we offer customization services for our Indo-Western Tikkas, allowing you to create a piece that uniquely reflects your personal style. Contact us with your ideas, and we'll work together to craft your dream Tikka.

10. Can I wear Kanhai Jewels’ Indo-Western Tikkas for bridal occasions?

Yes, our Indo-Western Tikkas are perfect for brides seeking a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics. They add a sophisticated touch to bridal attire, making them ideal for contemporary weddings.

11. What is the price range of Kanhai Jewels' Indo-Western Tikkas?

Our Indo-Western Tikka collection varies in price, catering to a wide range of budgets. Visit our website or contact us for detailed pricing information based on your specific choices.

12. How long does it take to deliver a Kanhai Jewels’ Indo-Western Tikka?

Delivery times for our Indo-Western Tikkas depend on the customization and location. Generally, it takes a few weeks from order to delivery, but we aim for the quickest turnaround possible.

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