Ethnic And Traditional Jewellery

The exquisite collection of ethnic and traditional jewellery at Kanhai Jewels

The tradition of Indian jewellery has influenced various countries on the planet. We, Indians, love jewellery since the ancient era. And that is why still now traditional jewellery is getting much importance among women. Most of the modern women wear traditional artificial jewellery at occasions like wedding, rituals and pujas. And day by day, they are becoming a fan of traditional jewellery as it looks gorgeous on any woman. The beauty of traditional ethnic jewellery compliments the appearances of women in certain ways.

Kanhai Jewels and traditional jewellery

Indian culture is the primary concern when it comes to jewellery designing. We know that most of the people search for a touch of ethnicity in daily wear jewellery to flaunt style quotient. We are thrilled to declare that we have an extensive range of traditional jewellery which are impressive and attractive as well. Kanhai Jewels is a brand name for Indian jewellery. We make statement ornaments which customers seek in most of the offline and online store. Our jewellery designers spend a lot of time to think and create unique pieces which are new to the jewellery market. So, once you visit Kanhai Jewels, you will be able to find your favourite piece of traditional jewellery.

Kanhai Jewels creates Indian designs on jewellery

We have not forgotten our roots. So, we provide stress in creating Indian designs on our jewellery which match the Indian culture. Most of the customers search for gorgeous traditional jewellery for occasions. We have a wide range of glamorous Indian Jewellery. Moreover, you will love to see the matching collections of ornaments on our website.


The most preferred feature of Kanhai Jewels jewellery is uniqueness. The unique designs of ethnic jewellery grab the attention of people easily. You will love to experience the versatile collection of Indian jewellery which are different from each other. The designs of the ornaments are the primary attraction. You will be impressed to see the collection once you visit our website.


We believe in the standard and quality of the products. So, we provide a lot of effort in improving our standards every time we get any feedback from customers. But the good news is that we are fortunate enough for not having many complaints against the standards of the items we sell. The quality and improvement of the quality showcase the place of Kanhai Jewels in the jewellery industry.

Delivery of products

Shipping and delivery of products are our sole responsibility. We maintain our rules and regulation concerning shipping management for a smooth shopping experience. The return policy is also suitable for customers. The quality of customer care support is also impressive. If you have any issue regarding shopping, you can contact us anytime over the phone. Or, mail us on the registered email address. The best types of jewellery you can get only at Kanhai Jewels. This is an assurance from our side.

Creativity meets quality

Kanhai Jewels have an experienced team of jewellery experts and designers. The artistic sense of jewellery designing has promoted us a step forward. The most fantastic experience of jewellery shopping is to have the ideal designs at hand. We assure you the best designs of Indian gold jewellery and other Indian jewellery in Kanhai Jewels. The lovely collection with a variety of designs will meet your requirement.

Intricate designs

The stonework on ethnic and traditional jewellery looks amazing. You will see that Kanhai Jewels create an intricate design on each piece of jewellery. We follow the trend of traditional jewellery while creating such detailed designs. The stone studded ornaments are the statement ones. These are ideal for any occasion and event or party. Moreover, the detailed work on the designer's collection looks appealing to anyone.

Kanhai Jewels offer easy shopping experience for any customer

The online shopping experience at our site is smooth and hassle-free. The traditional jewellery shopping is a matter of seconds now of any customer of Kanhai Jewels. We have secure payment options. The payment procedure is also smooth to execute in a short amount of time. The steps for shopping in Kanhai Jewels is simple so that you need not spend much time on us!

A destination of all types of traditional jewellery

Kanhai Jewels are the right place to get in with all your jewellery shopping dreams. We are always ready to improve our services for you. Our online store is a dream destination for traditional and ethnic jewellery lovers. Once you visit us, you will be unable to resist to cut off the wish list of jewellery shopping. So, we request you to see the extensive collection of ethnic and Indian jewellery.

Simple traditional and ethnic jewellery

The simplicity of designs has made it better for the customers. Because you need to afford less for a simple piece of traditional jewellery. The wish to buy beautiful ethnic jewellery is no longer a dream; rather, a dream comes true here! The love for jewellery shopping is now easily fulfilled with Kanhai Jewels collection. The simple designs look great on women as these uplift the natural beauty in you. Moreover, simple designs are the best option to pair with your daily outfits. You will be surprised to see the catalogue we offer online to choose the simple traditional jewellery. It contains all sorts of ornaments you need in life! So, do not think much. Visit us now.

Gorgeous traditional and ethnic jewellery

The need of buying gorgeous Indian jewellery including Indian gold jewellery has always been a tradition in the Indian culture. The brides love to wear a gorgeous collection of Indian jewellery on their special events. Kanhai jewels is a wholesaler and retailer of traditional ornaments which are suitable for such occasions. The designer's collections will allow you to choose your favourite one from a huge range. Kanhai Jewels team provide a lot of time and effort to make an admirable collection of gorgeous traditional and ethnic jewellery. The culture of Indian Jewelry is coming out from history once again with our relentless efforts.

The new collection of ethnic jewellery

Kanhai Jewels present you a new collection of ethnic jewellery. Here is the best of Indian jewellery which represents the tradition of ornaments of India. But we have recreated the collection in a more wearable version. So, it will be easy for you to wear and carry all day long without any irritation of weight and clumsiness of ornaments.

The culture we followed while creating Indian jewellery

The culture and tradition of wearing such Indian designs on jewellery is the most amazing experience you will feel. The rituals of Indian culture bounds to the ancient time with preferences of attires and ornaments. The ancient women loved to decorate their appearances with heavy jewellery. And these were the ideal traditional jewellery of India. The tribes of India used to wear certain designs that represented their cultures. It was a kind of identity of the tribes to indicate their tradition with their traditional ornaments.

Kanhai Jewels create a new meaning of traditional jewellery

We have remodified the meaning of traditional jewellery after long research of the culture of modern India. Women no longer prefer too heavy traditional ornaments. Their preferences for designs are changing with time also. So, we have recreated the tradition once again with the help of jewellery designers of Kanhai Jewels. The style and fashion of the modern era are mixing up with appearances and designs of traditional and ethnic jewellery in such way.

Indian jewellery designs are getting a reincarnation with the time being. We have remodelled our Indian designs of traditional jewellery to provide the best quality of traditional ornaments. The meaning of ethnic jewellery is also changing with time, and we follow the new trend always. You will never get disappointed with our ethnic and traditional jewellery collection. The beauty of ethnic jewellery is always unmatchable. Kanhai Jewels adorn the true essence of ethnic culture while creating such ornaments.

The tradition of Indian gold jewellery

Indian society loves gold jewellery. We know how women love the traditional Indian jewellery n golden plating. And we see that Indian gold jewellery designs are one of the bestsellers. So, you will never be at a loss once you invest in a good collection of Indian gold jewelry. The detailed work on the gold plating looks great on any women. The gorgeous g=designer collections are timeless pieces of jewellery to buy.

Every kind of traditional ornament is available in the Indian gold jewellery collection of Kanhai Jewels. The necklace sets, earrings, finger rings, Mangalsutra, pendant sets and so on are the must-have collection of Indian jewellery in gold plating. The matte Indian gold jewellery is a new version which we showcase for modern brides who do not love shiny ornaments. Once you start selecting some Indian gold jewellery from this category, you will be unable to stop making your wish list bigger! So, why wait? Visit us to know in details.

Kanhai Jewels: Indian jewellery supply for wholesale and retail

Indian jewelry supply is a regular thing that Kanhai Jewels do. We are the wholesalers of the jewellery industry in India. The tradition of wearing ethnic jewellery has inspired us to create more in order to supply more. The demand for Indian jewellery is increasing day by day. And we are working on it to meet the requirements of the customers. The women who love the fashion of Indian jewellery will appreciate our collection. We are confident enough to supply the best ornaments. We are one of the biggest brands in the Indian jewellery supply industry. So, you will be amazed to experience our range of Indian ethnic jewellery and traditional jewellery as well.

The trust of customers

We have grown with the trust of the valuable customers of Kanhai Jewels. The impressive range of Indian jewellery has created a spur among the jewellery shopper in India and abroad. Most of the product of Kanhai Jewels has taken the badge of a 'bestseller' now! So, visiting our site for shopping, traditional and ethnic jewellery will never go in vain. Kanhai Jewels is a trust-gainer and reputed brand in the market of jewellery selling.

The most popular Indian designs to check

Among all the Indian jewellery designs, some are the most popular of all time. These are some of the most purchased traditional ornaments in Kanhai Jewels. If you are in doubt to get some ideas on traditional jewellery and ethnic jewellery shopping, check out these Indian designs.

Necklace set

The traditional ornaments collection is always incomplete without some good pieces of necklace sets. We have a wide range of necklace sets for our customers.


The traditional jewellery shopping list must have some attractive earrings. Earrings are the fashion statement for any woman.

Finger rings

Finger rings are the essential ornaments which complete the ornament box of any woman. Kanhai Jewels present an unparalleled range of finger rings. You will get both designer and simple finger rings as per your choice.


Traditional jewellery shopping for a married woman is always unfulfilled without a good piece of Mangalsutra.


The essential piece of bridal jewellery or a regular one can never be imagined without bangles. The Kundan and antique designs of bangles look awesome.


The gorgeous traditional jewellery includes some attractive pieces of Kada. Your hands will look decked up once you wear a designer Kada!

Nose ring

Bridal and traditional jewellery collection is always incomplete without an ornament of the nose. The nose ring in Kundan and gold jewellery range looks best with gorgeous attires. You must check these for completing your traditional jewellery shopping.

Pendant sets

The pendant sets look simple yet sophisticated. If you are looking for regular wear, Indian jewellery buy some pendant sets. You will love our collection of pendant sets in American diamond jewellery, antique jewellery, Kundan Jewellery and other categories.


Bracelets are the modern version of bangles. Bracelets are great Indian jewellery to choose if you want a break from the ancient designs of traditional jewellery.


The chains are truly amazing Indian jewellery to wear daily. It looks simple and classy. You can air chain with any other ornaments easily. There is a wide range of chain in the traditional jewellery and ethnic jewellery categories on our website.

You can check other ornaments from our website like chokers, Hath Pan, Tikka, Payal, Baju Band etc.

The longevity and maintenances of Indian jewellery

We know that people do not buy those types of jewellery which need a lot of maintenances. Busy women lack time also. So, we have made our jewellery maintaining rules suitable for anyone. You just need to be careful while wearing it. Suppose, if you expose it to perfumes or other chemicals, the glow will be diminished soon. And always care for your jewellery whenever possible. Like, you can wipe off the dust with clean clothes to maintain the shine of ornaments.

Final thoughts on traditional and ethnic jewellery shopping

Indian jewellery shopping is really a bliss now. The filters of the website will guide you select the category, designs including Indian designs, plating and other much-needed details. And you can always sort the jewellery while finding as per price. If you still have any queries, call us or drop a mail.

Ethnic and Traditional Jewellery

In the times of imitation jewellery, it is time to flaunt your traditions through traditional Indian jewellery online shopping and explore more with Kanhai Jewels.

Significance of ethnic jewellery

Any person can do wonders when it comes to styling their ethnic and traditional jewellery. These jewellery sets consist of beautiful patterns and traditional designs. In our Indian society, our traditional jewelleries have been passed on from one generation to the next one and are an epitome of blessings from the previous generations to the younger generation as well. There are different traditional jewelleries in different parts of the country and all of them and each one of them has their own unique beauty and grace.

Handpicked designs of traditional jewellery

The designs of jewellery may vary but the elegance and beauty they showcase for a woman remains constant. And continuing with this grace and elegance we, at Kanhai Jewels, have created some beautiful ethnic and traditional jewellery collections. We have hand-picked all the designs and patterns of our ornaments in a similar manner your elders would do for you and you would love to do for your generations to come.

Explore vast variety at Kanhai at the lowest prices

There are a variety of jewellery pieces for you to adore and select from like traditional bangles, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, finger rings, nose pins, armlets, and many more. The quality of all our products is top-end and is maintained across all categories be it American diamonds, gold-plated jewels, silver oxidised ethnic jewellery and all others. With the introduction of imitation jewellery, the market for these traditional ornaments has increased as it is much easier for all to buy them because of their price being lower to gold, or silver and wear them on a daily basis.

A concluding note

Kanhai Jewels is a reputed artificial jewellery brand in India and abroad. We have high confidence in selling all the Indian jewellery designs as we create good quality products only. Visit our website to see the whole collection of Indian jewellery.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Ethnic and Traditional Jewellery?

Ethnic and Traditional Jewellery carry the designs of the ancestors and older generations. It has a streak of age-old ornaments which attracts most of the people.

What types of Traditional Jewellery are sold on our website?

There are various types of Traditional Jewellery on our website. You will get necklace, earrings, payal, nose ring, finger rings, kada, bracelet, komarband, hath pan, mang tikka, mangalsutra etc. here.

In which country Ethnic Jewellery is famous?

Ethnic Jewellery is popular and famous in various countries in Asia. And in India has the highest popularity rate.

Why Indian jewellery is one of the most popular ornaments?

If you are a traditional woman who loves traditional ornaments, buy from the Ethnic and Traditional Jewellery section. There are all sorts of trending Indian designs that are wearable on every occasion.

Which categories of Indian jewelry supply are available in our online store?

The categories of Indian jewelry are huge. You will get the best kind of Indian jewellery designs like necklace sets, pendant sets and others. Apart from that, you get here designer and daily wear jewellery too.

Is Indian gold jewelry a durable choice?

Yes! Indian gold jewelry is durable. But it would be best if you took care of the traditional ornaments properly.

How Ethnic Jewellery changed the concept of wearing imitation jewellery?

Imitation jewellery have changed the mindset of wearing jewelry daily. The price on the lower side than the original gold or silver ornaments.

How is the quality of Indian jewellery designs?

The quality of Kanhai Jewels Traditional jewelry is the best in the industry of jewelry. We provide the best quality plating for longevity and Indian jewelry designs.

How to maintain ethnic jewellery?

Ethnic Jewellery can be maintained easily. The Kanhai Jewels experts will guide you after placing an order with us. So, you need not worry about this.

Why buy Traditional Jewellery online?

Jewellery shopping online in India and abroad is trending now. Kanhai Jewels is a pioneer among the competitors of the imitation jewellery sellers. Online shopping is more accessible than offline. You need not step out. And we will deliver all the ordered products at your doorstep. It is a hassle-free experience indeed!

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