When it comes to decking yourself up in jewellery for a festive occasion or any celebration, necklaces or versatile neckpieces become indispensable. No matter whether you are eyeing a modern look or planning to exude classic, regal vibes, antique necklaces can go well with all styles.

Buy a traditional and stunning collection of vintage necklaces at Kanhai Jewels. Our online shopping site offers a wide range of antique jewellery for women, which is available in different designs, shapes and styles. You can choose from our vast collection of antique necklaces to find the best one that suits your personality and style. 

Different Types of Antique Jewellery Necklace To Buy Wholesale

Vintage jewellery is one of the most popular trends in the fashion industry. There are many people who love to wear vintage jewellery to get a stylish look. If you want to buy different types of antique jewellery necklaces wholesale, then Kanhai Jewels are the best place for you.

Kanhai Jewels are one of the leading wholesale jewellers in India. We offer unique and high-quality antique chokers for our customers at affordable prices. We sell different types of antique necklaces with different designs and styles wholesale. Our products are highly demanded by our customers because of their excellent quality and design.

We have a lot of varieties available at our store, including antique gold necklaces, antique silver necklaces, chain necklaces etc. If you want to buy different types of antique necklaces wholesale, then visit our online store and get them at the best price range possible!

Trendy Antique Necklace

The trendiest vintage necklaces are in vogue right now. The most popular colours are gold or rose gold, but you can also find an antique necklace with matte gold plating or a silver chain. It's easy to combine them with your favourite outfit!

You can always choose an antique necklace with earrings set. This is a great gift idea if you want to give someone a special present. The colour of the chain and the earrings will match perfectly.

A necklace with matte gold plating is also a very trendy type of vintage-style necklace. It has a matte gold plating which makes it look like real gold without being too flashy or expensive. You can wear it every day or on special occasions like weddings and parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make Antique Necklace shiny again?

You can make your antique necklace shiny again by using the following techniques. Clean the necklace with a soft cloth. You can also use a soft toothbrush to clean the necklace properly. Do not use any chemicals or other cleaning materials on your vintage necklace as it may damage it further.

Use a polishing solution made of vinegar and water in equal parts. Apply this solution to your antique necklace and rub it gently with a soft cloth. Let it dry naturally, and then polish it off with another clean cloth dipped in water. This will help remove all the dirt and grime from your antique jewellery necklace, leaving it clean and shiny once again.

Will the Antique Necklace turn black?

Yes, they can turn black. If you do not follow the care instructions or if you wear it too often and too hard, it will turn black. The best way to take care of your antique necklace is by cleaning it regularly, especially if you wear it often or if you live in a humid climate. You should clean your vintage necklace with mild soap and water or an ultrasonic cleaner if you have one at home. Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia because these can damage the delicate finish on your necklaces and tarnish them over time.

To prevent your antique necklace from turning black, you must keep your antique necklace away from chemicals like perfume and soap. Also, avoid wearing it when swimming or when taking a shower. And finally, store your antique jewellery necklace in a dry place because humidity can cause it to rust.

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