Temple Jewellery

The tradition of temple jewelry has a historical influence. The detailed work is an example of precision in all sorts of temple jewelry. And these minute designs have made it famous in the jewelry industry. The intricate craftsmanship of patterns embedded in the temple jewelry is worth to have a look. This type of ornament will make you feel unique with an antique beauty in it. The history of temple jewelry comes from the deities of India. The decoration for the idols and gods brought the connection of temple jewelry in the modern jewelry industry in India.

Why Kanhai jewels for temple jewelry

The origin of temple jewelry has an ancient flavor in it. And Kanhai Jewels represents the same with the extraordinary collection of it. The representation of the designs purely reminds the 9th-century jewelry patterns of the Chola Dynasty in India. The decorations for gods and goddesses have now become a new trend for jewelry designers to reemphasize the historical importance of temple jewelry. And the culture of wearing such traditional ornaments has become popular with time. The tradition of South Indian jewelry lies with the temple jewelry. The dancers from South India wear this jewelry too often with their costumes.

The reason for buying temple jewelry from Kanhai Jewels

An extensive range

Kanhai Jewels offer an impressive and broad range of temple jewelry. The designs are unique. And there are collections from basics to designers' range. So, it is easy to select your favorite piece as per your budget and requirement. So, place an order with us to have the best experience in jewelry shopping. We guarantee our best efforts to every single customer of our company. And the essential support for you is always with us for clearing any doubt regarding jewelry shopping.

Reputation and trust

Kanhai Jewels is a reputed online jewelry store for any ornament-lover. The originality of the collection of temple jewelry is here. You will be amazed to experience the extensive range of this type of jewelry. The quality of the products is world-class. Kanhai Jewels, being a pioneer of temple jewelry, has jewelry experts and designers to create a perfect piece of jewelry every time. And the designs of the temple jewelry are handcrafted with lots of craftsmanship. Moreover, the plating of the temple jewelry is dazzling and attractive at the same time.

Best price in the market

If you are still worried about the price of jewelry, visit us. Kanhai Jewels offer the range of temple jewelry at the best price in the market. The collection of all types of temple jewelry is at a reasonable price. So, anyone can afford these ethnic and traditional jewelry now. The range we offer here at wholesalers' price. And we assure you that we have the best available price in the market of jewelry in India or the world.

Easy online shopping

Online shopping has made it easier to buy temple jewelry from Kanhai jewels. You can browse the details of the collection on the website to know more. The resolution of the pictures of the jewelry is of high quality. So, there is no chance to be fooled with the design or plating after buying a piece of ornament from our website. What you get is what you see here. We want to serve our best to our valuable customers to provide maximum benefit for jewelry shopping. Payment can be made by various options while paying online. And all the procedures have a high level of security to protect your credentials.

Customer care support

If you have bought any temple jewelry from us and you are not happy with the received item, contact us. We are here for any customer care support service for providing convenience to you. And it is a bonding of trust with our prestigious customers to help them whenever they need to clear any doubt. So, why wait? Come and visit the vast collection of temple jewelry without any doubt in mind!

Seamless delivery at your doorstep

Kanhai jewels assure a smooth delivery at your doorstep. If you have shopped with us and placed an order, sit back and relax. On-time delivery is regular work for us. We love to reach your favorite product in time so that you will not miss your jewelry to wear in the upcoming occasion.

We are an exporter, wholesaler, and manufacture of jewelry. So, we are habituated with regular delivery and shipping of products. The packaging of the products will be impressive also. It will ensure an intact item inside the box every time you place an order with us.

The trend of temple jewelry

The trend of wearing temple jewelry has descended from the ancient South Indian culture in India. The most exceptional patterns that represent the deities of gods and goddesses look graceful on any woman. Most of the time, we see that women love to wear the auspicious model of Lord Ganesha. The trend of wearing the emblems of deities has become popular recently. The patterns of Lord Krishna, Goddess Laxmi, and Lord Shiva are also popular among women. The style of these jewelry has become popular as women love to wear it on auspicious days like Diwali, Holin, or Ganesh Chaturthi.

The art of temple jewelry

The art of temple jewelry lies in the artistic presentation of the emblems. The pattern of Lord Ganesha can be presented in many ways with an in-depth sense and knowledge of art. In the same way, other kinds of designs can also be created with a passion for producing a unique piece of jewelry. The plating can be gold plated or silver plated. Both look gorgeous with temple jewelry. And the antique touch to the patterns of such ornaments looks royal. The intricate designs are the feature of good quality temple jewelry. And this is what Kanhai Jewels presents you.

Temple jewelry is multi-purpose

The sophistication of this jewelry is worth to have a look. It is multi-purpose jewelry, which can be bridal wear too. The beautiful collection of this ornament looks incredible on any newly married woman. You can pair any piece of temple jewelry with your favorite ethnic outfit. The multi-purpose use of these ornaments has made these fashion statements. Lots of ethnic dress designers are also choosing temple jewelry for pairing it with premium ethnic wear collection. Wearing this jewelry on any auspicious day will make you feel peaceful. And you can also wear these regularly with matching outfits. So, once you buy an ornament from this section, you will never regret it.

Categories of temple jewelry

There are various types of temple jewelry in Kanhai Jewels. All the jewelry is handcrafted with minute detailing. The collection is enriched with the necklace, earrings, Kada, tikka, mangalsutra, finger ring, bracelets, pendant set, and so on. All types are different from each other. The plating on the jewelry is long-lasting also. Some of the designers' collection has stone studded designs on the temple jewelry. So, the patterns of such specially created ornaments are exceptional for any occasion.


The intricate designs on the necklace are mind-blowing. And the necklace sets come with a matching pair of earrings. The statement necklaces are great for the bridal purpose also. If you want to match the designs with heavy work of bridal attire, purchase from the designer collections. It looks great on any newly married bride. The detailing of the emblems of gods and goddesses look unparalleled in such auspicious day. So, do not miss the chance of collecting the best pieces from this category for a wedding occasion.


The earrings look like a showstopper in this collection. The heavy work on the jhumkis and danglers looks amazingly beautiful. And the precision of art and work are graceful. The jhumkis have the models of gods and goddesses like Ganesha, Laxmi, Shiva or Krishna on it. The plating of the jewelry mostly come in gold-plating. And the designs are all different from each other. Some of the earrings have stone-studded designs on it. It looks more like Rajasthani traditional jewelry. The earring collections also have studs for regular wear.


The vast variants of Kada in this collection is worth to have a glance. The designs on the Kada are graceful and mesmerizing. A woman can wear temple jewelry Kada on any occasion. The quality of the products is pretty good. It is also an ideal ornament to gift any woman. This multi-purpose fashion statement looks fantastic with any ethnic outfit. If you are still looking for a piece of Kada as a statement ornament, you can buy from this section.


The collection of tikka or mang tikka from this collection is splendid. The patterns of gods and goddesses on the ornaments look fabulous. Any hairstyle gets an enhancement with such a piece of tikka. And you can also match it with any other piece of ornament from this category. The wedding guests prefer to wear this type of statement ornaments nowadays. Apart from wedding ceremonies, you can gift it to someone special on Diwali, Holi or Navratri.


Mangalsutra is a symbol of blessing for any Hindu woman. And the model of Hindu Gods and Goddesses look beautiful on it. Buy a piece of mangal sutra from this category to impress any newly married woman.

Finger ring

Finger rings are statement ornaments from this category. Collect some matching finger rings to combine with your other collections of ornaments from this section. The designs and plating of all ornaments are worth buying.


Bracelets are essential ornaments. And the splendor of designs of the bracelets from this range is the best choice for any occasion. This looks great with any ethnic attire. The designers' collections are worth to have a try.

Pendant sets

The pendant sets with earrings are incredible from this collection of Kanhai Jewels. The designs of ancient Gods and Goddesses are graceful for any purpose. The patterns are handcrafted. Our jewelry designers provide a lot of time and effort to create such beautiful works.

Final words on temple jewelry shopping

Kanhai jewels have a vast collection on this range of ornaments. And we are here to deliver the best pieces of jewelry from this collection. We are sure that we will love every piece from our website. There are a lot more variants apart from these. Check our site right now for having more details on the same. We are here to deliver our best efforts to our valuable customers. We have the best designs in every category in this section. And the delivery of products is our responsibility. You need not worry about anything apart from the selection. Pay online quickly with any credit or debit card. We deliver jewelry along with happiness to our prestigious customers.