American Diamond Necklace and Choker Set

Since time immemorial, jewellery has been an integral part of both men’s and women’s ensembles. Over the centuries, jewellery designs and their usage have undergone paradigm shifts. From stone and metal jewellery of the mediaeval ages to conventional Gold and Kundan jewellery to modern-contemporary pearl and stone jewellery to the current trend of oxidised and American Diamond jewellery, the shift has been phenomenal.

Any jewellery ensemble is deemed incomplete without a neckpiece. Neckpiece jewellery finds implications in everyday wear as well as a part of festive and ethnic occasions too. While some women prefer conventional gold chains, necklaces, chokers, and mangalsutras for their everyday usage, some prefer an American Diamond necklace or an American Diamond choker set to complete their outfit. And, why not? American Diamond jewellery is gaining unprecedented popularity lately, and rightfully so. And thus, adding some stunning American Diamond necklaces and American diamond necklace sets that come with perfectly complementing pendants and other accessories to your jewellery collection would be rewarding.

Why Women Prefer American Diamond Necklace and Choker Sets

Diamonds are forever - and it’s romantic. And, what woman does not love a good dose of romance and wish to get lost in the bliss of ‘happily ever after? While an American Diamond ring may mean the world to her and an epitome of the unending love, affection and appreciation of her soulmate, other American Diamond accessories, such as rose gold American Diamond necklaces and American Diamond choker sets, don’t remain far behind.

American Diamond necklaces sets are crafted to be look-alikes of real diamonds. Though they are not real diamonds, their sparkle is no less than that of real diamonds. Besides, AD jewellery is crafted by melting zirconium crystals with zirconium oxides at a high temperature. This high temperature tolerance offers American Diamond choker sets the absolute perfect quality, sturdiness, durability, and glamour.

American Diamond necklaces are crafted to withstand wear and tear for years to come and still retain their brand-new shine. These make them the perfect additions to any woman’s jewellery kit.

These AD chains and chain sets are suitable for celebratory, festive, formal, casual and work-casual and work-formal occasions at all times. Whether you have to attend a friend’s or cousin’s wedding or participate in the Diwali celebrations, you can always pair your ethnic dress or lehenga choli with a simple yet elegant American Diamond necklace or a choker. For workplace casual and formal occasions, too, these AD chains and chain sets offer you the much-needed edge and inspire awe among your professional counterparts.

Versatile and Trendy American Diamond Necklace and Choker Sets at Kanhai Jewels

Considering the wide popularity of American Diamond necklaces and choker sets, the AD jewellery marketplace is replete with innumerable options.

We at Kanhai Jewels are one of the best-in-industry manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of American Diamond and Cubic Zirconia (AD and CZ) jewellery in India. When it comes to American Diamond choker sets, American Diamond long necklaces or rose gold American Diamond necklaces, we present you an extravagant collection of gold-plated, black-plated, Rhodium-plated, and 2 Tone-plated American Diamond necklaces that will accentuate your fashion quotient like never before.

Whatever your preference for American Diamond chokers and whatever your budget ranges are, we at Kanhai Jewels, have your back. And, with us, buying AD chains and chain sets gets super easy, convenient, and hassle-free.

Gone are the days of shop hopping and manually comparing prices when it comes to jewellery buying. With the Kanhai Jewels website at your fingertips, all it takes is a few clicks for you to access an endless collection of American Diamond necklace sets wholesale. Browse our products, read the succinct descriptions, check what other peers and customers have to say about our premium products and then make a judicious purchase decision.

For us at Kanhai Jewels, customer satisfaction is at the core of our offerings. Bank on us and refurbish your jewellery collection with some of our grand, tasteful, and elegant American Diamond necklaces and chain sets. Make the purchase online from the comfort of your couch, and we will get the product to your doorstep.


1. Why has American diamond jewellery become an Indian bride's new choice?

Diamonds are deemed epitomes of undying love and affection. American Diamonds, resembling real diamonds, successfully emulate the same romantic allure and charm. These are sturdier than regular stone jewellery counterparts and have a shine much like real diamonds. These jewellery articles can withstand high temperatures and still retain their shine at all times. American Diamond necklaces and chokers are sophisticated, simple, elegant, and stunning. Besides, they are relatively low-priced compared to real diamonds. And thus, they are the go-to choice for Indian brides.

2. What is the difference between an American diamond and a real diamond?

Real diamonds are naturally formed, while American diamonds are synthetic. American diamonds, more commonly known as Cubic Zirconia, are created by melting zirconium powder with zirconium oxide at high temperatures.

3. What are American Diamond/ CZ necklaces?

American Diamond/ CZ necklaces are exquisite jewellery pieces crafted with Cubic Zirconia, a synthetic gemstone known for its striking resemblance to diamonds. These necklaces combine the allure of diamonds with affordability and versatility, making them a popular choice for various occasions.

4. What styles of CZ necklaces are available at Kanhai Jewels?

Our CZ necklaces range from timeless classic designs to modern contemporary styles. We offer an array of choices, including elegant chokers and graceful long necklaces, each designed to cater to diverse fashion preferences.

5. What colours can I find in your CZ necklace collection?

Our CZ necklaces come in a splendid variety of colours. While traditional diamond-like clear CZs are a classic, we also provide a spectrum of coloured options to match different outfits and occasions, adding a unique touch to each piece.

6. How do I care for my American Diamond necklace?

To maintain the beauty of your American Diamond necklace, we recommend avoiding contact with chemicals and storing it in a dry place. Using a soft cloth for regular light cleaning helps safeguard its lustre and avoid damage.

7. Is it safe to wear CZ necklaces in rainy weather?

While our CZ necklaces are crafted with care, it is prudent to avoid wearing them in excessively moist conditions, such as during heavy rain. This precaution helps in preserving the integrity and lustre of the necklace.

8. Does sweat affect the durability of CZ necklaces?

Wearing CZ necklaces during activities that induce sweating can impact their longevity. Sweat, being acidic, may cause harm to the metal and stones over time. It is advisable to remove such jewellery during physical activities or in hot climates to maintain its condition.

9. Can perfume cause damage to CZ necklaces?

Applying perfume directly onto CZ necklaces might affect their lustre. The chemicals in perfumes can react with the materials of the necklace, potentially dulling the sparkle of the Cubic Zirconia and tarnishing the metal. It is better to apply perfume before wearing the necklace to avoid direct contact.

10. Is it advisable to wear an American Diamond necklace during exercise?

When engaging in physical activities, it is wise to remove your American Diamond necklace to protect it. Exercise often involves movements and perspiration that could potentially damage the delicate structure and appearance of these necklaces. Removing them ensures their longevity and preserves their beauty.

11. Can CZ necklaces tarnish over time?

With proper care and appropriate storage, the risk of tarnishing in CZ necklaces can be greatly reduced. Keeping them in a dry, safe environment and away from harsh chemicals helps maintain their pristine condition over time.

12. Are CZ necklaces suitable for daily wear?

The suitability of CZ necklaces for daily wear largely depends on their design. Some are crafted for everyday elegance, offering durability and comfort, while others, with more intricate and delicate designs, are ideal for occasional wear to maintain their condition and appearance.

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