Wholesale Jewellery

Wholesale jewellery selling in India and abroad has helped us to gain a bund of reputation. The jewellery industry in India lacks good quality, artificial jewellery and fashion jewellery wholesalers. The market requires excellent quality fashion jewelry wholesale where Kanhai Jewels retain the positions. The categories of jewellery we sell are the best in the market. As per the industry standards, Kanhai Jewels sell the most long-lasting and unique jewellery. Once you visit our website, you will be amazed to see the collection of wholesale jewellery at Kanhai Jewels. The customer care service is always there to help you if you have any queries.

Wholesale jewellery supply

Kanhai Jewels have a vast range of wholesaler jewellery supply system all over India and abroad. Wholesale fashion jewellery market in India needs a reliable supplier like Kanhai Jewels as we sell all sorts of artificial and fashion jewellery. The style and fashion upgrade have become more comfortable with Kanhai Jewels as we always try to update our collection. The more you will see the wholesale jewellery supply details of Kanhai Jewels, the more you will be interested in buying wholesale jewellery from us. The selection procedure of jewellery is all up to you. The rest of the process you leave on us while shopping with us.

The customer care support

Kanhai Jewels have supportive customer care support. We help our valuable customers help you to have a successful jewellery shopping experience here. If you get any issue regarding shopping or other stuff on our website, you will get help from our side. The customer care service will help you to every extent to shop from our site. If you feel confused while buying any wholesale jewellery, call us or drop a mail to get help from us. So, now you need not worry about wholesale jewellery shopping. Because Kanhai Jewels have the best collection as a jewelry wholesale.

Kanhai Jewels: Jewellery manufacturer

We are a reputed brand of wholesale jewelry supplies and jewellery manufacturer. We have a large team of jewellery designing to produce and create unique patterns of handmade jewellery. The fashion of oxidized jewellery has been revived with our new jewellery collection. The fashion jewelry wholesale in the Indian market, as well as the foreign market, has become a demand-supply chain right now. Kanhai Jewels have grabbed a seat in the wholesale jewelry market successfully. Our hard work has paid off well. And we are prevailing over the wholesale accessory market in India and abroad.

The types of wholesale jewellery  available in Kanhai Jewels

Being one of the most reputed jewellery wholesalers, Kanhai Jewels have provided much effort to make the brand name bigger. We are a jewellery exporter and supplier. We sell bulk jewellery in wholesale rates in various locations of India and abroad. We are thrilled to announce that our jewellery designers create multiple types of artificial jewellery. And our customers get back to us, again and again, to buy wholesale jewelry at a reasonable rate.

Here is brief guidance on the types of jewellery we sell on our B2B jewellery website.

Handmade jewellery

Kanhai Jewels have an experienced team of jewellery designers who love to create exceptional designs of handmade jewellery. The jewellery wholesale includes such an amazing handmade jewellery collection at unbelievable prices. The wholesale fashion jewellery market always includes a category of handmade collection which is favourite of most of the customers. The subtle designs look elegant as well as sophisticated on anyone. The handmade collection is also available in oxidized jewellery. The oxidised plating comes in two variations: golden and silver. All sorts of ornaments are available in handmade jewellery section.

Jaipur and Rajasthani jewellery

The collection of Jaipur jewellery includes a luxury design and finishing. Out jewellery designers provide a lot of effort to make perfect Jaipur jewellery collection in Kanhai Jewels. We have a globally renowned reputation in making an exquisite collection of such dazzling handmade jewellery collection. The beauty of Meenakari jewellery, Kundan Meenakari jewellery, Kundan jewellery and so on adorn this category. Various sorts of fashion accessories are available in this section.

Moreover, the Rajasthani jewellery tradition is mostly purchased by customers who are looking for bridal ornaments. The tradition of Rajasthani jewellery is not a new thing. The heavy designs of the Rajput bridal collection include traditional gold and Kundan jewellery. We provide much attention in making such ornaments because the detailing of stones and beads changes the whole look. We are available in the wholesale market in Delhi as a jewellery supplier. The silver and gold designs of Rajasthani collection uplift a bride's appearance instantly. These are gaining more popularity with time because the Rajasthani jewellery has become a trendsetter in the wholesale jewelry market.

Oxidized jewellery

The fashion of oxidized jewellery is prevailing over the market. Most of the modern women love wearing oxidised jewellery daily. The demand for such fashion jewellery has been increasing day by day. So, we have provided profound attention in creating such ornaments as a jewellery supplier. Oxidised jewellery export is not a new thing for us. Because we are a reputed jewellery supplier and jewellery wholesaler who do B2B business. The wholesale costume jewelry has glorified our brand name. We sell only impressive quality products as well as long-lasting ones. We also provide effort in creating unparalleled designs to attract more customer who reverts in Kanhai Jewels after shopping once with us.

The market for wholesale costume jewellery

The demand for wholesale costume jewellery is ever increasing. Most of the women do not want to invest much in pricey jewellery. Costume jewellery allows you to shift styles anytime you want. The versatile designs are perfect for matching with daily outfits. Kanhai Jewels produce wholesale costume jewellery which includes multiple types of artificial jewellery collection. These are available at a reasonable rate for B2B company. The supply of wholesale costume jewellery includes popular designs like the necklace, earrings, bangles, and so on. So, if you are interested in bulk jewellery purchase for a B2B business, contact us. We can assure you that you will never be disappointed after shopping from Kanhai Jewels.

The market for wholesale fashion jewellery

The market for wholesale fashion jewellery is flourishing with time. The wholesale accessory market is gaining more attention in modern days in India and abroad. Contemporary women prefer wearing fashion jewellery for daily outfits. The designs of fashion jewellery we make are exclusive as well as stylish. The latest collections are always available in our store. The fancy designs of necklace, earrings, bracelets, finger rings, and so on attract the customers again and again. The style and fashion of such artificial jewellery look ultra-modern. And Kanhai Jewels have the most extensive collection of wholesale jewellery supplies. Being a jewellery exporter, we provide stress on shipping and shopping policy. So, you need not worry about anything after placing an order.

Wholesale jewellery supply

Kanhai Jewels is a wholesale jewellery supplier in India and other countries. We follow the demand of the customers as a B2B company. If you are looking for a reputed jewellery supplier for business, contact us.  The wholesale fashion jewelry is now all about some simple steps to avail of. Kanhai Jewels have gained its reputation over time. We believe in the best quality products while selling it to our customers. The jewelry wholesale is not that easy in India and other countries. Because there are too many competitors as jewellery suppliers and jewellery wholesalers in the international jewellery market. But we have occupied a top-seat in the market with our professionalism at work.

Wholesale market in Delhi has given us ample opportunity to expand our journey as a jewellery wholesaler. Our wholesale jewelry supply is a smooth operation. You will be amazed to see our versatile collections of handmade jewellery, Jaipur jewellery, Rajasthani jewellery, oxidised jewellery and other artificial jewellery. The most popular collection of wholesale fashion jewelry is these. We have an enriched collection of such ornaments. You can check out from our website.

Prices of wholesale jewellery

The amount of price of any wholesale jewellery you buy from our site is the best as per the industry standard. The collection of artificial jewellery is available at a reasonable price for B2B business. The wholesale accessory market in India and abroad is gaining more popularity day by day. So, jewellery wholesale is not anyone's cup of tea. Because the competitors in the market are increasing with time. So, Kanhai Jewels maintain the prices of wholesale jewelry at its best level.

For B2B Company we have an alluring price range and discount offers at times. You will love to see the category-wise price range once you visit our website. The prices are reasonable. And the items you see on the site of Kanhai Jewels are available with prices. If you subscribe with us, you will be able to see the details of prices. The products are available in various price ranges. You must check our website for checking out the details of the products.

The comfort in shopping

Kanhai Jewels, a jewellery wholesaler, offers simple steps to buy products online. The steps of shopping are at the beginner's' level. If you visit our online website, you will get to know about our shopping procedures. All you need to do is to select products. Then go to our payment section to pay online. The payment procedures are secure enough. After placing an order, you can leave the rest of the work on us! We are responsible enough to send you the order in time. We ship products to multiple locations, including abroad. In case you have any discomfort while shopping online at Kanhai Jewels, contact our customer care service.

Kanhai Jewels: redefining wholesale jewellery

The experience of buying wholesale jewellery online is now a different sort of experience with Kanhai Jewels. You will be impressed to see the collection of our B2B jewellery website. We are one of the best jewellery manufacturers in the industry. The meaning of wholesale jewellery shopping is now a different one as per the ease of shopping. We believe in expertise. And that is why we have crafted a smooth journey for wholesale jewelry shopping in India and abroad. This is the only reason why Kanhai Jewels have earned a reputation in the market.

Quality makes a record

Kanhai Jewels have earned the name for the quality of items it delivers to your doorstep. So, the quality of the products is the only reason what will drag you again to us. And it is not only about the designs of the handmade jewellery we sell, but also the procedure of shopping that has made us special. The source of trust for any B2B business comes from the type of item you get with the money you pay. If it does not worth the money, you will feel it worthless to repurchase.

Wholesale jewellery popularity

Kanhai Jewels have gained much popularity with time. The wholesale jewellery market has given us the chance to explore the requirements of customers. And we, as a jewellery exporters, try to reach our aim and target to fulfil the requirements of yours. So, visit our website to understand us better.

The website of our company is well-constructed. You will love to see the filters we have applied to the system for ease of shopping online. You can easily filter the details of the designs, plating, category, and so on. Moreover, you can sort the products as per the price also.

The categories of wholesale jewellery

Kanhai Jewels sell wide categories of wholesale jewellery. The categories include American Diamond CZ jewellery, Kundan jewellery, Indo Western jewellery and other types of jewellery. The popular types of wholesale jewellery that you get here online are:

  • Necklace sets
  • Earrings
  • Finger rings
  • Mangalsutra
  • Chokers
  • Bracelets
  • Bangles
  • Pendant sets
  • Chain
  • Kada
  • Tikka
  • Baju Band
  • Hath Pan
  • Damini

Other types of jewellery are also available in Kanhai Jewels. These include various types of costume and fashion ornaments like Payal, nose ring/pin, mukut, and so on.

More about the wholesale jewellery market

Wholesale jewellery market in India and abroad are going through many changes due to high competition. The changes cause more ebb and flow in the market of wholesaling. But Kanhai Jewels have survived through such changes only for the standards we follow. So, we have the confidence that we meet the requirements of the customers. Being one of the most reputed jewellery wholesalers we have gained the trust of the customers too.

Buy wholesale fashion jewellery from Kanhai Jewels

Jewellery is one of those commodities that will always be in style, and it is a viable choice that evolves through time for men and women of all ages. If you belong to them and have jumped to this platform, you must be interested in Wholesale fashion jewellery. Regarding Wholesale jewellery supplies, you must have some worries. Well, it's time to get over your troubles. At Kanhai jewels, with the help of our professionals, we can dispel any uncertainties you may have.

The Kanhai jewels continue to expand at a fast pace, pleasing clients from all across India and the world. By economizing the precious time of customers, efforts, and money, this incredible platform gives an astonishing assortment of wholesale jewellery from the comfort of your home's couch. We have good connections with many wholesalers, exporters, bulk wholesalers, designers, MSME purchasers, retailers, and importers.

Greatest collection of designer wholesale jewellery

The largest-ever variety of traditional and fusion Indian jewellery is available in the Jewellery product line of Kanhai jewels, including finger rings, bracelets, maang tikkas, hair accessories, bridal jewellery, bangles, kadas, earrings, necklace sets, and some more similar items.

No hassles with Kanhai Jewels

Buying jewellery in quantity isn't as simple as purchasing clothing or anything else for that respect. When purchasing Wholesale fashion jewellery, the Fashion jewellery wholesale supplier has to keep numerous things in mind. Being a Wholesale jewellery supplier, you have to face several confrontations at every step. Let us take better care of all your jewellery and jewellery needs, whether you're a fashionista, a boutique owner, a wedding planner, or a business owner. The Kanhai jewels services are 24*7 accessible to you. We'll gladly fly across international borders to help you. Our duty is to carry out your wish.

The customers' feedback

Kanhai Jewels listen to the customers' feedback. If you have any problem while shopping with us, get in touch with us immediately. It will help you to regain trust in us. Whenever we get any complaint against wholesale jewelry supply, call us or drop a mail. There is always a postal address to send any letter via Post Office. Once we get any queries from the customers, we start working on it. So, shopping with Kanhai Jewels is much easier than any other online B2B jewellery website.

Generally, we do not get many negative feedbacks about our products. We do a quality check of every item before shipping and packing. If you have any other queries apart from shopping, contact us now.

Concluding Note

Kanhai Jewels are one of the most popular wholesale jewellery suppliers in the world. The authentic designs of traditional and modern jewellery have made us famous.  Our wholesale jewellery system is strategic and simple as well. We always put forward first our customers' preferences while selling any product online. Our artificial jewellery products have gained much popularity with time and customers are satisfied with our services. This is the only reason for our success behind all the efforts.


1. What is wholesale jewellery?

Wholesale jewellery involves selling jewellery in bulk, primarily to retailers or other businesses, rather than individual consumers. This approach enables businesses to procure a variety of styles at competitive prices.

2. What are the benefits of buying jewellery wholesale?

The benefits of buying jewellery wholesale include lower prices per unit, a wide variety of choices, and the opportunity to resell for profit. Wholesale purchasing also allows businesses to maintain a diverse inventory.

3. Can individuals purchase wholesale jewellery?

Typically, wholesale jewellery is available for businesses and retailers, not for individual consumers. However, some wholesalers may have specific provisions for individual bulk purchases.

4. What makes Kanhai Jewels stand out in the wholesale market?

Kanhai Jewels is known for its extensive range, unique designs, and long-lasting quality in the wholesale jewellery market. We have established ourselves as a key player in national and international markets.

5. What types of jewellery does Kanhai Jewels offer?

Kanhai Jewels offers a diverse range including handmade, Jaipur and Rajasthani, Antiques, Kundan, Western, Indo-Western, and oxidised jewellery. Each category reflects a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics.

6. Is Kanhai Jewels' jewellery available internationally?

Yes, Kanhai Jewels supplies wholesale fashion jewellery in India and abroad. Our global presence is a testament to our quality and appeal. In addition, this international reach allows us to incorporate diverse styles and trends from various cultures into our collections.

7. What is unique about Kanhai Jewels’ handmade jewellery?

Our handmade jewellery is known for its elegant and sophisticated designs, available in golden and silver oxidised plating. These pieces often become the highlight of any jewellery collection.

8. Does Kanhai Jewels offer traditional Indian jewellery?

Yes, we offer traditional Jaipur and Rajasthani jewellery, including bridal collections. These collections are renowned for their intricate designs and cultural significance. Our commitment to preserving traditional artistry while infusing modern elements makes our traditional Indian jewellery uniquely appealing and sought-after in domestic and international markets.

9. What is oxidised jewellery and does Kanhai Jewels offer it?

Oxidised jewellery features a darkened surface for an antique look, and Kanhai Jewels offers it in various designs. Our jewellery has gained immense popularity for its vintage appeal. Kanhai Jewels constantly innovates, blending traditional oxidised methods with contemporary styles to appeal to diverse preferences.

10. What is special about Kanhai Jewels’ costume jewellery?

Our costume jewellery is versatile and perfect for matching with daily outfits, available in designs like necklaces, earrings, and bangles. These pieces are ideal for those seeking fashionable yet affordable options.

11. Does Kanhai Jewels cater to contemporary fashion jewellery trends?

Yes, we offer stylish and exclusive designs in fashion jewellery that align with contemporary trends. Our collection is regularly updated to reflect the latest fashion. We pay close attention to global fashion movements, ensuring our jewellery meets the desires of fashion-forward customers.

12. Are traditional Indian jewellery designs available at Kanhai Jewels?

Yes, we provide a range of traditional Indian designs, including Kundan and Meenakari jewellery. These pieces are cherished for their timeless beauty and craftsmanship. Each piece embodies India's rich cultural heritage, serving as a symbol of history and tradition in addition to being a beautiful ornament.

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