An important piece of jewellery- earrings

Who doesn't enjoy a good pair of western earrings to give a touch of class to their appearance? That's correct, nobody. In India, from ancient times, earrings and other ear jewellery have been an integral part of every woman. The reason is that earrings lighten up your look no matter what you have worn. Indo western earrings make far more sense in this situation because they are easy to wear and maintain, are frequently in style with current trends, and are budget-friendly.


Replace heavy, traditional jewellery with comfortable Indo Western earrings

The globe has bowed to modern Indian fashion trends because of the Indian touch on western earrings. Every girl has turned from the normal jhumkas to hoops and studs as they love to mix and match their Indo Western earrings with every fashion choice present in their wardrobe. There's no need to lug around those bulky traditional earrings and their accompanying boxes. Huff. It's time to grab your all-time favorite Indo Western earrings Online.

The Indo Western earrings are available in unique sizes, shapes, and designs. At Kanhai Jewels, we have the most extensive collection of Indo-Western earrings, including different shapes, sizes, and motifs. Buy Indo Western earrings at Wholesale rate in India at this highly affordable and most-favored platform. Kanhai jewels guarantee a low price and high quality whatever option you choose.


Wide variety of artificial jewellery

At Kanhai jewels, you can explore your fashion sense of Indo-Western earrings with exclusive colorful studs, plain studs, hoops, danglers, cuffs, tassels, and so on. Here you may browse the collection and go through the pages to discover the ideal set. We have styles for any occasion and event; all you have to do is ask. So choose cautiously and buy an extra pair since you never guess which one will be on point and approved by anyone special.




  1.  What does a pair of Western Earrings cost?

 At Kanhai jewels, the prices of Indo-Western Earrings range from very low to high. We have assorted our collection so that it will suit every person's pocket. Depending on the quality and designs, you can choose any pair as per your budget.


  1.  What are some more earring options than Indo-Western Earrings?

Along with Indo Western earrings, you can go for more options, including ear cuffs, hoops, chain earrings, ethnic earrings, tassels, danglers, and much more.


  1. What is the best procedure to take care of my Indo-Western earrings?

You will find the entire collection of Kanhai jewels with excellent quality, stones, metals, and materials. No matter what you purchase, it will last longer. To increase the life of your jewellery, you must follow the below written points.

  • After using, clean your jewellery with a dry cloth to remove all the dirt and moisture.
  • Keep away your jewellery while swimming, bathing, or another water contact.
  • Always keep your jewellery in a sealed or air-tight box. And keep it in a moisture-free area.
  • Do not mix your jewellery to keep it away from scratches and entangles.
  • Do not try to clean your jewellery with toothpaste or soap.


  1. Is making an account necessary before placing an order?

You can do it without making an account if you want only browsing. But if you're going to place an order that you like, you have to register first. Setting up or registration is relatively easy, and it includes several other benefits as well.

After making an account at Kanhai jewels, you can manage your history, address book, emails, order tracking, check past orders, and add your liked products into the wishlist.


  1. How to know my perfect size of Indo-Western earrings?

At the website of Kanhai jewels, we have uploaded a size guide that will assist you in getting your perfect size of Indo western earrings. If you still have any queries, please ask our team by contacting them through email.


  1. I want to purchase a pair of Indo Western earrings; Kanhai Jewels accepts which payment methods?

At some amount, we offer cash on delivery. If you want to make the payment while placing an order, you can use Paytm, PayPal, Google Pay, CC Avenue, or net banking. On a special request, we allow you to make a bank transfer.


  1. How will I know if my order has been accepted?

Just after placing your order, we will send you a confirmation message.


  1. Do you deliver your products out of India?

Yes, we do. We take the international payment through PayPal.


  1. What if I got my Indo-Western earrings in a damaged condition?

We suggest you not accept that. If you have taken it, request to return us within seven days.