Pendant sets usually come with a matching pair of earrings and a pendant crafted to offer a complete look for women. These jewellery essentials are complete in their own essence and can offer the finishing touch for any attire for any occasion. While American Diamond, Pearl, Gold, and a versatile range of artificial pendant sets have been ruling the sphere, Indo-Western pendant sets have always stayed on the top of the minds of women of all ages.

Whether you are all decked up in ethnic attire, be it a lehenga, chaniya choli or a classic silk saree or in an Indo-Western ensemble, you can never go wrong with Indo-Western pendant sets. Considering the unprecedented love and attention that these pendant sets have acquired over the decades, Indo-Western pendant designs have undergone a style revolution.

Whether you are looking for a classy, minimalist Indo-Western pendant set or a Indo-Western polki pendant set, or anything beyond the usual, Kanhai Jewels is your one-stop destination. Our extensive range of Indo-Western pendants with matching earrings at unbeatable prices can amaze you like never before.

Stunning Indo-Western Chain Pendant Sets

Any celebratory occasion is nearing, and you are completely at a loss for what jewellery to wear? Do you think the artificial jewellery pieces would be too chic, or the Gold ones won’t have the desired effect? Why not have the best of both worlds with a stunning Indo-Western chain pendant set? These sets are available with long/short chains, choker necklaces, long necklaces, and more.

Brown, white, maroon, blue, pink, green or Ruby green, whichever colour your ethnic ensemble is, Kanhai Jewels has got you covered. Consider refurbishing your jewellery trousseau with our wide range of Indo-Western pendant necklace sets, and you won’t have to go through the ever-unresolved conflict of choosing a perfectly coordinated jewellery piece for your attire.

Kanhai Jewels brings you an extravagant range of classic Indo-Western pendant sets, mala pendant sets, pearl pendant sets and delicate ones too. Whether you choose to deck up in a simple yet elegant attire or go for the heavy look, our pendant sets can perfectly complement all your ethnic ensembles. Whether it’s your wedding or you are attending a friend’s or cousin’s wedding, you can inspire awe among your friends and family with one of our South Indian-themed Indo-Western pendant necklace sets. Our Monalisa Stone pendant set can be the perfect choice for you to stand apart in any gathering.

Buy Online Indo-Western Chain Pendant Set at Wholesale Price

Kanhai Jewels is deemed one of the esteemed manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of antique, gold, kundan, American diamond, Indo-western jewellery articles and so on. Expert craftsmanship, a versatile range of jewellery essentials, and great prices are some of the strong fortes of Kanhai Jewels.

When it comes to Indo-Western pendant designs, you can get elegant ones at Kanhai Jewels at wholesale prices. Global customers love our Indo-Western pendant necklace and choker collections.

Get decked up in our classic, trendy and sophisticated Indo-Western pendant sets and inspire awe among your friends and family.


1. What defines Indo-Western pendant sets?

Indo-Western pendant sets are a blend of traditional Indian designs and modern Western aesthetics, featuring intricate patterns and contemporary styles. These ornate pieces are worn around the neck, adorning the wearer with a blend of cultural richness and modern fashion sensibilities.

2. What are some of the latest Indo-Western pendant sets?

Indo-Western pendant sets have undergone a styling revolution over the years. Some of the classy yet latest pendant designs stealing the show include gold, rose gold, rhodium, and 2-tone plated mala pendant sets, Monalisa Stone pendants, and South Indian-themed ones.

3. What materials are commonly used in Kanhai Jewels’ Indo-Western chain pendant sets?

Our chain pendant sets typically use a mix of gold, silver, precious gems, and unique elements like enamel. The diversity in materials allows for a range of designs, from elegant and classic to bold and avant-garde.

4. Can Indo-Western chain pendants be styled with Western outfits?

Yes, the fusion design of our sets complements Indian and Western attire, adding a unique charm to any look. It makes them a popular choice for those who enjoy blending different fashion styles.

5. Are long jackets in trend for pairing with Indo-Western pendants?

Yes, extra-long jackets paired with ethnic skirts or trousers can create a stylish Indo-Western ensemble. This combination is a contemporary take on traditional attire, offering a fresh perspective on ethnic wear.

6. Is there a preference for colour in recent Kanhai Jewels’ Indo-Western chain pendant collections?

Vibrant colour palettes, including bold and pastel hues, are a significant trend in our collections. These lively colours add a modern twist to the pendants, making them stand out as statement pieces.

7. What types of embroidery are featured in your latest Indo-Western pendants?

Our latest Indo-Western pendants feature traditional embroidery techniques like zardozi and gota patti, known for their elegance and intricacy. These handcrafted embroideries enhance the luxury and heritage value inherent in our jewellery designs.

8. Can Indo-Western pendants be paired with jumpsuits or dhoti dresses?

Yes, pairing them with modern silhouettes like jumpsuits or dhoti dresses creates a fashionable Indo-Western look. This blend of traditional jewellery with contemporary clothing is a hallmark of modern fusion fashion.

9. Does Kanhai Jewels offer any unique Indo-Western pendant designs for wedding attire?

Yes, our Indo-Western pendant designs for wedding attire are distinguished by their intricate details and shimmering embellishments. These elegant pendants enhance bridal outfits with their glamour and sophistication, making them ideal for wedding wear.

10. How can one accessorize Indo-Western pendants for a party look?

Pair them with ethnic or contemporary jewellery and high heels for an elegant party ensemble. This combination can elevate the overall look, making it suitable for a variety of festive occasions.

11. Why has the Indo-Western pendant set become an Indian bride's new choice?

Indo-Western pendant sets are unique, come in a versatile range, and can perfectly complement any ethnic attire. Indian brides can pick from a variety of Indo-Western pendant designs to showcase their style on their big day.

12. Is there a preference for chain length in Indo-Western pendants?

Chain lengths in Indo-Western pendants vary, with some preferring longer chains for a dramatic effect and others opting for shorter lengths for a more traditional look. The variety in chain length allows for customization according to personal style preferences and the specific outfit being paired with the pendant.

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