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Mangalsutras are the staple jewellery for Indian married women. For centuries, married women have been charmingly wearing Mangalsutras to attract marital bliss, prosperity and eternal love. Mangalsutras are believed to have a cultural and aesthetic linkage too. The black beads are known to ward off evil, and the gold beads have been representing prosperity. 

Over the decades, mangalsutras have evolved in terms of designs, materials used, styling patterns, etc. While gold, and Kundan Mangalsutras remain the all-time classic jewel essential, American Diamond Mangalsutras are fast becoming the love of the millennial brides today. Talk about American diamond long mangalsutras or the short and minimalist ones, women prefer the different versions to go with their everyday casual wear and for specific celebratory occasions. 

AD mangalsutras can be perfect for office wear as well as for festive occasions. Whether you are decked up in office casuals or prepping for a wedding, anniversary or birthday celebrations in your Indo-Western fusion wear, you can never go wrong with AD mangalsutras. And, the best part? You can buy American Diamond mangalsutras online at Kanhai Jewels at competitive prices. So, if you are thinking of refurbishing your jewellery box or looking for the perfect neckpiece to go with your select ensemble, AD mangalsutras can do the trick. You will unarguably sway heads and hearts and mesmerise those around you with the timeless charm of some of the statement American Diamond mangalsutras wherever you go. 

Explore the massive collection of American diamond Mangalsutras from Kanhai Jewels and select the most exquisite jewel piece. American Diamond Mangalsutra looks stylish on every woman. The diamond-cut gemstone combined with black pearls looks dazzling. It's a symbol of eternal love for a married woman. Nowadays, American Diamond Mangalsutra is available in stylish design diamond cuts and has become a fashion statement.

American Diamond Jewellery looks visibly striking and enthralling. This is a unique jewellery piece that women can wear with all dresses. There are numerous designs of Mangalsutra available that women can choose to purchase.

Pair up with your look from a huge variety of Mangalsutras

For purchasing the best quality American diamond Mangalsutra, visit Kanhai Jewels. Here, you get a huge collection of Mangalsutras and can explore the entire range of the Jewellery collection to create a magnificent look.

Whether you are looking for a CZ or delicate mangalsutra, a Vati mangalsutra, a Moti mangalsutra or peacock, solitaire, or pearl mangalsutra, you will be amazed by the extensive collection at Kanhai Jewels. Our American Diamond mangalsutra collection has stunning pieces with gold, rose gold, matte gold, 2-Tone and Rhodium platings that will make you spellbound. Brown, white, Ruby, Ruby green, Ruby pink, pearl or any other colour, we have AD mangalsutras to go with any and all of your attires.

AD mangalsutras are crafted by expert artisans at Kanhai Jewels to enable you with a statement look. We understand your love for diamonds that represent strength and undying love. While diamonds can be pricey and you might not be able to afford a lot of real diamond jewels, with American Diamonds, you can own as many as you wish. You can refurbish your jewellery box with several simple, and minimalist short American Diamond mangalsutras for work wear. Why wear the same mangalsutra everyday when you can own a whole lot of them without breaking your bank? At the same time, be the proud owner of some of our American Diamond long mangalsutras that can complement your look all the more. Whether you are decked up in a classic Kanjivaram saree or a colourful Patola saree or stunning yet comfy linen ones, the AD mangalsutras are going to weave the magic. You can also pair your pastel lehengas, Indo-Western fusion wear and even western wear with these elegant AD mangalsutras to achieve that outstanding look.

We provide the best Mangalsutra and other American diamond Jewellery collections that complement your entire look. The American Diamond Mangalsutra is available in different designs and styles.

Best-in-class jewellery by top designers.

The American diamond Jewellery items that we provide are designed by our best Jewellery designers, and they craft it by considering the modern style statement in mind.

So, don’t miss the chance to explore these magnificent American diamond Mangalsutra from Kanhai Jewels and purchase the best jewel pieces for you.

We are your one-stop destination for buying American Diamond mangalsutras online. Scroll through our extensive and extravagant selection of AD mangalsutras with just a few clicks from the comfort of your couch. With Kanhai Jewels, you are assured unprecedented craftsmanship, premium quality products, reasonable prices and captivating designs. 


Can I get the custom American Diamond Mangalsutra?

No, you can’t have the custom-designed American Diamond Mangalsutra from Kanhai Jewels.

Can I only purchase the earrings of the American Diamond Mangalsutra set from your website?

No, you have to buy the complete set. Please head to the earrings section if you want to purchase only those.

How can I make the payment of jewellery with my credit card?

You can select from any of your Mastercard, American Express or Visa credit cards to make the payment.

Do you provide American Diamond Mangalsutra with BIS Hallmark?

We provide artificial jewellery pieces to our customers. There is no hallmark, unlike precious jewellery.

When will I get my order and how will I know about it?

You will get a call from our delivery partner when the order is about to reach your home.

Can I wear the American diamond mangalsutra daily at home?

Our designs are modern and can be worn for regular use as well. However, it is recommended to keep separate jewellery pieces for parties and outdoor events.

What is your money-back policy?

We, unfortunately, do not have such a policy.

How is the price of American diamond Jewellery evaluated?

Only real diamond’s prices are evaluated with the changing market. American diamond jewellery prices are low and there are no such evaluation criteria.

Do you deduct money on returning American Diamond Mangalsutra?

We do not accept returns on any of our jewellery pieces. So, you have to place your order wisely.

Why is Kanhai Jewels your go-to brand for buying American Diamond mangalsutras online?

Kanhai Jewels is deemed one of the best-in-industry jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers when it comes to Gold, Kundan, Pearl, Antique, Indo-Western, Western and American Diamond/Cubic Zirconia jewellery. With Kanhai Jewels, you get the opportunity to walk off the beaten path and get stunning American Diamond mangalsutras that are hard to come by and at the best prices. You can skip the shop-hopping and browse an extensive selection with just a few clicks. You also get the ‘try before you buy’ opportunity.

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