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Kanhai Jewelers are one of the leading imitation jewellery manufacturers to offer quality pieces of beautiful ornaments to people who like to shop online and look gorgeous. We also facilitate a customized jewellery collection of earrings, necklaces, bangles, anklets, toe rings, Kada, tika etc. You can find all types of wholesale and retail imitation jewellery collections at logical prices and offer value for money experience to every client by providing ace quality products at sensible prices that are far less than the current market rates. Shop online within a few clicks and enjoy shipping in whichever zone you are. Contact Kanhai jewels for lucrative purchases of the most adorning jewellery collection.

Imitation Jewellery has received incredible love and attention of Indian women since centuries. The popularity of imitation jewellery increased tremendously with the longing desire of the upper middle-class category to adorn bold, beautiful yet affordable jewellery. And with industrial revolution and introduction of modern-day technology, the designs improved drastically and the demand surged immensely.

Imitation Jewellery, also known as costume jewellery or fashion jewellery is loved by one and all for its beauty and pocket-friendly prices. This discrete fashion accessory is manufactured as a look-alike to real jewellery to complement the costumes and speak a style statement. Lately, various designers added their charm to imitation jewellery and gave it the designer, modern-day touch. Gold plated, rhodium plated, beads, etc. are some of the versions of imitation jewellery.

Kanhai Jewels is one of the largest wholesale market for imitation jewellery. We are the best manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters of fine, ethnic and stylish imitation jewellery. We provide a whole gamut of imitation jewellery including necklace set, bangles, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. at wholesale prices. Our style-defining imitation jewellery is designed by highly skilled designers and manufactured using cutting-edge technology. With changing trends in fashion, we manufacture, supply and export some of the best imitation jewelleries.

The range of Kanhai Jewels’ imitation jewellery is vast and stunning. The classy look however, is not compensated with high price. We are suppliers and exporters of imitation jewellery at highly affordable prices. Come explore the beauty of imitation jewellery with Kanhai Jewels at wholesale price!

Kanhai Jewels is another definition of imitation jewellery and costume jewellery. The details of this jewellery manufacturer will surprise its customers. The most reasonable price is what customers seek while buying a product. And Kanhai Jewels sell imitation jewellery at the best price in the industry. Here is every detail about it.

Imitation Jewellery Is A Definition Of Fashion

Kanhai Jewels define the meaning of imitation jewellery to a different level. The fashion of costume jewellery has been there in modern society since the advent of modernization.

The advantages of such beautiful imitation jewellery are many. The graceful designs of these products are worth to experience after wearing.

The detailing of the imitation jewellery is unique and handcrafted. It will increase and elevate the beauty of a woman. From the gold plated collections to rhodium collections, everything is available with Kanhai Jewels.

The Significant Collection Of Imitation Jewellery

Kanhai Jewels offer a wide range of imitation temple jewellery online to select from the collections. Everyone's search for a dream jewellery set will end here. And it is a guarantee that customers will love the beautifully designed collections.

The jewellery designers craft the essential beauty of imitation jewellery. And it is the primary cause of loving any jewellery form the premium collections. One will be surprised to see the originality of the collections available in the website. Kanhai Jewels is another name of the original collection of imitation jewellery.

Experience The Breath-taking Beauty Of Imitation Jewellery

Kanhai Jewels offer a breath-taking collection of imitation jewellery with widely available variants. Moreover, the selection of the designs is outstanding in the market. The minute details of the plating are beautiful. The beads of the jewellery are premium. Fashion jewellery is the new sensation in modern women's wardrobe. And Kanhai Jewels have a considerable collection of everything a customer wants. The designer's collection is an elite choice for any program. Once one will see the collection, one will fall in love with this jewellery.

Modern Technology Followed For Better Finishing Of Imitation Jewellery

The company follows modern technology while crafting imitation jewellery. Such costume jewellery is now ideal choices for everyday purposes. Enjoy the graceful designs and crafts at its fullest without worrying about the longevity of the products. The selections for costume jewellery is hard to do as these tend to get loose the beauty with time. But Kahai Jewels offer an unparalleled collection to the customers. The imitation jewellery available here is worthy of a purchase. Once one will start wearing one will experience the difference between the ordinary imitation jewellery and Kahai Jewels jewellery.

Types Of Imitation Jewellery Available at Kanhai Jewels

Kanhai Jewels is a leading brand for imitation temple jewellery online shopping. And there are various types of jewellery that are available in the website. If one has a look at the business website, one will be amazed to see the variety of jewellery collections. So, it is expected that customers will love to grab a piece of jewellery from the collection. Moreover, the elite selections are worth to have a try one in a lifetime. Imitation jewellery is an asset of a lady's dressing table. And Kanhai Jewels fulfil the dream of a lady's choice of jewellery. Perfection is a common phenomenon for the designers of such jewellery. The excellent designs available in the website are of these types:

Imitation Jewellery From The Collection

Here are the types of jewellery that are available in the website of Kanhai Jewels for online shopping. It is a wide range from where one can choose the appropriate one. And the jewellery available in Kanhai Jewels will serve any purpose of shopping. One can wear an Indo-western ornament in a corporate meeting. In the same way, one can also rock in style in an antique collection at an evening party. Go through the list of wholesale imitation jewellery online at Kanhai Jewels on the website.

  • Necklace
  • Pendant set
  • Bangles
  • Earring
  • Mangalsutra
  • Kada
  • Bracelet
  • Payal
  • Belt
  • Jhuda
  • Hath Pan
  • Brooch
  • Finger ring
  • Damini
  • Tikka
  • Baju Band
  • Hair clip
  • Bore
  • Chain
  • Ear chain
  • Nose ring
  • Sindoor box
  • Hair brooch
  • Pasa
  • Kalangi

These are the types of imitation jewelry that are presented here in the website. If one wishes to buy any, one has to click on the preferred type of jewelry to know the price and other details. From the list of jewelry given above, one can understand the range of the collection. It is absolutely overwhelming for a lady who loves jewelry. The quality of jewelry is awesome. The customer will love the presentation of the jewelry in the website of Kanhai Jewels.

All sorts of traditional collections are here in the e-commerce site of imitation jewelry. It is clear that the collections are well-designed before presenting in the website. The pictures given of the products are of high resolution. And the products will look the same as the pictures after delivery. Kanhai Jewels trust in the accuracy of services. So, the jewelry presentation in the website is always the same as the delivered products.

Minute detailing of the designs is another cause to choose Kanhai Jewels. The collections have all sorts of jewelry for any occasion. So, it is a destination for any woman's jewelry shopping. The strategy to build a space in a customer's mind is what Kanhai Jewels follow. And we provide maximum effort to deliver the choice the customer seeks. Kanhai Jewels have become a pioneer in the services of producing and delivering high-quality imitation jewelry.

The Antique Section - The Beauty Of Imitation Jewellery

The antique section is a premium choice for a traditional dress-up. The sizzling designs available in the antique section are worth purchasing. All types of jewellery are available in the antique section. Antique jewellery is the smart choice among imitation jewellery. These add an extra style to any ethnic attire. And it will make the wearer look outstanding in the crowd. Kanhai Jewels does not make regular antique jewellery like other brands.

The production procedure is completely different from others. Moreover, there are special craftsperson’s to aid in designing antique jewellery collection. One can get full details from the website of Kanhai Jewels to understand the variety in the antique jewellery collection. So, one can visit the website for choosing preferable designs for preferable for one. Imitation jewellery has got a different level of meaning with this collection of antique jewellery.

Kundan Collection - A Grace Of Imitation Jewellery

Kundar is a grace of jewellery. And Kanhai Jewels offers a huge collection of Kundan jewellery in the website. All types of ethnic designs are available in Kundan collection. The imitation jewellery has got a new extension with this Kundan collection. So, it is a breath-taking beauty of jewellery. Come and visit the website for experiencing beautiful Kundan jewellery sets and individual pieces like tikka, Kada, belt, hair brooch, etc.

American Diamond - CZ imitation jewellery

The glimmering sets of jewellery from the collections of American Diamond - CZ is an essential part of jewellery hoarders. The collections from Kanhai Jewels are amazing and beautifully designed. There are special imitation jewellery manufacturers in india for crafting such beautifully gleaming American diamond Jewellery sets. All types of jewelry are available in this section. Once one will see the collection, one will love to pick a choice. So, come and experience the glare of premium collections of exclusive American diamonds. The selection procedure for jewellery is a confusing one. So, if one is still in doubt to select a piece of jewellery, one can buy from this section. It is a classic choice for any kind of outfits and occasions.

Indo-Western- A Beautiful Creation Of Fusion Imitation Jewellery

Imitation jewellery collection has got a new dimension with Indo-western collection. So, one can check this range of wholesale imitation jewellery online for choosing any modern design. The collection of this range is also overwhelming as it has some unique touch to every piece. And the Indo-western jewellery from Kanhai Jewels is perfect for any event. One can wear it at the office. One can also combine it with any ethnic day look. The versatility of the design of this collection is the key to attract wearers. The guarantee of customer satisfaction is always there from the side of Kanhai Jewels. So, the choice of ornaments will be easier in this section for a lady of any age. The price is also on a reasonable side. Indo-western imitation jewellery manufacturers in india offers a facet of classy look to any woman. It is a smart and elegant choice for any working woman.

Designer Jewellery - The Crown Of Imitation Jewellery

There is something to admire about Designer imitation jewellery. Kanhai Jewels is one of the best wholesale imitation jewellery suppliers which offer a wide variant in the designer imitation jewelry section. And the collection in this section is quite impressive for any person. One can also select a wedding gift from this premium section. The variations on this collection are unique and apt for an elite choice. The exclusive range is for any occasion for standing out in the crowd. The women who love to look elegant in her jewelry can select designer jewellery. An original collection from Kanhai Jewels will impress the customer's selection while searching jewelry here. One's search for the best sort of jewellery will end here.

Why Should One Opt Kanhai Jewels For Shopping Imitation Jewellery Online?

Kanhai Jewels can be the ultimate destination for a jewellery shopper of any age. There is an appropriate collection for everyone. Apart from the variety of collections, there are more interesting factors and reasons to choose Kanhai Jewels. The payment procedure for online shopping is quite safe. SSL encryption technology is used for securing personal credit/debit card details. And server authentication is secure enough. Moreover, the prices are best in the industry. Customers can place an order from anywhere in the world.

Easy Procedure To Place An Order

Buying imitation jewelry is the easiest process to follow. The customer will have to register an account and log in to place an order. The shipping charges are extra. But all the charges are reasonable and best in the industry.

Kanhai Jewels- A Dream Destination Of Imitation Jewellery

The best ever prices are available with Kanhai Jewels. And One can talk to the customer care support over the phone. Even there is a WhatsApp number for easy communication. The head office is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. There is also an email address for sharing further details with the company.

The wide variants of jewellery have gained trust in many customers' hearts. People are choosing Kanhai Jewels for buying imitation jewellery for many occasions. The collections are charming to look at. And the services from the end of Kanhai Jewels is prompt. Customers are sharing positive feedback after buying products from Kanhai Jewels. Visit kanhai jewels leading wholesale imitation jewellery supplier from a new perspective.

Imitation Jewellery Online Shopping Made Easy

Kanhai Jewels have made it easier to choose imitation jewellery from an online jewellery store. The customer just needs to have a look at the designs to select the choice. The trend of imitation jewellery shopping has arrived with the modern day’s requirement. Women love to pair matching fashion jewelry with daily outfits. The fashion of artificial jewelry has provided ornaments of various designs to choose from the list. And Kanhai Jewels has been serving the best being one of the most remarkable artificial jewellery wholesalers.

Fashion Jewellery Wholesale By Kanhai Jewels

Imitation jewellery is the trendiest part of fashion jewellery statement. If you are still wondering about the most wearable imitation jewellery collection online, visit our site. You will get the details of the designs and price of all jewellery available on Kanhai Jewels imitation jewellery website. We are one of the biggest artificial jewellery wholesalers in Mumbai and India. We will provide the best quality of artificial jewellery as per the customer’s requirement at the best price. Fashion Jewelry wholesale price is reasonable concerning the quality of the products. Kanhai Jewels is a part of the wholesale imitation jewellery suppliers in india. We ship the products all over the world with nominal shipping cost.

Visit The Best Imitation Jewellery Range Online

You can always visit Kanhai Jewels imitation jewellery website to check if we serve the quality you require. We hope to meet the customer’s standards for maintaining our reputation in imitation jewellery wholesale online shopping e-commerce destination. Being an imitation jewellery manufacturers, we sell all types of imitation jewellery products at the most affordable prices.

Imitation Jewellery

A woman cannot stop herself from experimenting with different styles or designs when it comes to the love of jewellery!! Here's when Imitation Jewellery comes into picture!!

Convenient and economical- Imitation jewellery

 Imitation jewellery also known with various names such as Fashion jewellery, Cheap Jewellery, Artificial jewellery, and much more, are simply jewellery made up of non-precious metals (artificial metals). Being made up of cheaper material, it allows people to wear different sorts of jewellery at pocket friendly prices. Imitation jewellery are usually made up of metals such as brass, nickel, copper, etc, which makes them light in weight and thus more convenient to carry on a daily basis.

No need to spend higher with Imitation jewellery

 The heavy cost of precious metals like gold, silver, or diamond can act as a hindrance for many to fulfill their dreams of trying out different jewellery styles but no need to worry anymore as the world of Indian imitation jewellery sets is open for you all! You can explore a never-ending range of jewellery including imitation wedding jewellery sets, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, earrings, Kundan work pieces, rings, nose pins, and much more.

Jewellery collection to swoon over

 At Kanhai Jewels, you can have your jewellery consisting of American diamonds jewellery, golden-plated jewellery sets, pearl work bangles, kadas, and much more. We are a proud imitation jewellery manufacturer with so many options to choose from with A-grade quality and that too at very reasonable rates and great post-purchase assistance. So what else are you waiting for? Let's get started with your own imitation collection with Kanhai Jewels! We will ensure you have a hassle free experience with us while you buy some exotic indian imitation jewellery sets online.

Imitation Jewellery Trendsetter

Kanhai Jewels have become an influencer and trendsetter of the wholesale imitation jewellery suppliers in india. You will love the designs, prices and shopping experience once you visit the website for online shopping.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Imitation Jewellery?

Imitation jewellery is nothing but metal ornaments. It has a metal coating which replicates the beauty of original metals like gold, silver and copper.

What types of Artificial Jewellery are sold here?

There are various types of Imitation jewellery on our website. You will get necklace, earrings, finger rings, kada, bracelet, hairpin, kamarband, hath pan, mang tikka, mangalsutra and so on our jewelry store.

In which country Artificial jewellery is famous and popular?

Artificial jewellery sets are popular and famous in various countries of the western world. And in India, it has gained tremendous popularity.

Why Fashion Jewellery is the best option for working women?

If you are a working woman who loves simple designs of artificial jewellery or fashion jewellery for daily wear, buy from the imitation jewellery section. The vast collection will blow your mind!

Which categories of jewelry are available in imitation jewelry section?

The categories of imitation jewelry are pretty huge. You will get here American diamond jewelry sets, Kundan sets, Antique jewelry sets, Indowestern collection, and designer collection of bridal jewelry.

Is Artificial Jewellery durable?

The answer is yes! Imitation jewellery sets are durable, long-lasting and stay forever if taken care properly. If you follow our instructions to take care of the ornaments, it will last longer.

How Fashion jewellery brought a radical change in the jewellery industry?

Imitation jewellery is something that changed the mindset of wearing jewellery. These are more wearable and lightweight than original gold ornaments. The price is much lower than the original metal ornaments.

Can you rely on the quality of our Imitation jewelry?

The quality of Kanhai Jewels Imitation jewelry is different from other competitor's sites. We believe in the best quality of imitation jewelry sets. And this move has made us a pioneer in the artificial jewelry industry.

How to maintain our Artificial jewelry?

Imitation jewelry is easy to maintain. And Kanhai Jewel's jewelry experts will provide you with a detailed guideline to maintain imitation jewelry sets. And the glow of the ornaments will last forever!

Is it easy to buy Imitation Jewellery online?

Kanhai Jewels customer care service is prompt. They will help you to buy all the jewelry sets, including bridal jewelry online easily.

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