Kundan Sheeshphool

Damini jewellery or popularly referred to as sheeshpattis or sheesphools, has been around the corner for centuries. During the mediaeval times, women used to wear simple and heavily carved sheeshpattis from metals and other jewellery items. Even in our mythological scriptures, there are mentions of Queens and women belonging to the regal families adorning their foreheads with beautifully crafted Damini tikkas. Even commoners during the traditional times used to decorate their foreheads with simple sheeshphools.

Over the centuries, jewellery artefacts have undergone significant changes, and so have the Kundan sheeshpatti designs. Today, you can find Damini tikka designs in American Diamond/Cubic Zirconia, Gold, Kundan, Pearl and what not. However, Kundan Daminis have a sophisticated charm of their own that still attracts attention.

Most Damini shesshphools have a maang tikka at the end that’s attached to a chain or beaded string with a fish hook to connect with the hair. The maang tikka pendant is connected with two strings of jewellery designs that also have fish hooks to be attached to the hair above the ears. These jewellery articles are created to offer brides and women an all-encompassing and sophisticated look during festive celebrations.

Today’s millennial brides love decking up in elegant pieces of Damini tikkas or sheeshphools during their wedding celebrations. These are not only reserved for the brides. Even the bridesmaids adorn these jewellery essentials that offer the entire bridal party a regal look.

Add Some Spark with Kundan Sheeshphools

Do you wish to stand apart in gatherings? Do you wish to add some spark and vibe to your entire ensemble and ethnic look? Kundan sheeshpattis are your best bet. You can find classic daminis, bore, and chand daminis online at Kanhai Jewels in versatile ranges and patterns. Green, LCT, Moti, pink, Ruby, Ruby green, white, peach and a multitude of hues - you will find elegant Kundan sheeshpattis online at Kanhai Jewels. You can rest your worries regarding colour-coordinating your attire and jewellery with our versatile sheeshphool designs.

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1. What is Kundan Damini?

Kundan Damini is a traditional Indian jewellery style characterized by its intricate craftsmanship, pure gold, and precious stones. It is commonly worn by brides on their wedding day and is an integral part of bridal attire, particularly in Northern India, where it originated. It has deep-rooted cultural significance in ceremonies and celebrations.

2. How is Kundan Damini different from other jewellery styles?

Unlike other jewellery styles, Kundan Damini is unique for its method of setting gemstones in gold, creating a highly refined and detailed finish. It stands out for its meticulous layering technique and the use of highly pure gold, giving it a distinct richness.

3. Are there any cultural significances attached to Kundan Damini?

Yes, Kundan Damini holds profound cultural significance in Indian history, often associated with royalty and luxury. It is not only a symbol of artistic excellence but also a representation of cultural heritage, especially in weddings and traditional ceremonies.

4. What are the best occasions to wear Kundan Damini?

Kundan Damini is most suitable for grand occasions like weddings, festivals, and formal gatherings, where its regal and elaborate design complements traditional attire. However, you can wear smaller and simpler Kundan pieces for less formal events to add a touch of elegance.

5. How to differentiate between Kundan and Polki Damini?

The key difference lies in the gemstones used; Kundan Damini uses glass stones embedded in gold, while Polki Damini features uncut diamonds. Additionally, Kundan has a more refined and intricate finish, whereas Polki showcases a rustic, natural charm.

6. What are the best ways to pair Kundan Damini with Western outfits?

Pairing Kundan Damini with Western outfits involves choosing minimalist designs that complement rather than overpower the look. Opt for subtle Kundan pieces like pendants, earrings, or bracelets to add a fusion touch to dresses, gowns, or formal wear.

7. Are there any age restrictions for wearing Kundan Damini?

There are no age restrictions for wearing the Kundan Damini. Individuals of all ages can elegantly wear it. The key is to select designs that suit one's style and the occasion, with younger wearers often opting for more contemporary, understated pieces.

8. How to choose the right Kundan Damini for your skin tone?

To choose Kundan Damini that complements your skin tone, consider the colour of the gemstones and the metal. For warmer skin tones, go for pieces with yellow gold and rich-coloured stones, while the cooler skin tones can opt for white gold or silver with lighter gemstones.

9. What are the signature designs of Kanhai Jewel’s Kundan Damini?

Our Kundan Damini is celebrated for its timeless and opulent designs. These designs incorporate techniques like the intricate "Jadau" work with enamelling, as well as the use of precious and semi-precious gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, and pearls.

10. Can Kanhai Jewels’ Kundan Damini be considered an investment?

While our Kundan Damini is undoubtedly a valuable and timeless jewellery style, its true worth lies in its cultural significance and exceptional craftsmanship. Although it may appreciate over time, its primary allure lies in its beauty and heritage, making it a cherished adornment.

11. What is the significance of Kundan Damini in bridal attire?

Kundan Damini plays a pivotal role in Indian bridal attire. It symbolizes the bride's beauty, grace, and the richness of her new life. It's an integral part of bridal jewellery, especially in North India.

12. Are there any eco-friendly practices in Kundan Damini production?

Yes, Kanhai Jewels is committed to sustainable practices. Our Kundan Damini pieces are crafted with eco-friendly processes, and we use ethically sourced materials to minimize our environmental footprint.

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