Trendy Pasas

Pasa is a piece of traditional jewellery that was introduced by the Mughals and nowadays has become a style statement with any ethnic outfit and worn by every other female. Be it the bride, her sisters, or her best friends, every girl loves to wear pasas and enhance their traditional looks even further. And not just weddings but other functions, parties and special occasions as well.

Different styles of Pasas

There exists a lot of varieties in the market such as cascading pasa, Navratan pasa, pearl work pasa with gold plating, Kundan pasa with gold plating, etc. Initially pasas were worn on the left side of the crown area but now you can see women experimenting on the right side as well and even as maang tikkas too.

Imitation pasa jewellery online

With such wide ranging options available at Kanhai Jewels like Antique classic pasa with mehndi plating, cz classic pasa with rhodium plating, Kundan pasa with gold plating, chand pasa with matte gold plating and more, you will have lot many options to decide from and all will look equally beautiful on you. So do try them out!



  1. How to wear a pasa?

A pasa is very easy to wear and use. It is usually worn on either side of the head. With the help of big jura pins, you can secure the hook of the pasa depending upon what height you desire or prefer. And further using two bobby pins you can make a cross for securing it more.


  1. Is pasa worn by Muslims brides only?

Though the beautiful pasa were introduced through Mughals and earlier were more frequently used by Muslim brides, there is no longer such restriction. Now pasas are equally being carried by Sikh brides as well for their special day. Not only them but everyone loves taking their overall ethnic look a notch higher and opt to wear pasas in weddings and functions.


  1. What are the various types of pasas available at Kanhai Jewels?

When it comes to the varieties of pasas available in the market, the list is endless. There are numerous options available such as cascading pasas which create a waterfall effect, pasas with pearl work, padmavati pasas, pasas with gold work, Navratan pasas, antique chand pasas, etc, and many more.

  1. What side do you wear a pasa?

Generally the pasa is worn on the left side but there is no restriction about it. You can pretty well carry it onto the right side as well. In fact, nowadays pasas are even being used as maang tikkas with center partitions as well.


  1. Are there any new and innovative additions in your collection being imitation pasa jewellery manufacturers online?

We at Kanhai Jewels keep on providing with some or the other new and innovative options in jewellery to try out. The new arrivals in our pasa collection are antique chand pasas with mehndi plating, antique classic pasa with mehndi plating, indo western pearl pasa with gold plating, classic pasas with coloured stones and pearls with gold plating, etc. Do browse through the collection and pick your new favourite.


  1. What are the popular trends for styling a pasa?

When looking for trends, you can always follow the Bollywood celebs. There's been various actresses who adorned pasas in their weddings. You can go for a smaller maang tikka to compliment your pasa and other jewelleries or outshine it with a bigger maang tikka. Try it with a bun or a half bun hair do, or you may even keep them open with some soft curls.


  1. What are some frequently purchased pasa jewellery online from Kanhai Jewels?

We strongly believe in fulfilling all the needs and desires of our customers and thus, keep on bringing back our best sellers for them at attractive prices. Some of the popular pasas of our collection are Kundan classic pasa with gold plating, cz classic pasa with rhodium plating, antique classic pasa with matte gold finishing, classic pearl pasa with gold plating and more.


  1. What can be used to make Imitation pasa jewellery?

Different kinds of alloy metals can be used to make imitation pasa jewellery such as bronze, copper, or brass with gold plating, matte gold plating, rhodium plating, etc to give you your desired jewellery.


  1. When can we carry a pasa other than as a bride?

So what if you are not the bride? You can still steal quick attention with the exclusive designs of Kanhai Jewels. You can still wear it at your brother's/sister's wedding and other functions. It could be a Diwali party or at any of your best friend's family functions. Don't think too much and just dress your heart out!


  1. Do you take bulk orders only?

Yes we deal in wholesale only as we are imitation pasa jewellery wholesalers in India. You will get several designs and styles to pick your preference from.

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