There is a jewellery option for men out there too!

In the world full of jewellery options for women, there might be some limited options for our handsome men and one such jewellery piece to buy would be classic Kalangi online. In our Indian society, the females have been known for dressing up and have been accessorizing with a lot many options. They have a whole range of different and unique accessories and jewelleries from top to toe to use which actually seems to never end. They have various options to choose, have fun and experiment with.

Though there might be limited options for men to accessorize their outfits and clothings, there's no need to get disheartened; you can shine like a knight with limited options too. One such very cool and eye-catching piece of jewellery is Kalangi. For people who don't know, Kalangi or Kalgi is an ornament which is more like a brooch to be put in the front of a groom's turban. It is studded with beads, jewels, and other decorative embellishments.


Grooms, get ready for your big day!

Kanhai Jewels provide you with some really good options in this category as we are a Kalangi Wholesaler in India. It is not only the brides who start planning their wedding months before but the grooms do it too and they also want to look their best and go ahead with their best foot forward in their best outfits.


Kalangi collection to make you stand out

Kalangi with decent jewels, beads, stones, pearls, etc can really contribute a lot to the overall outfit of a groom and make his look even more royal. We at Kanhai Jewels would love to help our groom's to be the king to their queen like brides and look amazing on their important day with our Classic Kalangi collection.




  1. What is being liked by people in the category of Kalangi?

There are various popular designs such as feather Kalangi, Kundan work Kalangi, extravagant Kalangi with stones and crystals, passa styled groom Kalangi, and both sided chain Kalangi, etc are some of the many options.


  1. What are the different options available in Kalangi?

There are various options available in designs and patterns. You can try multi-layered Kalangi, pearls based Kalangi, Kalangi with coloured stones, oxidized Kalangi and many more.


  1. What can be used for making or decorating Kalangi?

You can get your Kalangis customized to coordinate with your outfit. You can use feathers, beads, stones, pearls, and other decorative embellishments to get your desired output from your Kalangi.


  1. Why should you buy from Kanhai Jewels?

We ensure that in our products the usage of only the finest quality materials is done. We use the latest technologies to get the right shape and cut for all our jewelleries and it will be a great experience for you to buy from Kanhai Jewels, a great Kalangi manufacturer online.


  1. What elite alternatives does Kanhai Jewels have in this category?

To make you look no less than a king, we have some really great options in Kalangis for you to pick. You can enjoy your royal look more easily with our plain gold Kalangi on your head. You can go for antique classic Kalangi with gold plating for a more traditional look and set the stage on fire.


  1. How to style the Kalangi on any occasion?

You can get your Kalangi to be matching with your outfits or any other accessory that you plan to carry. Or on the contrary, go for some contrasting options. Let your Kalangi be of a shade or color tone which is least present in your outfit. You should definitely try out to have matching kalangis in the groom's squad.


  1. How to wear a Kalangi?

Kalangi is more like a brooch but is placed in the front of the turban of a groom so you can simply pin it at the desired height on the turban itself.


  1. How safe is your site for online shopping?

We use the latest SSL certifications and other technologies to ensure that all our transactions are safe and highly secure for a good experience for our customers.


  1. How do I place an order?

In order to place an order, you first need to register yourself on our site. The details you will be providing will further be used easily for placing your order.


  1. Do you take only wholesale orders?

Yes, as of now we take only wholesale orders from India as well as internationally with a minimum order amount being INR 15k or USD 200 and you can contact us through our site for more details.

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