Accessories to buy from Kanhai Jewels

Accessories are primary stuff to make your look unparalleled. The new designs and style of jewellery always attract one's attention. But, accessorizing is an art. And Kanhai Jewels is here to help you to sort your bold jewellery collection. The collection includes any type of imitation jewellery that you need to include in your jewellery box. If you are a wholesaler of jewellery, you can try our website to shop bulk jewellery. Apart from body jewellery, we sell hair accessories too. We know that jewellery can be a mode of expressing your senses and taste. So, there is every type of ornaments you need to accessorize yourself.

Why select us for collecting the best accessories?

Kanhai Jewels have an extensive range of imitation jewellery. It includes various types of jewellery like face jeweller, body jewellery and hair accessories. We create and sell our creations. And our jewellery collection includes ornaments for everyone. It means you will get ornaments for both girls and women. Gold bracelet for girls is the best choice for any occasion. In the same way, you can purchase a gold bracelet for women for weddings or party occasions.

We think that our jewellery collection is unique. We do not imitate designs from others because we have an experienced team of jewellery designers. They work hard to create extraordinary designs for our prestigious customers. Our jewellery types set the trend in the market so that others can follow the same! So, once you shop from Kanhai Jewels, there is no risk of getting the same piece of ornament in other stores. It means you stand like a showstopper in any occasion wearing our collection. Kanhai Jewels have a considerable reputation in creating beautiful and up to date accessory collection.

The types of accessories to buy

Kanhai Jewels have a wide range of imitation jewellery collection. And we have all sorts of accessories in our online store. The new trend in jewellery is always available to our store. Kanhai Jewels present the most magnificent jewellery and accessories that you must check.

The types of accessories you get here are of high quality. The designs, plating and stone quality will blow your mind! You will be amazed to see such an extensive collection at our online store. Here is a little guidance on how you can shop the best stuff from us.

The types of jewellery you get here are of many kinds as you can browse our site you will get to know. Among all the accessories we suggest you buy some special ones to know about the quality of our ornaments. Here are the details.

Nose ring

The nose ring is a popular ornament among Indian women. The girls and women love to wear a nose ring on any special event like a wedding or pujas. There are some rituals in Indian culture when you must wear a nose ring as a sign of prosperity. The gold nose ring is most popular among all sorts of nose rings in Kanhai Jewels. Nose ring gold collection is best for bridal purpose. Indian nose rings designs are available here. All the Indian nose rings have beautiful patterns which compliment any face shape.

Nose pin

Nose pin is subtle and simple. But it is perfect for daily wear. Working women replace nose ring against nose pin for day to day use. Nose pin gold collection is best for regular wear. So, if you are purchasing daily, wear jewellery from us, you must check this one. Diamond nose pin is spreading its popularity day by day. The simplicity and elegance of diamond nose pin attract anyone. You can check diamond nose stud if you are a lover of simple jewellery. This is a great gift option also.

Maang Tikka

It is essential jewellery for any bride. Moreover, Maang Tikka is a popular accessory among young women like a bridesmaid. There are various types of Maang Tikka in Kanhai Jewels. You can choose your own from American Diamond CZ, Antique jewellery, Kundan jewellery and so on. Maang Tikka gold collection is one of the fashionable accessories. The stylish collection looks best on any woman. Our Maang Tikka collection is versatile. You will be able to find your favourite one easily from our online store.


Anklets are a popular accessory in the modern-day. Young brides and women love to wear anklets matching with other jewellery. Anklets are of many types. So you choose your favourite one from our store.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories have set a new trend in the jewellery industry. And Kanhai Jewels presents a vast collection of hair accessories on the online website. The collection we have is versatile and beautiful at the same time. You will love the collection of the extensive range of hair accessories at our online store. Our collection is always different from other competitor brands. The hair accessories available at our website are:

Hair clip

The hair clip is a common and most used essential accessory. Modern women love to flaunt their hairstyle with stylish imitation jewellery hair clip. It beautifies the hairstyle and appearance at the same time. We have hair clips of various price ranges and designs.

Hair brooch

We have an extensive collection of hair brooch. The style and design of the hair brooch make your hairstyle more attractive. The beautiful collection will blow your mind once you see it. Hair brooch is available in many categories at Kanhai Jewels. The American Diamond CZ collection will make your hairstyle unique.

Moreover, there are Kundan and Antique designs of hair brooch. These are perfect for any wedding occasions. So, there is a collection for everyone at Kanhai Jewels. We love to provide you with the best collection of accessories.

Jhuda or Juda hair accessory

Jhuda or Juda style is gaining more popularity with time. You will be amazed to experience at an extensive collection of Jhuda at our store. The bridal Juda style has grabbed the attention of Bollywood industry too. So, if you buy it from us, it will be an excellent experience for you. Juda collection is excellent for anybody who wants to amplify the fashion sense.

Toe rings

The designs of the toe rings are up to date and fashionable. You will love the subtle detailing in the toe rings designs. The stylish collection of the toe rings will make your appearance beautiful in no time. Silver and gold toe rings both are popular among young women. Older women are also in love with these designs.

Finger ring

The fashion of finger ring never gets old. So, if you are wondering why there is much popularity of finger ring in Kanhai Jewels, there is nothing to wonder about! The fashion statement finger ring is best for any occasion like engagement ceremony, ring ceremony and wedding. And the regular designs are perfect for daily wear. You will love the entire finger ring at our online store.

Vintage rings or antique rings are always in fashion. The trend of sporting vintage designs of fingers is not a new thing! So, you can collect some vintage rings from our store to stay in style. Choose your favourite style now!


The designer Payal collection is beautiful. The payal design looks good on brides and newly married women. Most of the antique designs of Payal are popular among young women. The Kundan and American diamond CZ collection are also good options for grabbing attention at the very first notice! The payal designs we create are unique. Our jewellery experts spend a lot of time before creating such amazing designs.

Baju Band

It is an ancient tradition to wear Baju Band at a wedding and bridal rituals. The designs of Baju Band at our store are amazing and eyecatchers. You will love the precise detailing and heavy work on the bridal collection.


The belt is a popular bridal ornament. This body jewellery grabs the attention of the woman's waistline. There are various types of belt collection at Kanhai Jewels. Most of the collections look good on any woman. Bridesmaids and wedding guests can sport slimmer designs. The heavy designs are appropriate for bridal wear.


Bore is an attractive accessory to beautify your hairstyle instantly. The Kundan designs and vintage styles are popular when you come to choose one for you. Most of the women love stonework and beads work on Bore. And Kanhai Jewels have an extensive range of designer Bore collection.


Bracelet designs on Kanhai Jewels are unique and unparalleled. You must check our bracelet collection to complete your jewellery shopping. Shopping ornaments is always incomplete without a pair of suitable quality bracelet. And we have an impressive range of the same.


Gold chain is a contemporary or modern choice for women who cannot wear necklace daily. We have a chain in various ranges. The collection of the chain is available in Kundan, antique and designer jewellery category. The chain is a simple ornament which is easy to maintain also. Working women prefer wearing chain over any other ornaments on the neck.

Ear chain

You must have heard of the craze about wearing ear chain in various occasions. If you are yet to collect a single piece from us, check our site as soon as possible. The golden ear chain is a versatile piece of jewellery which can be paired with any earrings. The American diamond Cz ear chain can be paired with other American diamond jewellery. You can also check the Kundan ear chain for matching with Kundan collection. We have a wide range of the same. So, get your pair now!


The popularity of wearing Kada has been there in Indian culture since ancient time. The heavy designs of Kada are perfect for bridal wear. Moreover, the intricate patterns on Kada look amazing when you pair with any gorgeous attire. Kada is a party to wear ornament or accessory. But you can check simple designs to ear regularly.


Body jewellery has been gaining popularity and craze with time. And brooch has become an indispensable part of the accessory box. It is a versatile ornament. Gold brooch suits well with Sherwani, Kurta and other male attires. Grooms also prefer brooch to sport a statement look on a special day. The bridal brooch has a heavy design. And you will be amazed to check the collection at our site. Because we have many types of brooch, you need in your jewellery box!

Hath pan

The tradition of wearing Hath Pan in a wedding has been there since the old days. But nowadays Hath Pan is a statement accessory. Kanhai Jewels present a versatile collection of amazingly created hath Pans on the online store. The subtle and simple designs are also worth buying.


Kalangi is an essential bridal accessory. We have an impressive collection of Kalangi at our online store. The stone and beads-work look amazing on Kalangi accessories. You can check our site for detailed information about varieties of collection of Kalangi.


Pasa is a popular bridal ornament. But nowadays women are wearing Pasa as body jewellery to flaunt a new style. We have an enriched collection of Pasa. If you are still searching a good piece of Pasa, visit our site.

Sindoor box

Sindoor is an essential vermilion in Indian Hindu culture. So, Sindoor box is a necessary accessory to purchase if you are going to get married or attending a wedding. Our designer Sindoor Box collection matches with the toiletries of a bride. It looks dazzling on the dressing table shelf. You can gift such amazing Sindoor box on wedding anniversary also.


The intricate designs look best on any accessory

The primary reason to add on accessories to your existing collection does not make you an impulsive buyer! The reason for buying multiple accessories from the same category is to pile up a variety of designs. Kanhai Jewels have extensive body jewellery, hair accessories and body accessories collection.

The intricate designs look fantastic with glamorous bridal attires. Moreover, such intricate designs of accessory catch people attention easily. Our accessory collection will impress you instantly. Your jewellery wardrobe will get a new level after shopping from us.

The jewellery designer of Kanhai Jewels works hard to produce the best collection accessories. You must check our site to have an in-depth idea of jewellery designing.

The quality of accessories at Kanhai Jewels

The fantastic quality of ornaments is the primary attention of Kanhai Jewels. We create products with authentic materials. You will never get disappointed with the good quality metal we use to create imitation jewellery. The stones and beads are also of great quality.

We use the best materials to create a good piece of ornament. You will love our designs and detailing as well as our quality. If you are sceptical about the quality, please go through the customers' reviews. Most of the customers have reviewed us positively. And they have reverted to Kanhai Jewels again and again to shop imitation jewellery accessories.

A final note on accessories at Kanhai Jewels

If you are still worried about buying accessories at Kanhai Jewels, we would like to request you to call us or drop a mail. Our jewellery experts will help you buy your preferred collection. Kanhai Jewels provide the best products as per the industry standards. So, there is no chance of getting disappointed. We have secure payment options. So, you need not take the hassle of payment. Our only concern is to reach the best quality product at your doorstep. We have a detailed description of shipping and shopping online at Kanhai Jewels website. Your best quality body jewellery, hair accessories and other accessories are available only at our online store.


1. What types of nose rings do you offer?

Our collection includes a variety of nose rings, perfect for weddings and special events, with designs that complement any face shape. The nose rings from simple studs to elaborate hoop styles, catering to all preferences.

2. Are your nose pins suitable for daily wear?

Yes, our nose pins are designed for everyday use, offering elegance and simplicity for working professionals. They are comfortable and durable, ensuring long-lasting wear.

3. Can you tell me more about your Maang Tikka range?

Our Maang Tikka collection is diverse, including options in American Diamond CZ, Antique, and Kundan, ideal for brides and bridesmaids. With its intricate design and elegant finish, this jewellery beautifully enhances traditional attire. They infuse each outfit with a regal essence, capturing the heritage and grace of majestic styles.

4. What styles of anklets do you have available?

We offer a wide selection of anklets, suitable for young brides and women, designed to match with other jewellery pieces. Our anklets range from delicate to bold designs, perfect for different occasions.

5. What kinds of hair accessories do you sell?

Our extensive range of hair accessories showcases a variety of styles, each uniquely versatile and aesthetically pleasing, catering to diverse fashion preferences and needs. From elegant hairpins to statement headbands, we have something for every hairstyle.

6. Do you have a variety of hair clips?

We offer an assortment of hair clips available in multiple price ranges and designs, ideal for accentuating any hairstyle. We craft these clips with versatility in mind, ensuring they seamlessly fit both casual and formal styles.

7. What types of hair brooches are available at Kanhai Jewels?

Our hair brooch collection includes numerous styles and designs like American Diamond CZ, Kundan, Oxidised, Indo-Western, Western, and Antique, ideal for wedding occasions. Our designers intricately craft each brooch to enhance your hairstyle, adding sophistication and charm to every look.

8. Can you describe your Jhuda or Juda hair accessories?

Our Jhuda collection is extensive, offering an array of styles that are increasingly popular for bridal and fashion-forward looks. These accessories are ideally suited for elevating bridal hairstyles with their luxurious and sophisticated appeal.

9. What designs of toe rings do you offer?

We provide a stylish selection of toe rings in silver and gold, with intricate designs appealing to young and older women. Our toe rings are comfortable for prolonged wear.

10. What sets your imitation jewellery apart from others?

We pride ourselves on our unique designs and high-quality materials, ensuring our customers receive exceptional and distinctive pieces. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality set us apart in the market.

11. What support do you offer to retailers?

Kanhai Jewels actively supports its retailers by providing comprehensive marketing materials and product training, ensuring their success. Our team remains readily available to address any queries or concerns. Additionally, we consistently provide updates and insights on the latest trends, helping our retailers stay ahead within the industry.

12. Do you offer exclusive collections for dealers?

We provide our dealers with exclusive collections featuring unique products they won't find elsewhere. This exclusivity helps our dealers stand out in the market. We also continuously innovate and introduce new designs to ensure our dealers have fresh and appealing options for their customers.

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