There are some things that get finer with age. Antique pendant sets are one of them. Well, if you don’t know what we are talking about, then all you have to do is walk into the online antique jewellery store that we have for you. Trust us; you will fall in love with the pieces that you see.

It is time to take a walk down memory lane with the antique fancy pendant sets we have displayed here for you. One look at the pieces, and you will be transported into a different era with the amazing jewellery that we have for you. There is no doubt about the fact that when it comes to antique pendant sets, there is a charm and a beauty that would put any other piece to shame. Why don’t you look at the designs that we have here for you?

With the amazing number of antique rings, earrings, bangles, necklaces and other pieces of jewellery that we have for you here, you will have a blast shopping for some of the best pieces. There is not a single speck of doubt about the fact that when it comes to antique jewellery, there is no match for the beauty that you get to see here. From antique necklaces to antique rings and earrings, there are many options to choose from. This antique jewellery would go perfectly well with traditional and ethnic sarees and lehengas.

Ladies from all over the world are trying to create a new persona with the amazing antique jewellery designs that are displayed in the different online stores that are present here. You will be impressed with the different designs that we have here. There are so many different vintage designs that we have in here for you. These jewellery have been in the generations for a very long period of time. Now it is your turn to find these marvellous pieces and choose some amazing designs that would make you the star attraction of any event that you go to.

You can now experience the beauty of craftsmanship of an earlier era with antique jewellery from Kanhai Jewels. Recreate the charm of traditional designs preferred by the royalty of ancient periods. Choose from a wide range of antique rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles, head jewellery and more. Experience the sentimental value placed on jewellery designs which have been passed on from generation to generation. Additionally, you can also opt for vintage pieces infused with contemporary elements. Log on to our website or download our online shopping app to make your purchases with ease.

Why Kanhai Jewels?

Kanhai is not only into trading oxidised bracelets online but is also home to Antique Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery, American Diamond (CZ) Jewellery, Polki Jewellery, Meena work Jewellery, temple jewellery, jewellery and Western Jewellery. We have been providing excellent quality products for the last many years and have gained immense popularity among our customers because we believe in customer satisfaction.


1. What should I consider when buying an Antique pendant set online?

When purchasing an Antique pendant set online, check the product details for material, size, and customer reviews to ensure quality and satisfaction. Additionally, consider the return policy and warranty to safeguard your purchase.

2. Does Kanhai Jewels sell Antique pendant sets with floral designs?

Yes, we offer Antique pendant sets adorned with intricate floral designs, blending traditional craftsmanship with nature-inspired motifs. These floral patterns range from subtle, delicate engravings to bold, vibrant depictions, catering to diverse tastes.

3. Are there Antique pendant sets with Antique gemstones at Kanhai Jewels?

Kanhai Jewels offers a selection of Antique pendant sets that feature Antique gemstones, known for their historical charm and distinctive beauty. These gemstones add a touch of luxury and authenticity, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

4. How do I choose the right size of a Kanhai Jewels Antique pendant set?

To select the ideal size for a Kanhai Jewels Antique pendant set, consider the neckline of your outfit and your style preference. Smaller pendants suit subtle, elegant looks, while larger ones make a bold statement.

5. Are there Kanhai Jewels Antique pendant sets with enamel work?

Yes, Kanhai Jewels offers Antique pendant sets featuring exquisite enamel work, adding a vibrant touch to the traditional design. These enamel accents come in a variety of colours, allowing for personalization, and matching with different outfits.

6. How do I prevent the tarnishing of Antique pendant sets?

To prevent tarnishing, store your Antique pendant set in a tarnish-resistant pouch and avoid exposure to moisture and chemicals. Regular polishing with a suitable cleaner can also help maintain the lustre and prevent oxidation.

7. What is the proper etiquette for wearing an Antique pendant set?

The etiquette for wearing an Antique pendant set involves matching it with appropriate attire for formal events and handling it delicately due to its vintage nature. It's also advisable to pair it with simpler accessories to let the pendant set be the focal point.

8. Can I wear an Antique pendant set with a headpiece?

Yes, an Antique pendant set can be elegantly paired with a headpiece, especially for festive occasions or cultural ceremonies, creating a harmonious and regal look. This combination enhances the overall traditional attire, making it more striking and memorable.

9. Do Antique pendant sets from Kanhai Jewels have resale value?

We pride ourselves on the fact that our Antique pendant sets often retain a considerable resale value. Their unique designs and quality craftsmanship ensure that these pieces remain sought-after in the collectors' market, potentially increasing their worth over time.

10. Can I wear an Antique pendant set with traditional clothing from other cultures?

An Antique pendant set can be beautifully paired with traditional clothing from various cultures, enhancing the outfit's elegance and showcasing a blend of cultural aesthetics. This versatility makes them a favourite choice for multicultural events and celebrations.

11. Are there Antique pendant sets with adjustable chains at your store?

Our collection includes Antique pendant sets with adjustable chains, providing versatility and comfort for different neck sizes and style preferences. This feature is particularly useful for adapting the pendant set to various necklines and occasions.

12. How do I clean and maintain the antique finish of an Antique pendant set?

Keep your Antique pendant set's finish pristine by gently cleaning with a soft cloth and avoiding harsh chemicals. Store it in a dry, cool place to prevent tarnishing. Periodic inspections for any signs of wear or damage will help maintain its longevity and beauty.

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