Pair your western outfits with Kanhai Jewels Western kada

As women, we all have a fondness for western jewellery, and we love to match them with our western outfits. But have you ever imagined combining your traditional outfit with western jewellery? Today, wearing outfits is not only about applying glitter to your attire, but todays' fashion demands something extra and spicy. Have you noticed that celebs have been spotted wearing this fashion trend of wearing Western jewellery with Indian outfits? We also need to step up our style quotient and make a style that can catch everyone's eye.


Look gorgeous with western kada in this festive season

We all know that no matter how many ornaments you have owned, your arm will look dull and soulless without a Western Kada. Every item of jewellery that complements a woman's beauty is constantly updated with new designs in response to demand and current trends at Kanhai jewels. But a western Kada, among all the ornaments, intensifies the entire look and turns her into a timeless stylish.


Artificial western kada will add color to any dress

As the demands of Western Kada are mushrooming day by day, we have also updated our Western Kada collection. Buy Antique Western Kada online with our vast assortment, including Kadas with different plating, kadas with unique stones and embellishments, kadas with unique color varieties, and much more at Kanhai jewels.

Apart from purchasing Western Kada for your outfit, you can also buy Artificial western Kada at wholesale prices. Our Artificial western Kada manufacturer supplier online will give you the product based on your choices. If you've always been fond of Western Kadas and want to wear them with modern apparel to rule the fashion scene, this is the place where you can accomplish it!




  1. What is "My Account" at the website of Kanhai jewels?

With my account's assistance, you can record your previous browsing history, your placed orders, your account details, wish list, vouchers, gift cards, and coins.

  • Click on the option "My Account."
  • Get to know your account details here.
  • Understand, keep, and update your information here.
  • At last, save your account details.


  1. Why can't I find out where my order is?

Whether you have placed an order of Western Kada or any other jewellery, follow our steps written below:

  • First, we instantly send all the information through emails whenever your order is placed. Please check your emails to know more.
  • Secondly, take a note of your order no. and tracking id. Now, go to the courier partner website, fill in your tracking number, and then you will come to know where your order is.
  • Here, we will give you all the details regarding your shipment, delivery date, and current location of delivery.


  1. What type of warranties do you provide for Western Kada at Kanhai jewels?

If you want that your Western Kada lasts for a longer time, then follow the jewellery care guidelines available at our website. Moreover, we give a six-month guarantee to all our clients, and the repairing and polishing are accessible only during the warranty period.


  1. Is gift-wrapping an option?

At the request of our customers, we provide gift-wrapping and ribbon. While placing an order, you can enter the details of your packaging.


  1. Is there an option for express delivery for Western Kada?

Yes, we provide express delivery but only for domestic orders. While placing an order for Western Kada, just mention it in a note section.


  1. Do you prefer using authentic stones in Western Kada at Kanhai jewels?

Yes, we always use original gems and stones in Western Kada on customers' choice. Due to prices or any other reason, if we use the inauthentic one, we mention it in your receipt.


  1. Who will be responsible for delivering my order?

The Kanhai jewels have good connections with many shipping companies. The delivery boys are very responsible, and they will keep your order safe and deliver it on time.


  1. When will my order be delivered?

After placing your order, once your order is dispatched, it will touch your door within 5-7 days of business days. To know more, you can easily track your order by following instructions.


  1. How can I take care of my Western Kada?

The Western Kada and other jewellery pieces at Kanhai jewels are embedded with pearls, beads, gems, and stones. Simultaneously, these Western Kadas have alloy, copper, brass, or silver plating.

  • Here, we need to keep these Kada away from perfumes, deodorants, sprays, and water, the actual enemies of your jewellery.
  • After using, wipe off all the sweat moisture from your Western Kada, and keep it in an air-proof container. Otherwise, this moisture will spoil the look of your Western Kada.


  1.  Can I add new items to the existing products?

Unfortunately, we do not provide such kind of service. You are unable to combine any new product with your existing placed order.

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