Bridal Jewellery at Kanhai Jewels: an extraordinary collection

The trend of bridal jewellery is always in fashion. You will love to see the collection of the perfect bridal jewelry in Kanhai Jewels. All sorts of jewellery are available here. You will be amazed to see the vast range which contains almost all types of popular bridal jewellery. The more you will see, the more you will be excited to buy from us!

Moreover, we have easy and secure buying options. So, you need not worrying about the shopping procedure. Artificial bridal jewelry online shopping is now simple! Have a look at our detailed collection to know more about bridal jewellery.

Why buy bridal jewellery collection from us?

Kanhai Jewels have an extensive range of bridal jewellery. We know the emotions of women who search for bridal jewellery for their special day. They will always search for a unique piece of ornament to make it a fashion statement on a special day. So, we make that kind of bridal jewellery sets which will look gorgeous with bridal outfits. Moreover, we provide stress on the quality of the products because we know it is all about a special occasion. The piece of bridal jewellery you are wearing today must be long-lasting so that you remember it forever.

Secure online shopping and payment

Kanhai Jewels simplify the meaning of bridal jewellery online shopping. We know that it is difficult to choose and buy things online. But online shopping for jewellery is more comfortable now. Our website is equipped with class one filters which enable you to select your preferences. And you can easily purchase your choice of ornament from here. Kanhai Jewels follow the comfort of buyers. So, our online payment options are also secure. You will be surprised to see that you only need to select and place an order to get products at doorstep.

Easy shipping and return policy

Our online bridal jewellery sets have easy shipping policy which we follow for other artificial jewellery too. Moreover, the return policy is also simple in comparison to other competitor's sites. We follow some genuine rules to maintain the quality and standard of our brand. So, we know that we are not here to disappoint you with any of our rules and regulations. You can talk to our customer care support to know in detail about shipping and returns of bridal jewellery.

Quality makes it all for bridal jewellery

Kanhai Jewels believe in quality as a parameter of judgement. And our product quality talks about or standard. The bridal jewellery sets available in Kanhai Jewels are exclusive. You will be delighted to experience the extensive range, which consists of all sorts of ornaments you need for bridal purpose.

Moreover, you will love the detailed designs and works on it. The efforts jewelry designers make to create this beautiful range of Indian bridal jewelry, never goes wrong. We are confident enough to produce the best range of artificial heavy bridal jewellery for your big day! Visit us to know in details about it!

Bold bridal jewellery

Kanhai Jewels have all sorts of authentic bridal jewellery to match your requirement. If you prefer Indo western designs for bridal jewelry, that is also available with us. Moreover, the designs are attractive and suitable for a newly married woman. All the patterns are intricate and heavy in the bridal jewellery set category. So, it looks pretty on brides. The bold designs are available in American diamond CZ category, Kundan Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, and so on. Bold designs look like a fashion statement on brides. It grabs the attention of anyone easily. Moreover, these are the statement pieces which can be teamed with any other occasion apart from the wedding. You must visit our bridal jewellery category to know in details.

Artificial heavy bridal jewellery set

Buying bridal jewellery is all about some simple steps. And if you are thinking about heavy bridal jewellery sets, here is the good news for you. The artificial heavy bridal jewellery set shopping is a dream comes true now. Because Kanhai Jewels have come with a commendable collection at reasonable prices. We follow the industry standard to meet the need of the customers. We know that good quality of ornaments will draw you back again to us. And this is the reason why artificial heavy bridal jewellery set is the bestseller product in this category.

Prices and rates for wholesaling and retailing

The best collection comes with a standard price. We do not like to overprice our products. We are the wholesaler and retailer of bridal jewellery set. So, we maintain the parameter of prices always. The more you will search the product at our website, the more you surprise to see the ranges of price. The bridal jewellery sets come with various ranges.

The exclusive range of bridal jewellery

The exclusive and designer collection costs more than other categories, generally. But these are the most beautiful collection of all. If you are in search of the heavy designs of bridal jewellery sets, visit this category. And the charges of shipping might be extra as per company policy.

The regular range of bridal jewellery

There are other categories of bridal jewellery which are affordable for most of the people. These Indian bridal jewellery patterns are subtle and simple. The works of stones and detailing of patterns are a bit less. But these look simply gorgeous on any newly married bride. These bridal jewellery sets are easily wearable and lightweight also. The prices are the best in comparison to other competitor's sites products.

All about budget

The bridal jewellery is of many types. Choosing the right one for your purpose as per your budget is the key to happy shopping. If you are unable to find your best bridal jewellery at Kanhai Jewels, call us or drop a mail. If you want to know more about discounts and prices, get in touch with us. We are always ready to help our valuable customers for any reason.

The popular bridal jewellery designs

Kanhai Jewels have a huge range of bridal jewellery. But among all, some are the most popular. If you are new to Kanhai Jewels, you might be unaware of the collection and details. So, here is our help. Now have a look at the extensive details of the popular bridal jewellery and bridal jewellery sets. Most of our bestseller products are gold jewelry. Oxidized designs and other types of plating are also gaining popularity with time. The modern brides want something unique when it comes to jewellery shopping. The category of bridal jewelry makes us a stand out brand in jewellery industry of India and abroad. Here is some popular jewellery which is favourite for most of the brides.

Necklace set

Necklace set is a traditional Indian bridal jewellery set. It comes in various categories like American Diamond CZ, Antique jewellery, Designer jewelry, Indo Western jewellery, and so on. Necklace sets of the bridal collection come with a matching pair of earrings. All sorts of necklace sets are available here. You will get Kundan bridal jewelry sets online in this category. Kundan was always in fashion. And it will always be in fashion.


Modern brides love to wear statement earrings with heavy work. Artificial heavy bridal jewellery set is available at a reasonable price at Kanhai Jewels. The designs are lovely for any young bride. Earrings are available in all sorts of patterns and shapes you need to collect for completing a  bridal range. These will make look glamorous at any occasion apart from the wedding.


Finger rings are essential bridal jewellery to buy. But many types of finger rings make your palm look more beautiful. And, Kanhai Jewels has an extensive range of finger rings in Kundan bridal jewellery sets online. You will love the detailing of beads and stonework on finger rings in this section. Rings are one of the most popular bridal jewelry items in Kanhai Jewels. We request you to visit our website to find a matching ring with other bridal jewellery sets.


Kada is one of the essential ornaments for any bride. You will be amazed to see the collection at our store. Artificial bridal jewellery sets online shopping is now a more delightful experience with us. Because we offer you the most beautiful jewellery, including designer Kada in various categories of jewellery.


Bridal jewellery collection is always incomplete without bracelets. Kanhai Jewels present you the best quality and designs of bracelets for wearing on your special day. You can wear it on any day apart from the wedding because there are versatile designs of bracelets. The subtle designs are the best choice to pair with reception party-wear attire.

Hath Pan

One of the most purchased bridal jewellery is Hath Pan. It adorns the palm of a woman beautifully. Hath Pan can be team up with other jewellery of hands and palms like bracelets, Kada, finger ring and so on. So, Hath Pan is multipurpose bridal jewellery which is an asset for a woman.

Pendant set

Newly married brides love to wear pendant sets as a daily wear ornament. The bridal jewellery pendant sets are available in various prices and designs. But if you want artificial heavy bridal jewellery set, buy from the designer category. The pendant sets are available with matching pair of earrings. You must select at least one pendant set to complete your bridal jewellery collection.


Mangalsutra is one of the most favourite Indian bridal jewellery. A newly married bride loves to wear Mangalsutra. But the designs are not like the so-called Mangalsutras. You will get here versatile designs which will be perfect to match with your daily ornaments and attires. The subtle and simple designs are perfect for regular wear. Office goers and busy women prefer such designs for easy maintenance.


The head jewellery of a traditional Indian wedding is Tikka. But now it is in fashion. And wedding guests are also wearing Tikka to slay in style! So, we have an elevated range of Tikka or Mang Tikka for everyone. The heavy designed Tikkas are the best for brides. And the simple one is perfect for wedding guests.


The choker sets are available in Kanhai Jewels. A decent collection is impressive enough for anyone. The antique designs of choker are perfect to combine with other antique bridal jewellery sets. An ample amount of Kundan bridal jewellery sets online are available at our store.


Damini is essential for bridal jewellery collection. Women love to wear Damini on their wedding day. It increases the beauty of the whole appearance instantly. Moreover, you can style your hair easily earing a Damini.

Other popular bridal jewellery sets

There is other popular artificial heavy bridal set that is also popular as the ones discussed already. The bridal jewellery set is neverending. Whatever suits you and embraces your beauty, is the perfect bridal jewellery for your special day. Here are the other ones:

  • Bore
  • Bangles
  • Jhuda
  • Brooch
  • Payal
  • Chain
  • Ear chain
  • Pasa
  • Hair brooch
  • Belt
  • Baju Band
  • Hair clip

The intricate designs of Indian bridal jewellery

The jewellery designers of Kanhai Jewels pay a lot of attention while creating the designs of bridal jewelry. The intricate designs are the best for any artificial heavy bridal jewellery set because it looks like an eye-catcher piece! The glossy finish of the plating looks alluring. The bridal jewellery looks gorgeous in a glossy finish. But the brides, who prefer wearing matte finish jewelry, can choose from our collection. We have a huge range of matte bridal jewellery set. You can choose your preferred collection from such categories.

Bridal Jewellery

Every woman dreams of being the most beautiful bride ever in their wedding and we at Kanhai Jewels, aim to make this dream of yours come true with our mesmerizing Bridal Jewellery Collection.

Bridal Jewellery Sets at Kanhai Jewels

Every woman dreams of a picture perfect wedding and wants her wedding to be no less than a fairy tale. To bring this dream of yours into reality, Kanhai Jewels brings their exquisite collection of wedding bridal jewellery for every bride. You might be a lover of traditional and royal bridal jewellery, or seek some modern twist to your wedding jewellery set, all your dreams and desires will be fulfilled at Kanhai Jewels.

Latest and exclusive variety of bridal sets

With such unique designs and styles available, you will not be disappointed in any manner. You can buy bridal jewellery online in India very conveniently and our post-purchase assistance will surely please you. Our Kundan  jewellery sets are highly appreciated because of the great detailing available in the style and design of our ornaments. If you are looking for a South Indian wedding, there will not be any better option than our eye-pleasing traditional South Indian bridal jewellery sets. You can always switch from the traditional style to the modern ones in no time. Our artificial bridal wedding sets are highly popular and very much in demand. We always prefer our bridal jewellery designs to be the latest one.

Unmatched quality and unbeatable prices

Not only the designs and styles but the quality of your jewellery says a lot. The reason behind the selling of any artificial jewellery collection is not just the pattern and design but also the quality of the same and we, at Kanhai Jewels, never compromise on the quality of our ornaments.


Kanhai Jewels have an experienced team of jewellery designers to create extraordinary bridal jewellery. Artificial bridal jewelry sets online shopping is now smooth as butter! Our simple steps of online shopping have made it possible to grow a considerable number of customers. Our bridal jewellery collection will meet your requirement once you visit our website.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Bridal Jewellery?

Bridal Jewellery is made with premium quality stones and metal. The designs are intricate and gorgeous. So, it suits the bride mostly.

What types of Indian Bridal jewelry are available here?

There are various types of Indian bridal jewelry for wedding occasions on our website. Bridal jewellery necklace, nose ring, earring, finger ring, payal, pendant, bangles, kada, bracelet, mangalsutra and so on are popular options.

In which country Bridal Jewellery is famous and popular?

Bridal Jewellery is popular in all over the world. The gold bridal jewelry is popular in the Asian countries, including India. And the American diamond bridal jewelry and silver bridal jewelry is popular in Western countries.

Why artificial heavy bridal jewellery set is the best option for a wedding?

A wedding means gorgeous gold jewellery, silver jewellery, American diamond Jewellery, designer jewellery and stone-studded ornaments. Bridal jewelry includes heavy designer jewellery sets, designer necklace, designer earrings and accessories. These are always the best option for providing a glamourous look to the bride.

Which categories of jewelry are available in kundan Bridal jewelry section?

Bridal Jewellery is available in the designer collection, regular range, artificial heavy bridal jewellery set and so on. You can get your ideal choice of bridal ornaments from our store.

Who can buy kundan bridal jewellery sets online?

Kundan bridal jewellery is curated and designed especially for brides. But bridesmaids can wear this too. Moreover, bridal jewelry sets are the best option for wedding guests also. You can gift these to any woman on various rituals and occasions.

Why is artificial bridal jewelry specially designed?

Artificial Bridal jewelry is specially designed to make the bridal look more gorgeous and attractive. The specially crafted patterns are matching with each other pieces. Like you will get a matching necklace, earrings, bangles, tikka, finger ring and so on.

What about the quality of the Bridal ornaments in the Bridal jewelry section?

The quality of Kanhai Jewels Bridal jewelry is unparalleled. The plating of the ornaments is durable. The original plating looks much better than cheap artificial plating.

Is Bridal jewelry long-lasting? How to care?

The bridal jewelry sets of Kanhai Jewels is long-lasting. If you care according to our instructions, it will last for a longer time.

Is it safe to pay online for bridal ornaments or jewelry with us?

You can safely pay online with secured payment options. And if you face any issues, Kanhai Jewels customer care executives will help you. 

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