Since time immemorial, women loved to deck up in jewellery essentials ranging from maang tikkas, necklaces, bangles, and bracelets to finger rings, payals and kamarbands. Unlike other jewellery articles, kamarbands are not predominantly worn on a regular basis. These jewellery essentials are popularly referred to as waist belts, waistline chains, belly belts and so on and are popular not only in India but also in some other countries. In Ghana, kamarabands are deemed the signs of intimacy, fertility, sensuality and maturity. In some parts of the world, waist beads and chains are used as an indicator of changes in body weight, while in some eastern countries, kamarbands are treated as a sign of heritage and pride.

Kamarband jewellery has been popularised in India and certain other global nations for a couple of centuries. However, over time, the significance of wearing these, the ways these are worn, and the reasons, styles and designs have evolved substantially. These waistline ornaments have been worn by women along with sarees, lehengas and other ethnic attire. Nowadays, waist belts are also becoming an indispensable part of Western and Indo-Western attires.

In India, kamarbands are predominantly worn in the Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and South Indian regions. While Rajasthani women belonging to both royal families and otherwise wear these as a sign of culture and heritage, kamarband jewellery is an essential part of South Indian weddings. Many South Indian celebrities have been seen decked up in antique gold kamarbands on their wedding days, which have set the trend mills on fire.

Let’s check out some of the best antique kamarband designs!

Best Antique Kamarband Designs

Have South Indian, Maharastrian and Rajasthani weddings always inspired you? What are the things that have led to your fascination? Of course, the grandeur, cultural heritage that’s seen brimming up and the joy that follows the customary rituals.

It's been a long time since you have watched these things online or offline afar. It’s time for you to experience the same luxury and grandeur. The antique kamarband designs and kamarbands for the brides by Kanhai Jewels can mesmerise you and make your big day all the more memorable.

If you are going to be a South Indian bride or bridesmaid or simply fancy decking up as one, the classic kamarbands, temple, and peacock-themed South Indian belts can be your best bet. Our delicate, Moti, plain gold Kamarbands can go well with the lightweight and minimalist beige lehenga that you are planning to wear to any festive celebration. If you are decking up in a heavily-studded lehenga, our ghungroo kamarband designs can do the trick.

Whether gold, matte gold, Rhodium, 2 Tone or Mehndi plating makes your emotions go haywire, choose an antique kamarband with the same plating at Kanhai Jewels. Unlike offline stores, we have an extensive and extravagant range that is sure to inspire imagination. White, green, Ruby, Ruby pink, Ruby green, LCT, MOti and a wide range of colours - our kamarband belts are available in all these palettes and more.

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Buy Antique Kamarband Online In Wholesale Prices

Are you convinced of refurbishing your jewellery collection with some stunning and timeless pieces of antique kamarbands? Wondering where you can get top-notch kamarband designs that too without boring a hole in your wallet? Kanhai Jewels can be your go-to destination.

Kanhai Jewels is deemed one of the best manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers when it comes to artificial jewellery, gold, kundan, AD/CZ, antique, Western and Indo-Western jewellery. Expert craftsmanship, extravagant designs, premium quality and the best wholesale prices are some of the promises of Kanhai Jewels to its global customers.

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1. What is an Antique belt?

An Antique belt is a heritage accessory that showcases the fashion and craftsmanship of historical periods. These belts are made with authentic materials and techniques representative of their era.

2. How do I ensure the longevity of my Antique belt?

To preserve your Antique belt, we advise careful handling and protection from direct sunlight and moisture. Store it in a cool, dry environment to maintain its condition over time.

3. What are the most sought-after Kanhai Jewels designs in Antique belts?

Our most popular Antique belt designs at Kanhai Jewels include those with detailed filigree work and vintage buckles. Belts inspired by the Art Deco and Victorian eras are especially coveted.

4. How can I tell if an Antique belt is right for my personal style?

Assessing whether an Antique belt matches your style involves evaluating how its design and historical period align with your fashion preferences. Consider the belt's era, craftsmanship, and how it complements your wardrobe.

5. Can Kanhai Jewels’ Antique belts be a good investment?

Antique belts from Kanhai Jewels can be excellent investments, often increasing in value due to their rarity and historical significance. Their enduring appeal makes them a fashion statement and a potential financial asset.

6. What are the ethical considerations in purchasing Antique belts?

We prioritise ethical practices in sourcing our Antique belts, ensuring no harm to cultural or historical sites. Our process respects heritage while providing you with authentic, historical pieces.

7. How can I be sure of the craftsmanship quality of a Kanhai Jewels’ Antique belt?

At Kanhai Jewels, we assure the quality of our Antique belts by conducting thorough inspections for authenticity and craftsmanship. Each belt is verified for historical accuracy and artisanship to guarantee its value.

8. Are there any upcoming trends in Antique belts?

The latest trends in Antique belts include blending traditional vintage styles with contemporary elements. Expect to see classic designs revitalised with modern materials and aesthetics.

9. How does Kanhai Jewels ensure the preservation of Antique belts during shipping?

We take great care in packaging Antique belts for shipping, using protective materials to ensure their safety. Our shipping process is designed to maintain the belt's pristine condition from our store to your door.

10. What is the return policy for Antique belts?

Our return policy for Antique belts allows customers to return or exchange items within a certain timeframe, ensuring customer satisfaction. The belts must be in their original condition for eligibility.

11. Do you offer any consultations for selecting the right Antique belt?

Kanhai Jewels offers expert consultations to help you choose the perfect Antique belt that suits your style and occasion. Our team provides personalised advice to match your preferences with our extensive collection.

12. How can I stay updated about new additions to your Antique belt collection?

Stay informed about new additions to our Antique belt collection by following Kanhai Jewels' social media updates. Regularly visiting our website is also a great way to keep up with our latest offerings.

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