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Meenakari involves garnishing metal surfaces using a variety of vivid colours. In Indian tradition, Meenakari jewellery has been much desired by women of all ages for many years! Indian queens and princesses used to wear this type of jewellery.

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An Introduction to Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari relates to the art of embellishing a metal’s surface with an array of colours in elaborate designs. The Mughal palace walls were formerly adorned with it prior to this art form being integrated into jewellery.

Amer’s Raja Mansingh introduced it to craftworkers in Rajasthan. The artisans primarily used it to embellish the backside of typical Polki diamond jewellery. After some years, it became its own kind of jewellery that was widely used and well-known. You can find Meenakari art on Gold and some other metals with nature enthused designs of flowers, animals, birds, and many more.

Meenakari Bridal Jewellery - The First Choice of Modern Indian Bride

  • Meenakari bridal jewellery has an amazing aura attached to it.
  • This ornament gains a lot of attention because of its beautiful design that gives a fascinating look to the Indian bride.
  • The women of modern times prefer new styles and magnificent designs in bridal jewellery.
  • These ornaments give a seamless blend of traditional and modern look to the bride on her D Day.
  • Kundan, Thewa, and Rajasthani Meenakari works have a significant influence on Indian bridal jewellery.
  • These works have played a crucial part in shaping the wonderful designs and carving the outlines of the modern jewellery of the Indian bride.

Characteristics of Kanhai Jewels’ Bridal Meenakari Jewellery Collection

Bridal meenakari jewellery available at Kanhai Jewels exhibits the following features:

  1. a) The ornament pieces are a mark of rich ethnology with a traditional worth attached to it.
  1. b) The modern touch highlights its uniqueness, which forms it a precious gift.
  1. c) Exquisite looks and designs give a celestial expression to the bride on the most important day of her life.
  1. d) Affordable and wholesale prices that perfectly fit your budget.
  1. e) Artisans at Kanhai Jewels use high-quality raw materials that undergo rigorous check tests.
  1. f) The graceful detailed look and splendid polished make our products the best option for businesses dealing with the selling of meenakari jewellery. 

Add Grace to Your Personality with Kanhai Jewels’ Colourful Meenakari Necklace Sets

Meenakari necklace sets are a symbol of the grace and identity of Indian women. These sets hold special importance on various occasions. Some of these include weddings, ring ceremonies, festive times, and more. Besides, women can wear these jewellery pieces regularly as well.

Our store offers a range of spectacular necklace sets in a plethora of attractive colours. These sets have a trendy design with little bulk, which goes flawlessly well with any outfit women wear. The sets can be harmonized with all festive and casual wear for an absolute look.

Kanhai Jewels Offers Perfectly Designed Meenakari Earrings Online

Meenakari earrings are in much demand these days, as it exhibits an innovative art of style. The beauty that never tones down is grace, and ornaments keep grace with a theme.

Women can make an ethereal enhancement to their collection with meenakari earrings accessible online. These earrings make a wonderful addition to a woman’s accessory range, which is perfect for all occasions.

At Kanhai Jewels, we have myriad combinations with marvellous meenakari earrings, for instance:

  • Pearl Meenakari
  • Kundan Meenakari
  • Diamond Meenakari, and a lot more.

Here, sellers can explore plenty of designs, including dangle-drop, studs, hoop, and more, embellished with meenakari art.

Indian Meenakari Jewellery Has a Unique Charm

Indian meenakari jewellery is one of the traditional Indian pieces of jewellery in which a metal is covered with dazzlingly coloured designs of typical Indian themes like leaves, birds, flowers, etc. The highly skilled artisans use various ancient techniques enhanced over several centuries.

A tremendous deal of work and effort goes into the making of Meenakari jewellery that has an enduring design and eternal appeal. Its embellishments are colourful, dramatic, and impeccably well-matched to wear with every kind of traditional Indian attire.

The enamel of these ornaments can appear translucent, transparent, or opaque, and all these jewellery pieces have a truly glossy finish.

Buy Exquisitely Crafted Traditional Meenakari Jewellery Online for a Convenient and Efficient Shopping Experience

  • Purchasing traditional meenakari jewellery online is an excellent alternative for retailers who want to get a comprehensive sight of jewellery designs.
  • Besides, enjoying multiple price ranges and a great variety, the dealers can also access a particular type of jewellery they want to buy.
  • Kanhai Jewels offers a range of different meenakari jewelleries at their online store, from individual earrings to complete bridal necklace sets, and so on.
  • The jewellery stores can also discover necklaces in varied designs, from simple chains with pendants to elaborate necklaces.
  • The sellers can buy simple and small studs or big dangling earrings in a bulk.
  • If you are looking for ornaments in varied designs, purchase our Meenakari jewellery online that is accessible in varied colour embellishments, comprising traditional red and green combination, blue, feminine pink, and purple designs.
  • Kanhai Jewels provides its customers with an opportunity to buy Meenakari jewellery from its online platform in the UK, the USA, India, and other destinations across the globe with the utmost ease.

Why You Should Buy Meenakari Jewellery Online from Kanhai Jewels?

Since Kanhai Jewels is serving the fashion jewellery market, we are dedicated to providing our admired clients with an outstanding range of products.

Here are a few key aspects that have helped us grow in this industry:

  • Stern quality standards
  • Extremely trusted range of products
  • A highly skilled team of artisans and professionals
  • A wide network of distribution
  • Timely and quick delivery

Kanhai Jewels Offers Low Wholesale Prices

The sellers can find traditional meenakari jewellery under one roof and that too at the best wholesale prices. Purchasing at wholesale low prices from Kanhai Jewels will bring a gratifying profit to your meenakari jewellery business.

Earn 100% to 200% profit of your venture with us and relish the consistent and trusted service we offer.

The heart of Indian jewellery

Meenakari jewellery is traditional Indian jewellery embedded with bleary designs and colors of Indian patterns such as birds, flowers, and leaves. This incredible piece of creation has a timeless appeal and evergreen designs. The recognizable designs of Meenakari jewellery make extensive use of silver and Iranian enameling techniques and yet are handmade with precision and exquisite attention to the smallest details.

The Meenakari jewellery sets have a colorful and dramatic embellishment to combine with your traditional outfits. Its glossy appearance and opaque finish makes it truly remarkable. To go perfect with ethnic clothing, Meenakari jewellery is a must-have in every woman's wardrobe, thanks to its complex craftsmanship and vibrant color.

A whole range of Meenakari jewellery

To have a broader glimpse of Meenakari jewellery with the comfort of your home's sofa, Buy Indian Meenakari Necklace sets online from Kanhai jewels. We offer numerous unique types of Meenakari jewellery, starting from Meenakari sets to sole bangles, earrings, nose rings, kadas, jhumkas, and so on. Meenakari Jewellery Wholesale is also available in various colors, ranging from classic green and red to the more feminine blue, purple, and pink motifs.

Best prices and convenience of online shopping

At Kanhai jewels, you can anytime purchase Meenakari jewellery online in India, the UK, the USA, and other locations with minimal hassle worldwide. The appealing prices will keep you stunned, and you will shop from us again and again. These jewellery sets are the most trendy historical artifacts that you can showcase at your next ethnic celebration, and they are perfect for any occasion.

Our Worthy Customers

Kanhai Jewels’ wholesale Meenakari jewellery is a perfect option for an extensive range of businesses, comprising:

  • Boutique shop
  • Retail stores
  • Booth retailer
  • Craft vendor
  • Exporter
  • Distributor
  • Wholesaler
  • Importer
  • Online jewellery stores, and more.

Besides, Kanhai Jewels has regular customers in every corner of the world, including the challenging markets of Malaysia, Australia, the USA, Canada, Singapore, the UAE, Switzerland, the UK, France, and more.

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