Ever put on a necklace and felt like a queen? Or slipped a ring on and got a burst of confidence? That’s the magic of jewellery! And "Damini" by Kanhai Jewels isn’t just about adding sparkle to your ensemble. It's about feeling connected, making statements, and embracing a blend of past and present. Explore our collection where every piece tells a tale, where your style sings a song, and where you are the star of the show.

Have you ever wondered why some pieces just 'click'? It's like they're whispering secrets of ancient tales while nudging you towards new adventures. With "Damini" by Kanhai Jewels, it’s more than just adornment. It’s a conversation between you and centuries of craftsmanship. So, go on, drape yourself in these stories, and let's create some unforgettable moments together. How about that for a little sparkle in your day?

Antique Damini

Ever felt the allure of history? Our Antique Damini is like a cherished memory. Each piece whispers tales of an era where artistry was pure passion. So, slipping on Antique Damini? It's like stepping into a timeless tale.

Kundan Damini

Dreamt of royal Indian feasts and palaces? That's the vibe of our Kundan Damini. Each piece is a nod to India's regal past. Wear it and, voila, you're royalty for the day!

American Diamond-CZ Damini

Love to sparkle? Our American Diamond-CZ Damini is all about that glam! Think of it as your star, always ready to make you shine. Who needs a reason to gleam, right?

Indo-Western Damini

Can't decide between classic and contemporary? Our Indo-Western Damini's got you. It's that perfect blend, like a melody of the old and new. Just right for those "I want both" days!

Oxidised Damini

Craving some rustic charm? Dive into our Oxidised Damini. It's raw, earthy, and oozes old-world magnetism. Each piece is a tribute, a story, and an emotion, all rolled into one.

Which one's calling out to you today?

The Heart and Soul of Kanhai Jewels

Crafted With Heart:

You know, it's not just about the finished product. At Kanhai Jewels, it's a journey. From that first sketch on a piece of paper to the final sparkle on a necklace, it’s a labor of love. Each curve, each stone, and each design has its own little story, intricately woven with passion and precision. And honestly? Slipping on one of our pieces feels like wrapping yourself in a heartfelt embrace from the artisan who made it. How magical is that?

More Than Just Shine:

We're not fans of cutting corners. Nope, not our style. We genuinely care about where our materials come from and how we craft our jewels. It's not just about beauty but conscience too. And our Damini range? It shines with integrity and style. When you choose us, you’re not just picking a jewel; you’re picking a promise of quality and ethics. Because for us, it's all about crafting with a cause and wearing with pride. How refreshing, right?

A Dance of Decades:

With Kanhai Jewels, you'll find that each piece strikes the perfect balance between timeless elegance and contemporary charm. We honor the beauty of every age, ensuring you’re always fashion-forward while paying homage to timeless allure. How's that for wearing history and modernity together? Our designs aren't just inspired by trends; they're a heartfelt nod to histories we cherish and futures we envision. It's all about celebrating every moment, from yesteryears to the next big thing. Ready to dance through the decades with us?

Seeking the Best in Damini? Dive into the Kanhai Jewels Experience!

You've got an eye for the finest, and guess what? So do we. When you're on the hunt for that perfect Damini, there are a zillion choices out there, but let's chat about why Kanhai Jewels should be your go-to:

Authenticity at Its Best:

Trust us, with Kanhai, what you see is what you get. Every Damini piece radiates authenticity and craft. Choosing our Damini? You're basically opting for trust.

Wholesale Wonder:

Love a stellar deal? We’ve got you. As the folks behind the scenes, we ensure top quality at wallet-friendly prices. Dream jewelry? It's just a click away with Kanhai.

Tailored to You:

Got a unique style? We're all ears. Whether you lean classic, modern, or somewhere in between, our Damini range has something for every vibe. Dive in and let's sparkle together.

Unparalleled Customer Experience:

Do you know that golden feeling of being truly valued? That’s the Kanhai way. Beyond jewels, we’re in the business of smiles and unforgettable experiences. So every time you interact with us, expect nothing but warmth and genuine care.

Eco-Friendly Elegance:

Rocking a Damini and supporting Mother Earth? Yep, it’s possible. With us, style meets sustainability. Choose Damini, and you’re choosing to look and do good. Because fashion with a conscience is always in vogue.

Feeling the vibes? Let's find your Damini match, today!


What is Damini?

Damini is a unique jewellery range by Kanhai Jewels, reflecting various styles and traditions. Think of it as a celebration of design, echoing diverse cultural footprints.

Does the Antique Damini have an old-world charm?

Yes! Our Antique Damini captures the essence of eras gone by, offering a vintage touch to your look. It's like wearing a piece of history with a modern twist.

Is Kundan Damini inspired by royal India?

Yes, our Kundan Damini resonates with the regal legacy of India, exuding sheer elegance and tradition. Every piece is a nod to the grandeur that was once the pride of Indian royalty.

Can I trust the authenticity of Kanhai Jewels?

Undoubtedly! Every piece from Kanhai Jewels comes with a hallmark of authenticity and trust. Our reputation is built on transparency and genuine craftsmanship.

Are you both manufacturers and suppliers?

Yes, we are proud manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, offering the best of Damini directly to you. This direct-to-you model ensures that you get unmatched quality and value.

How do Kanhai Jewels ensure ethical practices?

Our commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices ensures that every piece is a testament to trust and quality. We're not just about aesthetics; we're about ethics too.

What's the price range of Damini jewelry?

Being wholesale suppliers, we offer competitive prices. Reach out to us for specific details on the Damini range. We believe in fair pricing for exquisite designs.

How do I care for my Damini jewellery?

Every Damini piece comes with care instructions to ensure its lasting brilliance. Follow them, and your jewelry will continue to shine and narrate its story for years.

Is the American Diamond-CZ Damini as sparkly as it sounds?

You bet! Our American Diamond-CZ Damini range offers a shimmer that's hard to resist. Each piece is designed to catch light (and compliments) from every angle.

What makes the Indo-Western Damini special?

Our Indo-Western Damini is a fusion masterpiece. It's where Indian craftsmanship meets Western elegance, ensuring your jewelry is always the talk of the town, wherever you go.

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