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When it comes to clothing and jewellery, fashion, ethnic wear, and antique and contemporary jewellery hold a special place in our hearts. These ensemble combinations are quite apt for weddings, celebrations, and festivities wherein we deck up to show off our ethnic collection. However, when it comes to acing the casual look or planning an outfit for an evening out with friends and colleagues or attending a chic party with your besties, we all prefer the western touch. Won’t you agree?

We at Kanhai Jewels understand your love for the western vibe, elegance, comfort, convenience and styles. We bring to you some of the super-elegant, classy, yet trendy fashion jewellery and designer jewellery online to suit your outfits no matter what you have in mind.

We are deemed one of the best-in-industry fashion jewellery manufacturers in India as well as fashion jewellery wholesale suppliers. Our collection of fashion jewellery, whether it’s a pair of elegant earrings or stylish chokers or to-die-for finger rings, bracelets, etc., we have everything to suit every occasion. 

Get ready to Dazzle and Charm with Elegant Western Jewellery

Western jewellery is elegant and unarguably so. However, have you heard of and even witnessed embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions? The same risk is applicable to the jewellery aspect too. Not every piece of jewellery that you possess will go well with your casual wear.

To dazzle and charm your way with western jewellery, you will need to put some thought and care while teaming them up with your ensembles. If you are eyeing for a bohemian look, go for designer jewellery, such as layered necklaces with charms, and stack them well. You can pair this with stacked finger rings and a matching pair of earrings. If you are planning to attend an official party wherein you wish to look your best but not be flashy enough, go for an elegant pendant set, which has matching pendants and earrings. It can be of pearl, diamond or even Polki or stone - the pick is yours.

Well, western jewellery is not only meant for western outfits. You can team these up with your ethnic attires such as lehengas, sarees, and festive Kurtis too. The key is to team them up well.

Apart from antique and fashion jewellery, Kanhai Jewels is home to AD and CZ jewellery that are sure to take your breath away. Find your jewellery essentials at Kanhai Jewels online without any hustle and bustle.

Buy Fashion Jewellery Online at Wholesale from Kanhai Jewels

Kanhai Jewels presents you with an extraordinary collection of western and designer jewellery that can go well with any occasion. Be ready to stay trendy and your charming self with our exquisite collection of fashion jewellery essentials. We are your best bet for fashion jewellery wholesale in India as we bring you premium jewellery accessories at competitive prices that are hard to come by in the market.

We understand your love for physically assessing a piece of jewellery that you are contemplating buying. We also understand the fast-paced nature of your life and talk about hectic schedules, juggling work and home responsibilities, and much more.

We aim to make jewellery shopping as smooth, seamless and hassle-free as possible for you. With Kanhai Jewels, you can browse an extensive collection of wholesale trendy jewellery online with a few clicks and from the comfort of your home at your convenience.

Come, refurbish your western and fashion jewellery collection and make the most of the fashion jewellery wholesale online.


1. What distinguishes Western jewellery from other styles?

Western jewellery often features designs inspired by the American West, incorporating elements like turquoise, silver, and motifs related to nature and Native American art. This style is characterized by its rustic elegance and often holds historical and cultural significance.

2. Is turquoise a common stone in Western jewellery?

Yes, turquoise is a hallmark of Western jewellery, prized for its unique blue-green hues and often set in silver to highlight its natural beauty. Its prevalence in Western jewellery is not only for its beauty but also for its historical significance to Native American culture.

3. Are there specific motifs common in Western jewellery?

Western jewellery frequently features motifs like horseshoes, feathers, and intricate floral patterns, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the American West. These motifs often symbolize protection, freedom, and a connection to nature, which are central themes in Western culture.

4. What metals are predominantly used in Western jewellery?

Silver is predominantly used in Western jewellery, often complemented with gold accents to create a striking contrast. The preference for silver in Western jewellery is due to its versatility and the way it beautifully complements the often-used turquoise stones.

5. Are there eco-friendly Western jewellery options available at Kanhai Jewels?

Yes, we offer a variety of eco-friendly Western jewellery options. Our artisans are dedicated to using recycled metals and ethically sourced stones in our designs, showcasing our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in the jewellery-making community.

6. How can I distinguish authentic Western jewellery from imitations?

High-quality craftsmanship and the use of genuine materials like real turquoise and silver characterize authentic Western jewellery. The authenticity of these pieces is evident in the meticulous attention to detail and the superior quality of the materials used.

7. Are there contemporary takes on traditional Western jewellery designs?

Contemporary Western jewellery merges traditional elements with modern aesthetics. It includes incorporating current trends while preserving the quintessential spirit of the American West.

8. How often should I clean my Western jewellery?

Regular cleaning, depending on the frequency of wear, helps maintain the lustre and beauty of Western jewellery, especially for pieces with intricate designs and stones. Using appropriate cleaning methods for different materials can significantly prolong the life and appearance of your jewellery.

9. What is the best way to store Western jewellery?

To preserve the beauty and integrity of your Western jewellery, it's advisable to store it in a cool, dry area, shielded from direct sunlight. Opt for individual storage options like pouches or compartments, which help prevent scratches and entanglement. Following this storage method ensures your jewellery remains in pristine condition, safeguarding it from potential damage as time passes.

10. Is there a specific age group that Western jewellery appeals to?

Western jewellery appeals to a broad age range, offering styles that resonate with the young and the young at heart, showcasing timeless appeal. Its versatility and range of designs make it a favourite across generations, from teenagers to seniors.

11. Are beads a common element in Western jewellery?

Beads, especially those made from natural materials like bone, wood, or stone, are a common and traditional element in many Kanhai Jewels’ Western jewellery designs. These beads add a rustic charm and authenticity to the pieces, reflecting the rich cultural heritage.

12. What is the average lifespan of Kanhai Jewels’ Western jewellery?

With proper care, our Western jewellery can last for decades, often becoming more cherished as it ages and develops a unique patina. It can turn out to be an excellent investment and a treasured item in personal collections.

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