The oxidised maang tikka is a beautiful piece of jewellery that can be worn on any occasion. This is a combination of gold, silver, and oxidisation to give the product a distinct look. This can be worn with any kind of attire and will add glamour to your look. The oxidised maang tikka online is available in various designs and patterns, so you can easily choose one according to your taste and preference. Browse through our collection of oxidised maang tikka online to find something that suits your style.

Bohemian Exquisite Oxidised Silver Maang Tikka

Oxidised silver maang tikka is a very popular design in the market. The oxidised silver maang tikka is made with pure silver and then oxidised to give it a unique look to it. This oxidised silver maang tikka is also known as oxidised matha patti or oxidised tikka. It gives an antique look to your outfit and makes it more appealing and beautiful.

The oxidised design on the bohemian exquisite oxidised silver maang tikka looks so elegant that you can wear it with any colour combination of your choice like red, blue, yellow or green, etc. It will add charm to your outfit and make you look more beautiful than ever before.

How to clean and take care of Oxidised Maang Tikka?

Here’s how  you can prevent your maang tikka from getting oxidised:

  • Store your maang tikka in an airtight container. This will protect it from absorbing any moisture or oxygen in the air around it.
  • Clean the silver oxidised maang tikka with any good silver cleaner/polish.
  • If necessary, use a soft cloth dipped in warm water and wring out the excess water before cleaning your jewellery.
  • Avoid soaking your jewellery for long periods of time in the water, as this will loosen the solder joints between the stones and metal components. The solder joints are what hold the stone in place, and if they come loose or fall out, then there could potentially be a risk of losing a stone or breakage of your jewellery piece, which is not covered under warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an oxidised tikka?

An oxidised tikka is a unique form of Indian jewellery. It has its origins in the royal courts of India, where it was worn as a mark of nobility and status. Today, it continues to be popular in Bollywood films and fashion shows.

The term "oxidised tikka" refers to the oxidation process used to create the design. This process involves heating up the metal until it turns brown or black (depending on the type of metal), and then applying lacquer over it so that the colour doesn't fade away.

Is oxidised silver better than silver?

There's a lot of confusion around the term oxidised silver or "oxidised". In fact, it's a totally misleading term and should be avoided. Oxidised is a technique that can be used to create a range of finishes on silver jewellery, but not all of them are created equal.

However, if a piece of jewellery is made from sterling silver, it cannot be coated with anything without changing the composition, and therefore it's not worth the price. The only exception would be if the piece was made from a silver plate and an antique finish was applied to it. This would make for a unique piece of jewellery that will not tarnish over time.

Does oxidised maang tikka rust?

The answer is No. When you buy a new maang tikka from a market, it will be shiny and bright. After some time, the colour of the jewel changes to dark brown or black. This happens due to the oxidation process. The reason for this is that the metal used in the making of maang tikka is iron which is susceptible to oxidation and hence changes its colour when exposed to oxygen, but it will not rust.

How do you clean oxidised matha patti?

There are a few ways to clean oxidised matha patti. You can use lemon juice, vinegar, or bleach. If you have no plans to sell your jewellery, then you might want to try some of these methods.

If your matha patti has turned yellow due to oxidation, then it may be time for you to do something about it. Lemon juice is one of the best ways to clean oxidised matha patti. It will not only remove the yellow colour from your jewellery but also restore its shine and lustre.

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