Are you planning to boast of your fashion and jewellery quotient in an effortless manner? Are you planning to make a style statement like never before? Are you planning to wear ‘The One’ jewellery that is complete in its own elegance and sophistication? An oxidised pendant set can be your best bet.

Kanhai Jewels brings you an extravagant assortment of pendants and earring sets, both in antique and modern styles. If you are eyeing a gothic boho look, decking up in our antique, vintage-looking oxidised silver pendant sets can be your go-to solution for all your jewellery needs.

Buy oxidised pendant online from Kanhai Jewels today. Choose from innumerable options, versatile designs, and patterns. Our artisan-handcrafted oxidised jewellery pendants are crafted to exude the regal and ethnic vibe and complement any ensemble optimally.

Advantages of Oxidised Pendant Over Other Jewellery

Do you own a versatile jewellery trousseau that has gold, diamond, pearl, and other accessories? How about adding some sterling silver oxidised jewellery to the mix? You can go for antique long necklaces, chokers, and other neckpiece variants and style them on various occasions. However, owning an oxidised silver pendant with matching sets of earrings can come in handy when you are going for a casual look or when you are planning to colour-coordinate with your ensemble and coming up short.

The best part about oxidised pendant sets is that they are multi-occasion-friendly. While certain ensembles might not team up well with traditional gold or Kundan jewellery, and certain western ensembles might fail to make the statement with a pair of pearl or solitaire jewellery accessories, a silver oxidised pendant can steal the show by just being simple, and elegant in its own way.

Buy Wholesale Oxidised Silver Pendant Set Online from Kanhai Jewels

Gone are the days when you used to do jewellery shop hopping and still not find the ideal ones you are looking forward to. Can you relate? Given the fast-paced nature of life, you practically might not have much time to take up this entire hassle. And, why when you can do jewellery shopping on the go from brand websites?

We at Kanhai Jewels understand the value of your precious time and your need to make a style statement with your jewellery. We strive to bring trendy oxidised jewellery pendants to you at competitive prices that are hard to come by. Our products are premium, crafted by artisans with the age-old karigari methods, and we take the oxidation and alloying process quite seriously. All of this ensures that you get ‘The One’ oxidised pendant that can add to your innate allure.

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Does the oxidised pendant fade?

“Do oxidised pendants fade’ - you are expected to have this question if you are just venturing into the alluring arena of oxidised jewellery. However, oxidised jewellery veterans would disagree. Oxidised pendants have an alloy as a base that is further exposed to controlled chemical reactions to obtain an elegant and vintage look. Oxidised silver pendants don’t fade away with time; however, the sheen might appear less attractive with usage, wear and tear. However, properly storing these jewellery accessories and cleaning them up regularly can bring back the shine in no time.

How do you make oxidised pendants shiny again?

Jewellery cleaning is almost a ritual. With impending festivities, most of us tend to take out our jewellery from storage boxes and clean them up thoroughly to make them shine like new. Cleaning oxidised jewellery pendants are not much different than cleaning regular jewellery. You can use a bowl of warm water, a pinch of baking soda, or toothpaste and leave it for a few minutes. Then, clean the jewellery with a smooth brush, rinse off the grime and dust, and voila! Your oxidised pendants are all shiny and glammed up.

How do you clean an oxidised silver pendant?

Cleaning an oxidised silver pendant is not as daunting as it is represented. You can leverage the age-old home methods to clean up oxidised jewellery. First, take a bowl of warm water, add a pinch of baking soda and stir it well. Make sure you completely dip the oxidised jewellery in the bowl. Rest in for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse it and pat it dry. You can also use toothpaste and crushed silver foil for a better effect.

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