Payal is an ornament which every woman loves to wear. In India, Payal is a cultural ornament that every age group of people wear. When a baby took birth, then the parents put on the Payals on their soft and tender skin. At, Kanhai jewels you will find the right Indo-Western Payal you were searching for.

Artificial Indo Western Payal:

Kanhai jewels offer different varieties of Payal which you can pick from. Each Payal goes through the best craftsmanship that leads to the best antique piece of jewellery. We have a team of trained artisans who curate every beautiful Payal with their hands. Kanhai jewels Indo-Western Payal are of the best quality you will ever get and they will enhance your foot also. We are the best artificial Payal manufacturer and supplier in India. Our designs and quality are good that we're selling our jewellery internationally as well.

Artificial Indo-Western Payal varieties online:

We have different categories in Indo-Western Payal so that it'll get easy for you to pick the desired one.

  • Delicate Payal: Delicate Payal is simple sober and light in weight which you can wear on any outfit. 
  • Classic Payal: Classic Payal will give you a richer and moderate look. This Payal look more classy and stylish. 
  • Moti Payal: By this name, you get that these Payal are made with moti, which looks very beautiful and mesmerising at the same time.
  • Pearl Payal: This Payal are made with pearls and can be worn with any outfit and can complete your look.
  • Trendy Payal: This Payal are made keeping the latest trends in mind and looks stunning on any outfit and occasion. 

We have many more varieties in Indo-Western Payal other than these which you can check on our website online. We try to update the products regularly. We provide Indo-Western Payal wholesale also. Come and check out the beautiful collection of jewellery at affordable prices.


1. What are Indo-Western payals?

Indo-Western payals are a unique blend of traditional Indian anklets and modern Western design elements, suitable for a diverse range of outfits. Anyone who appreciates a fusion of cultural elegance and contemporary style, regardless of age or cultural background.

2. Can I wear Indo-Western payals with formal attire?

Yes, Indo-Western payals can be an excellent addition to formal attire, offering a unique blend of traditional elegance and contemporary style. They enhance the outfit and add a personal touch of sophistication, suitable for various formal occasions.

3. Are Kanhai Jewels’ payals suitable for daily wear?

Yes, our payals are crafted for durability and comfort, making them ideal for everyday wear. The quality materials and sturdy construction ensure they can withstand regular use.

4. What materials are used in Kanhai Jewels' Indo-Western payals?

Our designs are crafted using high-quality materials such as sterling silver, semi-precious stones, and pearls, ensuring that each piece is both durable and visually captivating. The combination of these materials guarantees longevity and enhances the overall allure of our products.

5. How do I maintain the shine of my payal?

Gently clean your payal with a soft cloth and keep it away from moisture and chemicals to maintain its shine. Regular care will preserve its lustre and appearance over time. Storing it in a dry, airtight container can further protect it from tarnishing and scratches.

6. Are Kanhai Jewels’ payals hypoallergenic?

Yes, our payals are crafted with skin-friendly materials to prevent any allergic reactions. They are suitable for sensitive skin, ensuring comfort and safety. Our meticulous manufacturing process emphasizes the use of non-irritating metals, enhancing the hypoallergenic quality of our products.

7. Can I wear these payals for traditional Indian festivals?

Absolutely, our Indo-Western payals are perfect for adding a modern twist to traditional festival attire. They blend seamlessly with festive outfits, enhancing your look and making you shine during celebrations.

8. Are there any seasonal collections available?

Kanhai Jewels regularly releases seasonal collections to keep up with the latest trends and festivals. Our diverse range caters to all tastes and occasions, ensuring you have access to the latest styles.

9. Do you offer bridal collections in Indo-Western payals?

Yes, our bridal collection includes exquisite Indo-Western payals perfect for weddings and related festivities. These pieces add a unique charm to bridal attire, making them a stunning choice for brides looking to make a statement.

10. How long does it take to receive an order?

Delivery times vary, but orders typically arrive within 5-7 business days. We strive to ensure prompt and efficient delivery, so you can enjoy your purchase sooner. Rest assured, we work diligently to minimize wait times for our valued customers.

11. Do you offer international shipping for these payals?

Yes, Kanhai Jewels ships globally, bringing our exquisite designs to customers worldwide. International customers can now enjoy our unique collections, no matter where they are.

12. Are there any discounts available for bulk orders?

We offer discounts on bulk orders, making it ideal for weddings, events, or resellers. Contact our customer service for more details and make the most of your purchase.

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