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Buy tikka online from Kanhai Jewels. We are the renowned designers and wholesalers of artificial jewellery in India. You can check our website for the chic collection at the finest feasible rates. Jewellery is a must to have a complete look on your outfit. Some women might see jewellery as an alternative option to wear accessories. While others think it is as important as wearing the mask during the covid-19. Jewellery has taken a very important place in every woman's life.

Women feel incomplete without adding the right accessories to the look. Kanhai jewels can provide you with a subtle, classy, and elegant look by adding the right pair of jewellery to your outfit. If you are looking for a maang tikka, you are in the right spot as we are the Antique Tikka Manufacturer in India. No one can defeat the quality of the product we sell.

Genuine and high-quality maang tikkas online

We do have a presence online as well. Clients can also shop through our website at their ease. All the latest collections are maintained online by our team. All our team is working very hard to give satisfactory results to clients. Do not think of going to stores in search of artificial Tikka, sit-back relax, and Buy Indian Maang Tikka Set Online through our website. All the product descriptions mentioned are fair enough. We do not do any fraud with our customers. The article you see online via image is close enough to a real piece of jewellery.

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We are the Imitation Maang Tikka Manufacturers all over India. Our designs are worldwide famous and loved by international customers. We have our most prominent designs that you can pair up with your attire to look stunning. Imitation Kundan Maang Tikka is the best-sold product of ours. You can purchase it through online shopping. 



1- Which type of maang tikka is recommended for round-face women?

Ans- It is always recommended to use a small size tikka with a drop of pearl. Small size tikka looks elegant and perfect. You can also go for a diamond-shaped designed tikka. But never go for matha Patti as it will give a bulky look to your face.

2- Is your collection of maang tikka only for brides?

Ans- No, we have a mix collection of Maang Tikka in our stock. Brides and the bridesmaids or groom maids can shop from the wide collection. Usually, the bride pairs up their bridal outfit with the heavy ones. So, we have separated those articles from others.

3- Do you have designs that can go best with gowns?

Ans- You can wear a tikka on every outfit regardless of lehenga or gown. It depends on the choice of the design. 

4- How can I fix Maang Tikka on the place so that it may not move from its place?

Ans- You can use pins to fix your jewellery. Also, if you wish to set the piece on your forehead so that you might not get irritated with the moves, you can use double-sided tape. But after that, make sure to remove the pasting so that it may not damage the jewellery.

5- Do you have side Maang tikka in your collection?

Ans- Yes, we have various collections and, among them, side tikka is also one. We have creative mastermind craftsmen to create the designs as per your choice and preference.

6- Can Maang tikka be worn with a big forehead?

Ans- Yes, definitely! You can wear it on a long forehead. Wearing Maang tikka highlights your graceful appearance. Your face looks gorgeous once you go with it.

7- What are the categories of Tikka withheld by Kanhai Jewels?

Ans- We are the manufacturers of artificial jewellery. So, we have diverse categories like American Diamond, oxidized Jewallery, Kundan, Indo western, etc.

8- What are the designs in your collection?

Ans- Designs from our collections include classic, trendy, Moti, South Indian, Chand, Peacock, Temple, etc. Apart from these, if you have other designs in your mind. Converse with our designers for further work.

9- Which plating is used in the manufacturing of Tikka?

Ans- Kanhai Jewels are manufacturers of artificial jewellery. So we cannot end up with the production of a single product with one plating only. We offer various plated trinkets like Black rose, rose gold, Rhodium plated, matte rhodium, etc

10- How can Tikka be taken care of?

Ans- It is mandatory to take care of your jewellery like precious ones. The more you take care of your piece, the more time it can be used. As Maang tikka is a diminutive piece of jewellery, it can easily be tangled with other jewellery if kept together. So it is always advised to keep separately avoiding damage. Also, do not keep contact with water, hair sprays, or perfumes.

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