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Are you someone who absolutely adores attending social gatherings? Are you a die-hard fan of celebrities and their fashion? Do you stay on top of the latest trends when it comes to fashion accessories? If your response is in the affirmative, you sure know about oxidised jewellery making headlines in parties, social gatherings, and post-event discussions.

Oxidised jewellery sets consist of oxidised necklaces, oxidised earrings, finger rings, maang tikkas, nose pieces, payals, and more. And, celebrities across the globe have been spotted wearing extravagant sets of unique oxidised jewellery sets that have been inspiring awe among their peers and the general public.

Are you looking for striking jewellery pieces that can add spice to your regular outfit look? Go for Oxidised Jewellery!

These days, the most popular trend in the fashion industry is “Oxidised jewellery.”

Oxidised jewellery sets comprise high-quality silver treated with oxygen under high pressure for a particular time duration. The designers then mould and design it into beautiful jewellery pieces.

Kanhai Jewels is a recognised oxidised jewellery manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, and exporter. We are skilled in producing spectacular, elegant oxidised jewellery with detailed crafting.

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Kanhai Jewels Offers Ravishing Oxidised Jewellery for Every Attire and Occasion

Oxidised jewellery looks stunning with any kind of ethnic wear. Women can twin these ornaments with anything according to the occasion they are attending and the attire they plan to wear.

For instance, a pair of oxidised earrings with a bunch of oxidised silver bangles looks splendid with a saree. Kanhai Jewels sell a wide selection of wholesale oxidised jewellery online at the best prices.

Oxidised Earrings

  • Oxidised earrings are an immense delight for women who love wearing jewellery.
  • For ages, it has always been the most significant part of women’s wardrobe.
  • At Kanhai Jewels, we provide an array of oxidised earrings wholesale at our online store to satisfy the needs of our clients dealing with the jewellery business.
  • Visit our online store to buy your jewellery pieces in bulk.

Oxidised Earrings for a Bold Style Statement

Women greatly adorn oxidised earrings, as they are the epitome of ethnic beauty and grace. Pairing these earrings with a western outfit leaves a fabulous impression on the minds of the viewers. Oxidised earrings display a magnificent tribal and extremely earthy style that helps you exemplify your personality whenever you wear them.

Kanhai Jewels is a trusted oxidised earring wholesale online supplier with a huge client base in India and abroad.

Features Exhibited by Our Eye-Catching Oxidised Earrings

Our jewellery includes all quality features, which make them the first choice of buyers and helps them stand out in the competitive market. These features comprise:

  • Trendy looks
  • Splendid design
  • Durable material
  • Premium quality
  • Lasting for a long time

Oxidised Bangles

  • Kanhai Jewels is a top-notch oxidised bangles wholesale dealer who has been serving the fashion industry for many decades.
  • Oxidised bangles are also a favourite jewellery among fashionistas because of their varied styling choices, easy availability, and affordability.
  • Our elegant assortment of oxidised bangles is high on styling, fashion, and durability.
  • Owing to excellent designs, fashionable appeal, and high-quality standards, our jewellery pieces are in great demand across the world.

Superior Oxidised Bangles with Intricate Designs

Most women love wearing oxidised bangles, as these make a perfect match with modern and traditional dresses. Women like to sheaf thin oxidised bangles combined with one or two bangles of a particular colour in between.

These jewellery items radiate an Indo-western vibe that females can flaunt by pairing their white kurta with denim, other oxidised jewellery pieces, and nice footwear.

Kanhai Jewels, a silver oxidised jewellery wholesale dealer, offers oxidised bangles in various patterns. We offer first-class pieces that undergo rigorous quality check procedures to ensure the items are sure to endure the test of time.

Features of Our Oxidised Bangles

What has made us a leading exporter of oxidised bangles in the industry is our set of quality attributes. Our items include all the essential features like:

  • Exotic collection
  • Classic design
  • Best price, and
  • Premium quality

Kanhai Jewels Supplies Oxidised Jewellery to Many Countries Across The Globe

Kanhai Jewels is not only a well-known manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of oxidised jewellery in India but also exports jewellery to almost every corner of the world.

The countries include:

1) The USA   2) The UK   3) The UAE  4) Canada   5) Switzerland   6) Australia   7) Nigeria 8) Sri Lanka   9) Singapore   10) Saudi Arabia   11) Japan   12) Malaysia  13) Germany  14) Qatar   15) Cyprus   16) Iraq   17) France   18) Kuwait   19) Bahrain   20) Senegal   21) Pakistan   22) Hong Kong   23) Netherlands   24) Spain   25) Mali   26) Nepal   27) New Zealand   28) Cambodia   29) South Africa   30) Bangladesh   31) Mauritius   32) Fiji   33) Sweden   34) Thailand   35) Ireland   36) Ghana   37) China   38) Norway   39) Libya   40) Poland   41) Peru   42) Guyana   43) Belgium   44) Brunei   45) Colombia   46) Israel   47) Kenya   48) Azerbaijan   49) Mexico   50) Latvia, and many others. 

Why Buy Exquisitely Beautiful Oxidised Wholesale Jewellery from Kanhai Jewels?

The wedding season is about to start, and Indian women love to buy stunning jewellery for the occasion. Kanhai Jewels’ oxidised jewellery wholesale online store has got everything a jewellery business seller looks for.

With a single click, you can easily buy oxidised jewellery involving sophistication, style, and smart designs.

An Attractive Range of Oxidised Jewellery

Kanhai Jewels brings a wide selection of oxidised silver jewellery for wholesale. The wearers can adorn these ornaments at any gala or occasion to stay trendy.

Every sassy fashion jewellery is the most perfect selection for contemporary women to flaunt their striking and bold appeal. The vivid shiny appeal and charisma of oxidised silver jewellery sets are forever endearing and breathtaking.

Trendy and Latest Designs

Kanhai Jewels manufactures, supplies, exports, and wholesales oxidised jewellery online that has the most trendy and latest designs. Each oxidised jewellery at our store is uniquely crafted and designed with the finest quality raw materials accessible in the market. Our jewellery pieces are in tremendous demand in the Foreign and Indian markets.

Traders can Earn a Handsome Profit Margin

The sellers can buy attractive oxidised jewellery at the best wholesale prices from Kanhai Jewels. You can make a good profit from selling our jewellery items, which will help you in growing your business.

Kanhai Jewels suggests all its existing and new clients keep an extra stock of our oxidised jewellery in their fashion jewellery store so that their customers do not have to leave without buying an ornament of their choice.

Convenient and Fashionable- Oxidised jewellery

Remember the old days when females acted like falcons and only wanted bright things? But today’s women, in addition to loving their sparkling items; they are also crazy about today's new buzz named Oxidized jewellery. As women do not want to carry only expensive jewellery all the time, Oxidized jewellery has found its way to your jewellery boxes. And this is the way how oxidised jewellery collections are becoming voguish and well-favoured day by day. The heightening of silver and gold jewellery prices can also be a reason for the high demand for Oxidised jewellery online.

Glorify your appearance with Oxidised jewellery

With its sophisticated appearance, Oxidised jewellery can significantly improve the wearer's appearance. The amalgamation of two metals fashions the glorious oxidised accessory that a woman can have at any time. It is a terrific styling option in the industry of models, actresses, fashionistas, and other stylists due to its reasonable prices and easy accessibility. No matter if you want something Indian, traditional, or western, it will add simplicity to your attire and make it sober.

So, do you desire to jazz up your look? Add this versatile piece of item to your simple attire and compliment yourself. Buy fancy silver oxidised jewellery online at Kanhai Jewels, India's top choice in terms of every kind of jewellery. Trendy and chic, the entire collection of Kanhai Jewels will lift your style statements.

Variety of jewellery at the best prices

The mode of payment is also easy to access with every kind of payment mode available to us. Here you can buy oxidised jewellery online, including oxidised jewellery sets, bangles, jhumkas, kadas, chokers, earrings, neck-pieces, and much more. What are you looking forward to right now? Register now to seize the best products at Kanhai Jewels.

Wholesale Rates

We offer oxidised jewellery at wholesale rates online so that our customers can buy them without putting an additional burden on their pockets. Kanhai Jewels always strive to provide its worthy clients with high-quality products.

Quick Delivery

Kanhai Jewels has made buying a wide variety of oxidised jewellery online easy with its simple procedure for placing an order and hassle-free delivery options. Customers can shop for wonderful oxidised jewellery online, which is shipped in 2 days and can be delivered within 5 business days.

With a vast network in every city of India, Kanhai Jewels offers quick delivery even in remote places.

Kanhai Jewels is a well-recognised oxidised jewellery wholesale dealer in the Indian market, offering its services across the world. We aim to provide every customer with much more than what they desire in terms of assortment, quality, customer service, and value for money.

By precisely understanding local preferences and tastes, Kanhai Jewels innovates continually to provide a supreme experience to its clients in oxidised jewellery shopping.

Visit our store now and buy oxidised jewellery in varied patterns!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Oxidised Jewellery?

Oxidised jewellery is jewellery either made of gold or silver, which is exposed to a series of controlled chemical reactions to offer the jewellery a touch of antiquity and magnificence. Inspired by the bygone era, these jewellery often hosts designs that carry cultural and heritage implications.

Does oxidised jewellery turn black?

Oxidised jewellery already has a dark, metallic sheen due to the alloying process and chemical reactions. So, no, oxidised jewellery doesn't turn black. However, with the frequency of usage, storage conditions, and wear and tear, they might lose their shine over time.

Does oxidised jewellery fade?

Fading of oxidised jewellery is quite rare. However, without proper storage practices and frequent usage, they may lose their shine. But the shine can be retrieved with a good clean and polish in no time.

What is oxidised jewellery made of?

Oxidised jewellery is usually made up of gold or silver in a combination of alloys, such as copper and other metallic variants.

How do you clean oxidised jewellery?

Cleaning oxidised jewellery is not as daunting as it's portrayed. All you have to do is dip your oxidised jewellery in a bowl of warm water, with a pinch of baking soda, and aluminium foil paper crushed or apply some toothpaste. Clean it with a brush, rinse off the grimes, and pat it dry. Your oxidised jewellery will have its natural shine in no time.

How do you keep oxidised jewellery at home?

Store your oxidised jewellery in an air-tight plastic container or a jewellery box by wrapping it with smooth cotton. You can also store them in zip-lock covers to prevent exposure to air and in order to prevent further oxidation.

How can I make my jewellery last longer?

Oxidised jewellery can decorate your jewellery collection for long when used, cleaned, and stored well.

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