Indian women love a good pair of oxidised jewellery. Find some of the exclusive traditional oxidised bracelets at Kanhai Jewels. Oxidised bracelets are silver bracelets that have been oxidised with a purple haze, making them look beautiful and unique. We have a huge collection of oxidised silver bracelets that you can choose from - the simple and the contemporary ones to the trendy and the modern look-alikes; our collection is quite versatile!

Different Silver Oxidised Bracelets to Make your Hands Attractive

Silver oxidised bracelets are the best for women who want to look elegant and stylish or just want to own a casual look. Oxidised hand bracelets are one of the most popular types of jewellery. This is because they are so versatile, and can be worn with almost any outfit. These can be worn by both young girls and women and can be paired up with any kind of Indian or Casual outfit. You can wear it with a saree, salwar, lehenga, an ethnic skirt, and a top, or jeans and Kurti. You can never go wrong with an oxidised cuff bracelet or oxidised ring bracelet.

Trendy oxidised bracelets have become a rage among fashion enthusiasts because of their unique designs, styles and elegance. The main advantage is that they don’t lose their charm even after years of use. This makes them an ideal choice for people who buy jewellery only for special occasions or parties but don’t like to invest much money in it. There are many types of oxidised bracelets online available today. Some of them are:

Oxidised Plating

This is one of the most common types of oxidation used on jewellery. It involves coating the piece in an electrochemical process that changes its colour but also protects it against rust. This type of treatment is often used on silver or brass jewellery as it gives them an attractive finish without altering their composition too much.

Oxidised Silver

This is another popular method for treating silver jewellery. It involves using chemicals to change the colour of the metal from its natural white shade to black or brown tones. The chemical treatment may also leave some areas unpolished so that there are visible highlights on your piece, which add to its uniqueness.

Trendy Oxidised Bracelets Collection Available Online on Kanhai Jewels in Wholesale

Kanhai Jewels is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of oxidised bracelets collections available online in India. We are offering all kinds of the latest designs and styles in the oxidised silver bracelets collection at the most affordable prices.

We strive to bring to you an assorted collection of silver oxidised bracelets at an affordable price. Our extensive range of products includes oxidised bracelets with latkan, classic oxidised hand bracelets, oxidised cuff bracelets, oxidised ring bracelets and much more. You can get any product from our store at the most competitive price.

Why Kanhai Jewels?

Kanhai is not only into trading oxidised bracelets online but is also home to Antique Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery, American Diamond (CZ) Jewellery, Polki Jewellery, Meena work Jewellery, temple jewellery, jewellery and Western Jewellery. We have been providing excellent quality products for the last many years and have gained immense popularity among our customers because we believe in customer satisfaction.


1. What are oxidised bracelets?

Oxidised bracelets are jewellery pieces crafted from metals, typically silver, that have undergone a chemical process to create a darkened, antique-like appearance. This process accentuates the intricate designs and patterns, giving each bracelet a distinctive charm.

2. Are there any cultural variations in the design of oxidised bracelets?

Oxidised bracelets often reflect a rich tapestry of cultural designs, drawing inspiration from various traditions and artistic heritages around the world. These designs can range from intricate patterns influenced by ancient civilizations to contemporary interpretations of cultural motifs, offering a diverse selection that celebrates global artistry and heritage.

3. Why are oxidised bracelets a trendy choice?

These bracelets stand out for their unique aesthetic, blending traditional artistry with a contemporary flair. Their versatility allows them to be paired with various fashion styles, from casual to formal.

4. What designs are available in oxidised bracelets at Kanhai Jewels?

Kanhai Jewels offers a diverse range of oxidised bracelet designs, encompassing everything from intricate traditional patterns to sleek, modern styles. There is a piece to suit every taste, whether one prefers elaborate artistry or understated elegance.

5. What is the price range for Kanhai Jewels' oxidised bracelets?

The price range of Kanhai Jewels' oxidised bracelets varies, catering to a wide spectrum of budgets. Factors influencing the price include the complexity of the design and the quality of materials used, ensuring options for affordable and luxury preferences.

6. How durable are Kanhai Jewels' oxidised bracelets?

We emphasise longevity in our bracelet designs, selecting only high-grade materials paired with superior craftsmanship. Their enduring quality makes them ideal for regular wear, ensuring they keep their attractive appearance with consistent care.

7. Does regular exposure to water affect oxidised bracelets?

Regular exposure to water can indeed affect oxidised bracelets, potentially altering their unique finish and appearance over time. It's advisable to remove these bracelets during activities like swimming or showering to maintain their distinct patina and design integrity.

8. What is the impact of perfumes and lotions on oxidized bracelets?

The chemicals in perfumes and lotions can react with the metal of oxidised bracelets, leading to potential discolouration or damage to the oxidised surface. To preserve the bracelet's aesthetic, it's recommended to apply such products before putting on the jewellery.

9. Are Kanhai Jewels’ oxidised bracelets suitable for formal events?

Suited for sophisticated settings, our oxidised bracelets boast a design that’s unique and elegant, perfect for elevating formal outfits. Their versatile nature allows for seamless integration with a variety of formalwear, from the avant-garde to the time-honoured.

10. Can I repair my oxidised bracelet if it's damaged?

Yes, it is often possible to repair damaged oxidised bracelets. Many jewellers provide repair services where experienced craftsmen can skilfully restore the bracelet's original appearance and structural integrity. This process allows your cherished piece to be revitalised and continue as a valuable part of your jewellery collection.

11. Can I wear a Kanhai Jewels’ oxidised bracelet to work or in a professional setting?

Yes, a Kanhai Jewels’ oxidised bracelet serves as an elegant and appropriate accessory for workplace or professional scenarios. Its distinct yet understated allure enhances professional attire, offering a blend of style and sophistication.

12. How frequently should oxidised bracelets be professionally serviced?

Kanhai Jewels recommends professional servicing for their oxidised bracelets every 2 to 3 years to maintain their pristine condition. Regular servicing helps in preserving the bracelet's structural integrity and the beauty of its oxidised finish. It ensures your jewellery remains a timeless piece in your collection.

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