Since time immemorial, Jewellery essentials have been an integral part of women’s ensembles on every occasion. These jewellery accessories play a pivotal role in enhancing the external beauty quotient for women. Talk about necklaces, bangles, finger and toe rings - women of all ages have been preferring a host of jewellery essentials for their everyday use as well as to deck up for special occasions, festivities and celebrations. Bore jewellery accessories have been worn by women on their foreheads for ages. This jewellery article has been leveraged since the historic times and we often find its mentions in our mythological scriptures too.

Over the years, this piece of forehead jewellery has witnessed several evolutions, in terms of usage, styles, design patterns and a lot more. While millennial women might think of bores as a traditional jewellery artefact, these bores can be a trendy tradition for them.

While bore jewellery essentials are included in bridal jewellery kits, women from certain parts of India, such as Haryana, Rajasthan, and other corners, wear them regularly as a customary ritual. Bore maang tikkas are often considered a sign of prosperous married life and holistic well-being. Bore designs usually have a pendant type of design attached with a medium-short chain that usually comes with fish hooks to be attached to the hair at the end.

Though bore maang tikkas and other bore jewellery accessories have been around for centuries, their styling, designs, patterns, and materials used to craft them have evolved significantly over the years. These accessories are absolutely apt even for today’s millennial brides, no matter whether they are eyeing a trendy or classically regal appearance.

Though predominantly used in bridal sets, bore maang tikkas’ usage is not limited to it. Women of all ages can deck up in a versatile range of bore designs to go well with their ethnic outfits and make heads turn at any and every occasion.

Whether you are getting ready for festivities at home or attending a friend’s or cousin’s wedding rituals, you can always combine your ethnic clothes with another set of antique jewellery articles and an antique bore maang tikka. This bore jewellery will offer you a furnished, stylish and regal look and you will be able to dazzle your way in these occasions.

Whether you're a minimalist or one who prefers heavy jewellery artefacts, our bore designs will blow your mind. The best part, our jewellery essentials are available and accessible to you at a wholesale price. So, whether it’s about antique bore jewellery or any other jewellery accessories for that matter, you can own as many as you wish. When it comes to jewellery, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. So, get ready to own some classic yet trendy bore designs that will make you look your best at any and every occasion.

If you are a proud mom to a little girl, you can choose simple yet elegant bore maang tikkas to style her for festivities and ethnic events at her school. Choose some of the captivating bores at Kanhai Jewels and make your little girl inspire awe among her friends.

Ethnic Look With Antique Bore Jewellery

Kanhai Jewels brings you an excellent collection of antique bore jewellery accessories that will leave you, your near and dear ones, and the onlookers at gatherings spellbound with their beauty and glamour quotient. Whether your preference lies in classic bore designs or sophisticated antique ones, we have got you covered.

Deck yourself with our versatile range of antique bores that come complete with gold and matte gold plating. Blue, Gold, Green, LCT, or Moti, whatever colour suits your ensembles, we at Kanhai Jewels have got your back. Fall in love with our exquisite collection of Chand bores; plain Gold bore designs, classic, Moti, delicate, or South India bores. We bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off our collection of timeless bore designs.

Where to Buy Antique Bore Jewellery Online in Wholesale?

Kanhai Jewels is deemed one of the best-in-industry jewellery manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers when it comes to antique jewellery, Gold, Kundan jewellery, oxidised jewellery, and AD/CZ jewellery. Expert craftsmanship, premium quality jewellery articles, and competitive prices are some of our promises to our global customers.

With Kanhai Jewels, you can forgo the shop-hopping and just browse the extensive collection of bore jewellery online with just a few clicks. Take your pick, place the order from the comfort of your couch, and we will get the jewellery chosen shipped to your doorstep in no time.

Donn some of our antique bores today and charm any and everyone at gatherings and festivities.


1. What is an Antique bore?

Antique bore jewellery is the most applauded forehead jewellery that has been decking women of all ages since time immemorial. Antique bore designs are inspired by the bygone era’s cultural heritage. These are available in a versatile range of designs, colours, patterns, platings, and more.

2. Does the style of Kanhai Jewels’ Antique bore appeal to all age groups?

The charm of Kanhai Jewels’ Antique bore transcends age barriers, appealing to a wide audience with their classic elegance. Their versatile designs attract both the younger generation and those with a taste for timeless beauty, making them a popular choice across age groups.

3. What cultural significance does bore hold?

Bore holds immense cultural significance, often symbolising status, tradition, and sometimes marital status in various cultures. These pieces are not just adornments but are deeply rooted in the heritage and customs of the regions they originate from.

4. What materials are commonly used in crafting bore jewellery?

Common materials used in crafting bore jewellery include precious metals like gold and silver, along with alloys for strength and durability. Some designs also incorporate semi-precious and precious stones for added aesthetic appeal.

5. What types of bores does Kanhai Jewels offer?

Kanhai Jewels offers a diverse range of bores, including traditional designs inspired by cultural heritage as well as contemporary styles that blend modern aesthetics with classic elements. Our collection caters to a variety of tastes, from intricate and ornate pieces to more minimalist and sleek designs.

6. Can customers request custom designs for bore jewellery at Kanhai Jewels?

Yes, customers can request custom designs for bore jewellery at Kanhai Jewels, allowing for personalised pieces that reflect style and preferences. This service enables customers to have unique jewellery that holds personal significance or meets specific aesthetic desires.

7. When is it ideal to wear a bore?

A bore is ideally worn during special occasions like weddings, festivals, and cultural ceremonies, where traditional attire is prominent. However, its versatility also allows it to be styled with contemporary outfits for a fusion look.

8. What types of outfits pair well with bores?

Bores pair exceptionally well with traditional ethnic outfits, enhancing the richness of cultural attire. It can also be styled with modern, minimalist clothing to create a striking contrast and add an element of traditional elegance.

9. How durable are the materials used in bore jewellery?

The materials used in bore jewellery are selected for their durability, ensuring that the pieces can withstand regular wear and maintain their beauty over time. High-quality metals and gemstones are used to ensure that the jewellery stands the test of time.

10. Are gemstones a common feature in bore designs?

Gemstones are a common and integral feature in many bore designs, adding colour, elegance, and often symbolic meaning to the pieces. These gemstones range from diamonds and rubies to less conventional stones, offering a spectrum of styles and colour palettes.

11. Can you detail the process for safely cleaning an antique bore?

Begin cleaning your Antique bore by lightly coating it with a gentle degreasing agent to break down surface dirt and oils. Follow this by soaking it in a mixture of warm water and a soft detergent, lightly brushing it with a soft brush, rinsing it off, and gently drying it with a soft cloth to maintain its lustre.

12. Do Antique bores wear off with time?

No, Antique bores don’t fade over time. You can boast them off on occasions for years to come. With proper care and maintenance, these timeless pieces retain their beauty and charm, becoming cherished heirlooms.

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