Baju Band Artificial Jewellery

India is full of traditions with different religions. Every single individual’s perception of wearing jewellery differs. It has now gained importance in everyone’s life. Women in ancient times used to wear their precious jewellery that is superseded now with artificial ones.

Kanhai Jewels is also the one to lead the market of artificial pieces of jewellery. We have a vast collection with exclusive designs which were unseen before. We are the Baju band Manufacturers & Suppliers in India. If you are looking for the perfect piece with high quality of product, trust and try out our manufactured pieces. You can then easily make the difference with other purchased pieces of jewellery.

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Baju Band is similar to a bracelet. But the only difference is that it is added with the upper hand. Earlier, it was adorned by dancers to add spark to their hands during the show. Now it has become a fashion. Women wear them at weddings and parties to show off their body features. If you are looking to buy a golden Artificial baju band, we recommend you to look at our collection from where you have multiple choices to pick from.

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Baju Band is a symbol of a traditional look. Our team is working hard to manufacture the best designs with the adequate sizing strategies possible. We have wonderfully crafted pieces with finely finished plated and unprecious stones. You can also buy in bulk. We are the Artificial Baju band wholesaler in India with a vast collectionIf you are too tired to walk in to store, for your ease, we have an online platform from where you can order your Baju band Artificial Jewellery Online through our website or download our app available for android and ios


1- What is Baju band?

Ans- Baju band is a piece of jewellery that adds a spark to the appearance. It is best suited for women with traditional finery. As necklaces and other jewellery are important to enhance your looks, baju band also complements your styling sense.

2- What are the various designs of Baju Band?

Ans- We are the manufacturer and wholesaler of artificial jewellery, so we offer several designs to our customers. We cannot fix up our stock to limited quality and quantity. Plain golden design, temple design, peacock design, south Indian are a few popular designs of Kanhai jewels.

3- For what all attire can baju band be best suitable?

Ans- India is full of festivals. Indians usually wear traditional at a wedding or on any occasion. So it is advised to always pair Baju band with gowns, Anarkali’s, Kurta sets, sarees, etc to add glam to your outfit and appearance as well.

4- What are the precautionary measures to use your jewellery for long?

Ans- To use your jewellery for a longer period, always store your jewellery in an airtight pouch. Stay away from water or keep your ornament away from water. After use, always clean it with a dry and soft cloth. So that it may not get damaged after use.

5- Is it flexible to use? Does it come with sizing patterns?

Ans- Yes, a few collections are adjustable that can fit any person. But few pieces are non-adjustable. These are tailored with a standard size that usually fits well with every woman.

6- Which plating in manufacturing are used?

Ans- As Baju Band goes with traditional only. So there is no point in silver, rhodium, or any other plating. We only have gold plating and matte gold platting Baju band with us.

7- Do you have a collection of baju band that has moti, Ruby, and other unprecious stones embedded in it?

Ans- Yes, we have a variety of Baju band in our collection. You can see designs online as well. There are numerous articles with pearl drop, Rubi embedded, and many other unprecious stones.

8- In which hand is the baju band tied?

Ans- There is no set rule or norm for wearing baju band in any particular hand. It solely depends upon your choice. You can wear on both or either of any as per your convenience.

9- Can baju band be later used as a pendant?

Ans- We cannot suggest if it could be worn as a pendant later. But clients can try to make it a pendant. If can be used.

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