Kanhai Jewels – Necklace Set Wholesale, Flaunt It In Style With Our Unique Collections

Necklace is an important accessory that completes attire. And beautiful designs add to its charm and elegance. Keeping that idea in mind, we at our store has beautifully crafted designs that are perfect for every occasion.

We provide different range of collections to help you flaunt your style. With our beautiful collection of neck pieces, we have gained immense reputation in this country and abroad, thereby becoming one of the top necklace wholesalers in USA.

In our stores, we provide the best designs keeping in mind the ongoing fashion. So, be it the different style of necklace, we have the authentic one too. The gold plated necklace or the American diamond necklace set available at wholesale, the quality of the products is not compromised in any of the cases.

The chic version of our designs helped us in gaining popularity and establishes our store in the main business forum of wholesale necklaces India and even as necklace wholesalers in USA. We design the various neckpieces in such a way that it will brighten up your entire looks.

While the jewellery industry has standard lengths for every necklace, we have the different length versions that can be chosen based on the size of your neck, body type and even shape of the face. While designing, we make sure that our team works on every aspect to make you look and feel the best.

With our collection, we give you the best material to dress up for a party or a casual look.

Kanhai Jewels: a destination of gold jewellery set

Kanhai Jewels is an all in one shopping destination for a gold jewellery set. You will be amazed to see the extensive collection of the same on our online store. All the ornaments have matching pieces to pair. The most popular one is the necklace set. The gold necklace design is our creation. The jewellery designing department provides a lot of effort to create unique gold necklace designs. The necklace designs are all-purpose. You will love the gold chockers of our store. The gold choker necklace has a high demand for our online store. And, the necklace set is the most popular jewellery set for bridal collection.

The choker

We have various types of necklace set in our online store. The choker is a highly demanding jewellery that is trending among the young generation. The choker is of many kinds. The gold choker can be paired with other gold ornaments too. The gold choker necklace is a must-buy item for any jewellery lover. These types of ornaments are gaining more popularity because you can team it with western or ethnic dresses. The matching earrings will look best with a gold choker necklace.

The multipurpose pendant set

Gold pendant set has sleek designs. These are perfect to wear regularly as the quality is longlasting. Moreover, pendant set is a multipurpose ornament to buy. You can gift to any near and dear one at even low budget. You can purchase it to match with other gold jewellery like rings and Kada.

The lightweight pendant set is best for women of any age group. The most important part of giving attention to pendant set is this is a low maintenance item. It means once you buy it, you need to care for it a little while wearing. And pendant designs are versatile too. You will find your best pendant set from our store very quickly. If you feel confused, contact our customer care service to get help while selecting items.

Necklace set: the showstopper of our collection

Kanhai Jewels have a wide collection of the necklace set. The popularity of necklace set increases day by day with our eminent effort to create best collections. The bridal necklace set is also available here. Moreover, you can select your favourite jewellery that matches with the design of the necklace from our store. The designer necklace is the best option to pair with designer earrings. You can sport such gorgeous ornaments on bug events like engagement, wedding or other occasions.

Necklace set of Kanhai Jewels has got its name worldwide now. The unique designs and patterns of the necklace are the main part of the attraction. The authenticity of the products is the key to get the attention of the customers. The lovely collection grabs the eyes of the customers easily. Gold necklace set designs is one of the most purchased items of our online jewelry store. The matching jewelry set that is available with a necklace set makes a good gift option for any wedding guest too.

The famous categories of necklace set

Apart from the trendy categories of the necklace set, the traditional and popular categories are worth to have a look. Most of the buyers search for versatile collection in a one-stop online shopping destination. So, here we serve your requirements. The most demanding necklace set comes in five types of categories. The price of the item of each category runs from low to high. So, we think that you will get your choice of necklace set from our store. The delightful collection is available in these categories:

American Diamond

The American Diamond necklace set online shopping is easy with Kanhai Jewels. The solitaire necklace is the statement piece of ornament. The pendant set from American Diamond section is truly mesmerising. And the necklace designs from this category are also of many types. The type you want we create for you. If you want to see the multiple-choice of jewellery set from this section, visit Kanhai Jewels. Bridal necklace is also available. American Diamond quality is also up to the industry standard. You will get to choose from multiple plating options from this category.

Designer Jewellery

The designer jewellery category has a wide variant of necklace designs to choose from. The most famous designer collection is appropriate for bridal purposes. Moreover, the necklace design of this section is always checked for multiple times before showcasing. The most experienced jewellery experts create such masterpiece collection from inspired by designer choices. You will get any type of necklace here on demand. The availability of choker to Rani Haar, Pendant set to Bridal wear collection, is always there on the designer necklace section. You will also avail of mala necklace. An extensive collection of classic necklace sets are here too.


The antique necklace design looks best on any ethnic look. The temple necklace with beautiful detailing of work is available in this section. The matte gold necklace set designs is a popular choice among young brides. You can buy Mala necklace from this section too. The matte gold and mehndi plating a popular choice. These necklace sets are available with matching earrings are an excellent option to gift on any big event like wedding and engagement. The delicate necklace sets also look very attractive. And you must try the choker necklace from antique category to feel the old gold vibes!

Indo Western

The multipurpose collections of necklace sets are available in the Indo Western category. The choker sets are good looking at the young women. These are gorgeous sets of Indo Western range are a great option to buy for brides. The most appropriate multipurpose necklace sets include trendy necklace, classic Indo Western necklace, Oxidised necklace and long necklace sets. You can also purchase delicate necklace sets from Indo Western range.


The beauty of Kundan collection is always unparalleled. The beautiful colourful beadworks and precision of patterns on jewellery set of Kundan range have made it a showstopper alone. You can check Kundan Choker necklace with gold plating for bridal purpose or wedding guest look. Kundan classic gold necklace is jewelry set to invest The aura and beauty of the same is worth experiencing. You will be in love with the fine detailing of the designs.

Moreover, the beads and stones quality is the best as per the market standards. Kundan necklace set is an asset for any jewelry lover. The colourful beads and stones help you match with your outfits easily. So, visit our website to grab your favourite Kundan jewellery set. They all come with matching earrings.

The prices of necklace set online on Kanhai Jewels

The necklace sets on the online Kanhai Jewels are of high quality. You will be amazed to see the wide collection of necklace set at reasonable rates. The wholesale rates are available at Kanhai Jewels. These are the best rates concerning the flawlessness and precision of work on jewellery sets. The necklace set, choker set, pendant set and other sets are available at different prices. The affordable range is available also apart from costly ones which are generally gorgeous choices. Once you open the website of Kanhai Jewels after logging in, you will be able to see the prices of the products.

The new trends are always available

You will get all sorts of the collection at Kanhai Jewels. The necklace sets include Mukut set, Beads necklace, bandhai necklace, thusi necklace, peacock necklace, moti necklace, and so on.

Mukut set

The Mukut set available in gold plating and other options.

Beads necklace

Beads works is a great option to match the colours of your choice. The beads quality are exclusively chosen and set for jewellery making. So, you need not worry about the quality of the necklace set. Beads work can be of many types. The larger beads look much gorgeous. Whereas you look merely attractive with a fine beads necklace.

Bandhai necklace

The necklace designs of the Bandhai range is truly amazing. The intricate designs are the most attractive part to look at. The oxidised designs look trendy. Get your own set of Bandhai necklace on Kanhai Jewels and match it with other ornaments to make a jewellery set.

Thusi necklace

The sling design of thusi necklace adorns the neck of a  woman beautifully. This is lightweight jewellery that makes you look gorgeous simply. Thusi necklace can be paired with either antique or gold jewellery.

Peacock necklace

The Meenakari necklace is available in Peacock necklace design. The thread necklace with peacock pendant looks like a peacock necklace too. The peacock necklace design carries a peacock motif all over the body or somewhere in the necklace in detail. These are a good option to wear with ethnic attires to obtain a luxurious look.

Moti necklace/ Pearl necklace

The pendant set in moti necklace section is a daily wearable option. You must know that the Moti necklace comes in various colours of moti apart from creamy white. Apart from young women, older women also love to wear this. Pearl necklace comes with matching earrings with multiple plating option. Pearl necklace is easy to maintain, and it is a great daily wear option. We have a vast collection of pearl necklace sets to choose from.

The trend of Gold Haram

Gold haram looks exquisite and gorgeous on any occasion. The designs of the gold haram in intricate and detailed. The polishing is available in a matte or glossy finish. Moreover, the pearl-drop gold haram designs look amazing on any bride.

The trend of thread necklace

The trend of silk thread necklace is raging the jewellery industry nowadays. And you will be surprised to see the versatile connection from this section. Thread necklace with matching earrings looks best on any women. These are lightweight and easy to maintain. The multiple colour options provide you with a wide range to choose from. Pair your thread necklace with thread earrings and thread bangles to rock in style!

Thread necklace with pendant

Some thread necklace is available with chunky pendant. These chunky design looks trendy as well as as a statement piece of jewellery. You should not miss this junk jewelry from Kanhai Jewels if you love to wear ornaments with modern designs. You can take help from our customer care service to choose a piece of the necklace set while placing an order.

Colours of necklace sets

Kanhai Jewels offer wide variants of colour choices to choose for necklace sets. You can avail of these colours:

  • Brown
  • White
  • Maroon
  • Blue pink
  • Moti
  • Brownred

So, it is easier to find your preferred colour of necklace easily. All you need to do is to click on the colour options to find yours!

The sizes of the necklace

The 30-inch necklace is pretty long. It is mainly a Mala necklace or Rani Haar. The antique gold look provides you with an ethnic look instantly. Apart from this, you will get 24 inch and 18-inch length necklaces from our online store. These are a bit shorter in length. The 18-inch length necklace design looks great in any category like antique, American diamond or Kundan. The shorter versions of these are choker necklaces.

General maintenances of necklace set

We would like to suggest you maintain your jewellery for longevity. The sharp blows of objects will make it out of shape. So, keep it carefully, avoiding from any chemicals and perfume exposure. Moreover, the water should be avoided. The products should be kept in a clean airtight box wrapped in soft clothes. Wipe off the dust occasionally to retain the beauty of the item. Contact our customer care service for detailed instruction for your product.


The necklace designs from the jewellery set of Kanhai Jewels has made our brand name famous worldwide. You will be amazed to experience a smooth shopping journey with us once you place an order. We would like to suggest to come and visit our website to know about the great necklace designs available in Kanhai Jewels.

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