Weddings are one of the most special moments for the to-be brides. These are the occasions that come knocking with massive amounts of anticipation, horrific bridezilla moments, overwhelming sensations, and more. These also gift us many memories that we women cherish for our lifetime. It is only apt that women wish to look their absolute best shelves on their big day. What better way to achieve that spellbinding effect than by donning an antique Damini jewellery design? Damini tikkas can be the go-to forehead jewellery essentials that are dream-come-true for the to-be brides. These add to their transformational appearance, charm, and elegance during their wedding festivities.

Damini jewellery has been around the corner for centuries. During the mediaeval times, women used to wear simple and heavily carved Daminis from metals and other jewellery items. Even in our mythological scriptures, there are mentions of Queens and women belonging to the regal families adorning their foreheads with beautifully crafted Damini tikkas. Even commoners during the traditional times used to decorate their foreheads with simple Damini designs.

Over the centuries, jewellery artefacts have undergone significant changes, and so have the Damini designs. Today, you can find Damini tikka designs in American Diamond/Cubic Zirconia, Gold, Kundan, Pearl and what not. However, antique Daminis have a sophisticated charm of their own that still attracts attention.

Most Damini designs have a maang tikka at the end that’s attached to a chain or beaded string with a fish hook to connect with the hair. The maang tikka pendant is connected with two strings of jewellery designs that also have fish hooks to be attached to the hair above the ears. These jewellery articles are created to offer brides and women the all-encompassing and sophisticated look during festive celebrations.

Today’s millennial brides love decking up in elegant pieces of Damini tikkas during their wedding celebrations. Daminis are not only reserved for the brides. Even the bridesmaids adorn these jewellery essentials that offer the entire bridal party a regal look.

Kanhai Jewels brings you an extravagant collection of Damini designs that can make your wedding day all the more memorable. Get access to some of these swoon-worthy Damini tikkas online at competitive prices at Kanhai Jewels.

Add Some Spark with Antique Damini Jewellery

Forehead jewellery essentials, such as bores and daminis, are must-have ones for brides. Whether the wedding is going to be a grand or a low-key affair, you can add some spark to your overall ensemble for your big day with some regal, sophisticated Damini tikka designs.

Whether you are looking for a plain gold Damini to go with your simple and minimalist wedding ensemble or a half Damini, Bore Damini, Chand Damini, or a grand South Indian Damini design, you will find Damini designs in all of these varieties at Kanhai Jewels. Our exquisite range of Damini jewellery designs comes in a range of platings, such as Rhodium, Gold, mehndi, and Matte Gold. You can always colour coordinate your ensembles with our Gold, green, LCT, maroon, and a whole lot more coloured Damini designs.

Our mehndi-plated Damini tikkas with pearl and stone beads at the end can bring in the perfect glamour during your bridal mehndi ceremonies. At the same time, our gold-plated antique Daminis with designs that bring forth the memories of traditional Indian culture, can be the showstoppers. Our Damini designs have the maang tikka pendants in a versatile range - from small and classic ones to heavy and contemporary ones to trendy modern ones. Choose an antique Damini that speaks to your heart and meets your preferences.

If you are a South Indian bride or attending a South Indian friend’s wedding, our antique Dmainis are must-haves. Stay connected to your culture and yet showcase your real-time and trendy style acumen with our captivating Daminis.

Live your dream of a celebrity-look-alike wedding with our regal collection of antique Damini maang tikka and other jewellery essentials.

Buy Antique Damini Tikka Online in Wholesale from Kanhai Jewels

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Every woman wishes to have a jewellery collection to be proud of and there are certainly some of the must-have essentials. Antique Damini jewellery is one among them. With digital-first technologies and online platforms, availing of Daminis in versatile designs and patterns has become the new norm. Kanhai Jewels can be your one-stop destination for obtaining Daminis in breathtaking patterns. Our premium Daminis are available at wholesale prices that are hard to come by. With Kanhai Jewels, you can turn your dream into the reality of owning statement jewellery that will add to your charm for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Damini tikkas made of?

Antique Damini maang tikkas and jewellery essentials are made with Gold or Silver or other jewellery raw materials as the base with Rhodium, Gold, Matte Gold, or Mehndi platings. These are crafted to offer these jewellery essentials an antiquated and regally-sophisticated look.

How do you clean a Damini tikka?

Cleaning a Damini maang tikka can be easier and simpler than you would have imagined. All you have to do is apply some degreasing solutions on the tikka, dip them in warm water, and rinse them off after 15 to 20 mins. Pat the antique Damini tikka dry and safely store it in an air-tight container.

Does Damini tikka fade?

No, Damini jewellery tikkas don’t fade away with time. These are crafted to retain their glaze and glamour for many years to come. However, with frequent wear and tear and due to lack of proper storage conditions, the shine may decline. However, with a few cleaning wipes, you can always get a brand-new glaze.

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