Kundan Jewellery

One of the beautiful aspects of traditional India is striking ornaments and high-class jewels. Kundan is one such premier jewel that adorns Indian jewellery.

Kundan Jewellery is an absolute stunner as it gives its wearer an aura of royalty. Kundan is a unique combination of glass pieces embedded in gold. It is said to have first originated in the royal courts of Gujarat and Rajasthan and flourished enormously in Delhi courts during the Mughal era.

The popularity and penchant for Kundan Jewellery has been passed on from generation to generation and has only increased manifold over the years. And why not? The elegance, the royalty and the regality bestowed upon the wearer by Kundan is magnanimous. Even a simple necklace can enhance the experience for the wearer.

Kundan Jewellery comes in different variants viz.  vilandi kundan jewellery, pachi kundan jewellery , parab kundan jewellery, etc. and is combined with various combinations of beads, patwa work, etc., all hand crafted with art and love.

Kanhai Jewels is a Kundan Jewellery Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Supplier and Exporter creating stunning, high-end Kundan jewelry with intricate designs and detailed crafting. Ranging from American diamonds infused antique earrings to delicate and heavy necklace sets, Kanhai Jewels is one of the premier Kundan jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler. The wide range of Kundan Jewellery collection of earrings, pendant sets, nath, Kundan mang tikka, heavy Kundan bridal sets is available at wholesale price with Kanhai Jewels. Visit us to find an exquisite range of exclusive Kundan Jewellery at wholesale price.

Kanhai Jewels offer a wide range of Kundan jewellery for valuable customers. The range contains almost all sorts of traditional and modern jewellery of India. The variety of designs makes the Kundan jewellery collections attractive and excellent for personal use and gift. The range of this type of jewellery beautifies a lady's appearance. The colourful Kundan range is a vibrant choice for a woman of any age group. Here you will get every detail of Kundan jewellery. Look at these collections to experience an all-new meaning of jewellery shopping.

Purpose of buying Kundan Jewelry from Kanhai Jewels

Kundan jewellery is one of the best productions of Kanhai Jewels. The different variants of Pachi Kundan jewellery, Vilandi Kundan jewellery, Parab Kundan jewellery are the prime attractions. The detailing of the work, along with unique designs, will impress anyone. The quality of work is unparalleled. Kundan jewellery has a unique type of attractiveness. Moreover, the purposefulness of such Kundan jewellery is excellent.

Kundan jewellery is meant to be the new generation of a costume or fashion jewellery. The royal appearance of such exclusive ornaments is sizzling as well as sensational in the Indian ornament industry right now. Nowadays, modern women love to experiment with various types of bids, stones, plating, and so many things with jewellery. The originality of Kundan jewellery lies in the precision of work and craftsmanship. The trusted brand offers a full collection of impressive costume jewellery.

Reasonable price of Kanhai Jewels Kundan jewellery

Kanhai Jewels present an excellent collection of Kundan jewellery with the best price options. Being wholesalers, we have a significant opportunity for our customers to provide products at the best price. Kundan jewellery can be your next best purchase if you choose to buy it from the Kanhai Jewels. The quality of the product will be as impressive as the price. So it is needless to say that Kanhai Jewels is the best option of buying wholesale or retail jewellery in India. We will provide online delivery at doorstep whenever you want. And we deliver our products also outside India.

Types of Kundan Jewellery

The category of Kundan jewellery is quite extensive. And the designs are also appreciable. Most of the Kundan collections comes from the inspiration of the royal jewel of India. It looks amazingly beautiful with any ethnic outfit. And once you wear it, you are ready to rock the wedding party.

Moreover, it is the perfect gift for a modern bride who wants to match her ornaments with the attire. So, an ideal collection of Kundan jewellery is suitable for making a more put-together look on a party night. Here are lists and descriptions of the Kundan jewellery of Kanhai Jewels.

Kundan Necklace

The collection of Kundan Necklace is one of the most attractive ones from Kanhai Jewels. The price is pretty reasonable in comparison to the similar brands of the Indian jewellery industry. The simple collection of Kundan jewellery necklace starts from around Rs. 705/-. All the necklaces have a matching pair of earrings. The designer collections are excellent for a bride. And one can also wear it as a partywear. So, it is a must-try fashion jewellery collection. Come and visit the website for grabbing your favourite piece.

Kundan Pendant Set

Kundan pendant set is an excellent collection of gorgeous and sophisticated ornament. Kanhai Jewels offer the best price for every piece of such jewellery. This Kundan jewellery pendant set is quite impressive for any jewellery hoarder. The versatility of the pendant set is undoubtedly the key factor for choosing. Most of the pendant sets come with stone detailing. All the pendant sets have a pair of matching earrings to rock in style. The lowest price of this jewellery is around Rs.425/-. And the designer collection is of a bit higher price range. But customer satisfaction guarantees to impress you with such a unique range. The designer collection comes with various colours of beads and stones. So you can match it with your outfit.

Kundan Bangles

Kundan bangles are indispensable imitation jewellery for any Indian woman. Kundan jewellery range offers you a Bangles of a dream. From bridal collection to daily wear purpose, everything is available with this collection. These bangles are the best choices for a wedding gift. These bangles are available in gold plating. Some of the bangles are openable. The detailing work on the designer collection is worth seeing. These bangles are available in various colours and stones on Kanhai Jewels website.

Kundan Earring

Kanhai Jewels have a wide range of Kundan jewellery earrings. The starting price of such beautiful earrings is affordable for budget-friendly shoppers. And these are available in exclusive designs and quality. Earrings are of various types in this imitation jewellery collection. These are tops, jhumkis, short earrings, and so on. These earrings are available in gold plating. The premium collection is perfect to pair with any bridal outfit. Jewellery designers of Kanhai Jewels have created these unique patterns of earrings with efforts of many years.

Kundan Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is essential bridal imitation jewelry. And Kundan collection will be an impressive choice to look dazzling on the wedding day. Kundan range is meant for modern brides. And here you get what you have been aspiring for years. So, take a break from the boring designs of mangalsutra. And buy Kundan Mangalsutra from Kanhai Jewels to look spellbound on your special day.

Kundan Kada

Kundan kada is one of the most favourite jewellery among Indian women. The exclusive range of Kada is quite impressive. And the price range is also affordable for most of the jewellery lovers. Moreover, Kundan jewellery Kada is a significant design of women's ornament representing the royal dynasties of India. So, the traditional designs are trendy as well as authentic. Here you get a vast range of gold plated and stone-studded Kada to fit in your bridal wardrobe. The impressive designs are adjustable for any size of wrist.

Kundan Bracelet

The impressive and sophisticated collection of imitation jewellery is seen in the range of Kundan jewellery bracelets. The affordable choices are best for regular wear. And the premium choices are appropriate for partywear. The exclusive and premium options are around Rs.1100 to Rs.1200/-. Most of the designer bracelets have colourful beads for the unique attraction. The basic range starts from only Rs.90/-. All the kundan bracelets are gold-plated and have adjustable sizes.

Kundan Payal

Kundan jewellery Payal is a fantastic replica of royal payal. These are made of gold plated metal. And the plating of the Payal has a decoration with colourful bids and stones. This imitation jewellery will enhance the beauty of a bride's appearance. Kanhai Jewels present these payals to match with other Kundan ornaments.

Kundan Finger Ring

Any jewellery collection is always incomplete without a finger-ring. Kundan jewellery finger ring is a beautiful choice for any occasion. You can also select this to gift to near and dear ones. And the gold plated finger rings are inseparable jewellery set with other Kundan jewellery. The beauty of such fashion ornaments lies in the dazzling stones fitted in it. The statement finger rings are the perfect choice for sporting a wedding guest look. And this designer finger rings are around Rs.500 to Rs.1100/-.

Kundan Damini

Kundan Damini is an excellent choice for the bridal purpose. The types of bridal hairstyles displayed by celebrity hair-stylists are always adorned with a Damini. The detailing of the designs is exclusive, as well as unique. These explicit collections from Kanhai Jewels offer you to choose the best quality Kundan Damini from the collection.

Kundan Tikka

Kundan Tikka is one of the most sought bridal jewellery of Kanhai Jewels. There is an extensive collection of Kundan Tikka available on the website. There is a Mang Tikka for every woman with a desire to adorn her hairstyle. The price of Mang Tikka starts from around Rs.175/-. And the premium collection is around Rs.400 to Rs.1035/-. This exclusive Kundan jewellery is perfect for any traditional occasion's outfit of the day or OOTD. So, Kundan Tikka is a must-have ornament in every woman's jewellery box!

Kundan Nose Ring

A Kundan Nose Ring is a perfect choice for all sorts of ethnic parties. A bride always searches for a perfectly designed nose ring to look graceful as well as glamourous on her special day. And Kundan Nose Ring is the best choice for completing any wedding guest's gorgeous look. Moreover, the Kundan jewellery nose ring will allow you to match it with your outfit of the day. And it is the most appropriate choice for new generation brides.

Kundan Hath Pan

Hath Pan is an essential ornament for all brides. And nowadays wedding guests also love to wear Hath Pan as an accessory. Kundan Hath Pan is the best choice for choosing it as a party wear accessory. Kundan Hath Pan is the best choice for brides and bridesmaid too. The designs of Kundan Hath Pan are commendable as per price. A couple of Hath Pans are best to match with your other Kundan jewellery sets. It will complete the party look. One can also wear Kundan Hath Pans with western dresses like sequinned gowns and dresses. The price of the Hath Pans is at the wholesale rate.

Why buy Kundan jewellery from Kanhai Jewels?

Kanhai Jewels is an ultimate destination to pair your ethnic dress with the best jewellery. It has redefined the meaning and style of original Kundan jewellery in the Indian market. Moreover, you can order your preferred choices online from anywhere on the planet.

The online will ease your effort for shopping Kundan jewellery. Pay online for shopping without any worries as we have a secured system to protect your confidential bank details.

The collections offered from our side are always unmatched and unique. We do not copy our designs from others. Our jewellery designers provide maximum effort to create excellent models for any Kundan jewellery. Moreover, we have a lot of variety of collections to fulfil your jewellery shopping dreams!

The best part of Kanhai Jewels is customer satisfaction. Our customer care service is always there to fulfil the need of any customer. We value your experience in shopping imitation jewellery from our store.

Kundan jewellery: an emblem of royal jewellery

We have the most authentic designs of real Kundan jewellery. The stones and beads used for each piece of jewellery are exclusively made. Every piece of jewellery has its aura of beauty to impress one's mind. A customer will never be disheartened after buying any Kundan jewellery from Kanhai Jewels.

The handcrafted designs of the ornaments of Kanhai Jewels are worth trying. All the ornaments are made of high-quality gold plating to ensure the longevity of the product. Come and visit the category of Kundan collection to buy from this exclusive range of fashion and costume jewellery.

Kundan Jewellery sets a new trend

The royal beauty of the Kundan jewellery is mesmerising. The types of Kundan jewellery Kanhai Jewels offer are of many kinds. The ethnic culture of bridal Kundan jewellery came from the tradition of Rajasthani royal brides. The Kundan set that is available in the online store is perfect for any wedding occasion.

Buy artificial Kundan jewellery online easily

Artificial Kundan jewellery online shopping has become easier with Kanhai Jewels. We have an extensive collection of bridal jewellery in Kundan jewellery section. Kundan earrings are also one of the popular types of ornaments to select from this category. You can choose your preferable Kundan set designs and let us know before placing an order.

Get to know about Kundan jewellery sets with prices

The Kundan set of neckpiece and earrings can be matched with other Kundan jewellery available in Kanhai Jewels. Kundan set with price is shown along with the product description. So, buying Kundan jewellery online is not a hassle now. The bridal Kundan set are customised, and the prices are on the higher side. But these are the best part of the Kundan jewellery section.

Choose Kundan set designs before placing an order

You can easily choose your preferred pattern from the catalogue. The Kundan fixed price is provided after you select your designs. Artificial Kundan jewellery online shopping is now much faster with online payment options and quick shipping. You can customise Kundan bridal jewellery also.

Kundan- the royal jewellery

Kundan, the most beautiful type of jewellery, is the first love of ancient Indian royals and has evolved over the years as an ornament best suited for every glorified moment of life. Kundan is a vital part of Indian traditional jewellery and is said to have originated in the royal era of western Indian states Rajasthan and Gujarat followed by movement to other territories of the country and eventually found a response overseas. 

 Kanhai jewels have been continuing the traditional legacy of Indian riches and brought in within the affordability of the middle-class section of society.   

New and unique designs

Kanhai jewels present out of the world Kundan jewellery which involves fine crafting of stones in different metals. This type of jewellery stole the heart of women from the very beginning and is still the hot favourite for brides. Cherish the finest Kundan bridal jewellery online, which aids in enhancing the looks of brides a million times more. Unique fusion designs of Kundan ornaments inspired by traditional and modern jewellery are here available, needing you all to shop the Kundan jewellery necklace sets online of our collection. With the latest technology equipped machine and skilled manufacturing team, we present the new designs of jewellery sets at cheap rates.

Online shopping of Kundan jewellery at the best prices

We have been one of the top manufacturers and wholesalers of Kundan jewellery online presenting the finest quality Kundan jewellery in bulk. Check out the latest artificial Kundan jewellery collection online studded with American diamonds. Get all types of stone-studded jewellery online in the collection of earrings, pendant set, necklace, pendant set with tika, and bridal set at wholesale prices with delivery at doorstep.

The usefulness of Kundan set

Kundan jewellery set is the best option to wear to any party or wedding. You can also gift it to any woman who is a jewellery hoarder. The Kundan jewellery is easily maintainable.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Kundan Jewellery?

Kundan Jewellery is made with precious gemstones. And it is oriented from the royal culture of Rajasthan and Gujrat in India.

What types of Artificial Kundan Jewelry are available here?

There are various types of Artificial Kundan Jewelry sets for bridal purpose on our website. Kundan Jewelry necklace, earring, pendant, bangles, kada, bracelet, mangalsutra and so on are best options for any customer.

In which country kundan Jewelry is famous and popular?

Kundan Jewellery sets are famous in India and various Asian countries. But nowadays western countries are also opting for these gorgeous ornaments.

Why kundan jewellery set is the best option for all occasions?

Yes! kundan jewellery set is the best option for any occasions. You can buy bridal kundan jewellery for gifting purpose also. Now you can buy artificial kundan Jewelry online from our website.

Which categories of Jewelry are sold in the bridal kundan Jewelry section?

Kundan Jewelry are multipurpose artificial Jewelry. We have various categories to offer from this section. We have kundan set designs, Mangalsutra, Kada, kundan earrings, kundan jewellery set, bracelet, finger ring, nosering, bracelet, payal, tikka, mangalsutra and so on.

Can you get daily wear kundan earrings from the Kundan Jewellery section?

From working women to newly married women, anyone can choose their preferable imitation jewellery sets from Kundan collection. The Kundan Jewellery sets have premium designs. It will make your appearance more gorgeous.

How Kundan Jewelry differs from other types of ornaments?

Kundan Jewelry sets have precious stones and gems, unlike other ornaments. And these also have beads work. The colourful stones and gems make it a beautiful piece to own! And the combination of metal and stones looks outstanding.

What is the speciality of Kundan ornaments?

The quality of our Kundan ornaments is unparalleled. We have the best quality of gems and stones in the industry to make such beautiful ornaments. The quality of stones makes the pieces of such imitation Jewelry sets eyecatching.

Is Kundan Jewellery durable?

The Kundan set design by Kanhai Jewels are durable. And you can wear it regularly with proper care. Our Jewelry experts will let you know some guidance to care Kundan bridal jewellery and daily wear jewellery sets.

 How to pay online while placing an order of Kundan Jewelry with us?

Kanhai Jewels team of experts are here to help you when you place an order. So, do not hesitate to ask on the customer care forum for help!