Hair has always been an indicator of women’s external beauty. For ages, women have been caring for and going the extra mile to be blessed with captivating hair that is not only beautiful but healthy too. Over the decades, the techniques and cosmetics used to care for hair have evolved, and so do the jewellery accessories used to style luxurious hair for women. Judas or otherwise called judas have been a traditional hairstyle that women have adored over the years.

Unlike other things, judas have never gone out of style or trend, and they are reigning in the hairstyle sphere even today too. Apart from the fashion aspect, judas have pragmatic significance too. Women with very long hair used to twist the hair into a bun shape and secure the same with jhuda pins as needed. Women from the mediaeval era used to style their judas with wildflowers and other metallic ornaments. Over the years, juda jewellery essentials were introduced, which were available in gold, Kundan, AD/CZ materials. However, antique juda jewellery has always retained a soft spot.

Kanhai Jewels brings you an extravagant collection of antique jhuda designs and juda silver pins in several designs and patterns that are sure to catch your eye. These designs are something like a dream-come-true and beyond your imagination.

Add Some Spark to Your Hair with Antique Juda Jewellery

As a millennial woman, you might not get all the time to care for your hair properly. Despite being aware of all home solutions and natural ways for healthy hair, your hair might still remain ignored as a part of today’s fast-paced life. However, that does not mean you can’t style your hair with some stunning jhuda jewellery essentials.

We at Kanhai Jewels understand and feel your worries. Thus, we bring you some elegant antique juda jewellery and juda silver pins to style your hair fabulously. Whether you are getting ready for an ethnic day at your workplace or grooming for a friend’s wedding or participating in your society’s festivities, stun everyone with an elegant juda. Our juda jewellery essentials can perfectly complement your ensemble no matter whether you are decked up in a saree, lehenga or even Indo-Western attire.

You can take your pick from layered judas that comes with fish hook pins to attach under the ears to judas with a heavy pendant-style design at the centre, which has strings of antique chains attached to it. From plain gold judas to double, triple layered ones to peacock-themed ones, choose jhuda designs to your heart’s content.

Buy Antique Jhuda Pins Online at Kanhai Jewels at Wholesale Prices

If you are on the lookout for captivating and trendy antique judas or jhuda pins and any other hair accessories, Kanhai Jewels can be your go-to destination. Kanhai Jewels is deemed one of the best manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers in the antique, Gold, Kundan, AD/CZ, Western, and Indo-Western and more jewellery categories. Expert craftsmanship, premium quality products, extravagant designs, and an extensive selection at unbeatable prices are some of the strong fortes of Kanhai Jewels.

Check out the juda jewellery collection at Kanhai Jewels online from the comfort of your home. Take your pick, and we will deliver it to your doorstep in no time.

Get ready to turn heads your way with a stunning, elegant and trendy jhuda.


1. What is Antique Jhuda jewellery?

Antique Jhuda jewellery is a collection of vintage Indian hair ornaments, often adorned with intricate designs and gemstones. These pieces have a rich cultural heritage and are cherished for their timeless beauty.

2. How can I identify genuine Antique Jhuda pieces?

You can identify genuine Antique Jhuda pieces by examining their craftsmanship, materials, and age. Authentic pieces typically showcase fine craftsmanship, use traditional materials, and have signs of ageing. It's essential to consult with experts or reputable sellers like Kanhai Jewels for authentication.

3. What materials are commonly used in making Kanhai Jewels’ Antique Jhuda?

Kanhai Jewels' Antique Jhuda is crafted using high-quality materials such as gold, silver, and precious gemstones, preserving the traditional essence of these pieces. Our artisans take great care to ensure the highest level of authenticity.

4. Are Antique Jhuda pieces considered valuable collectibles?

Yes, Antique Jhuda pieces are highly regarded as valuable collectables due to their historical significance and craftsmanship. Owning one is like possessing a piece of history and art.

5. How can I distinguish between different Kanhai Jewels’ Antique Jhuda styles?

You can distinguish between different Kanhai Jewels' Antique Jhuda styles by observing the unique designs, motifs, and materials used in each piece. Each style tells its own story and reflects a specific cultural influence.

6. How do I clean Antique Jhuda jewellery with gemstones?

To clean Antique Jhuda jewellery with gemstones, we recommend using a gentle jewellery cleaner or a soft brush with mild soap and water, taking care not to damage the gemstones. Regular cleaning ensures the beauty and brilliance of your jewellery.

7. What is the typical weight of Kanhai Jewels’ Antique Jhuda pieces?

The typical weight of Kanhai Jewels' Antique Jhuda pieces varies depending on the design and materials used, but they are crafted to be comfortable to wear without compromising on their aesthetic appeal.

8. Can I wear Kanhai Jewels’ Antique Jhuda with modern fashion?

Wearing Kanhai Jewels' Antique Jhuda with modern fashion infuses a vintage elegance into your look, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary styles. It's a flexible accessory that enhances conventional and modern wardrobes.

9. How can I protect Antique Jhuda from environmental damage?

To protect Antique Jhuda from environmental damage, store them in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to moisture and chemicals. Proper storage preserves their lustre and extends their lifespan.

10. Are there any popular trends in Antique Jhuda jewellery?

At Kanhai Jewels, we stay updated with popular trends in Antique Jhuda jewellery to offer you the latest and most exclusive designs. Our collection evolves to meet the changing tastes of our customers.

11. Can I find Antique Jhuda pieces with enamel work at your store?

At our store, you'll discover Antique Jhuda pieces adorned with enamel work, which brings vibrant colour and artistic flair to these traditional accessories. The addition of enamel work enhances their beauty and also adds a unique character to each ornament.

12. Can Kanhai Jewels’ Antique Jhuda be resized or repaired?

Kanhai Jewels' Antique Jhuda pieces can be resized or repaired by our skilled craftsmen, ensuring that they fit you perfectly and remain in excellent condition. We are dedicated to preserving the integrity of these valuable heirlooms.

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