Exclusive designs of hair brooches

Hair brooch is a hair jewellery which is used to decorate the hair and make it look more attractive and beautiful. With Kanhai Jewels, you can explore hair brooches in varied categories such as temple hair brooch, antique classic hair brooch, south Indian hair brooch, or many others.


With modern times, the usage of hair accessories like hair brooches is not just restricted to occasions like weddings only but also in functions, temples, festivals, as well. One doesn't need a reason to dress up then why search for a reason to use hair brooches? With the latest fashion, new and different hairstyles are upcoming and being experimented and to enhance the charm and beauty of these hair looks you must have the great hair brooches of Kanhai Jewels.

Latest designs in hair brooches

Talking about fashion trends, some of the leading styles in hair brooches which are being preferred are those with Kundan work, pearl work, pearl work and gold plating, hair brooches studded with coloured stones, etc. We are a known hair brooch manufacturer online and we can assure you that you will not find quality products at such affordable prices like ours.

It's your time to shine with hair brooches

Fulfill all your desires of having some supremely fashionable hair brooches to look your best at your special moment and buy the greatest artificial hair brooch online from Kanhai Jewels. There are various choices that one can make and there is a lot to discover. You can start your exploration with Kanhai Jewels.


  1. How to use a hair brooch?

If you are keeping your hair in a half bun, you can use a hair Brooch to cover your bun. In a full bun, you can tuck your hair in a bun and then cover it using our hair brooch. If you are keeping your hair open, you can even use it as an alternative to hair pins as well.

  1. Are all hair brooches in the form of pins only?

Hair Brooch for women are available in styles other than the pin structure for instance, pin brooch, pin for hair piece, comb brooch to retain hair. You can explore more such exclusive designs and other options from our site of Kanhai Jewels.


  1. What are floral hair brooches?

Floral hair brooches are those in which artificial flowers are used to decorate in brooch. These flowers could be made of plastic, paper, etc. But they cannot be kept for later uses which won't be the case with hair brooch jewellery.


  1. What are the types of hair brooches available at Kanhai Jewels?

At Kanhai Jewels, for your easier functioning we have categorised our huge hair brooch collection such that you can find your preferred hair brooch under classic hair brooch category, south Indian hair brooch category and temple hair brooch category as well. Explore all our ranges and love what you pick.


  1. What are the latest arrivals in your artificial hair brooch online collection?

We try to keep our designs always up-to-date as per the recent market trends and depending upon the preferences of the customers. Hair brooches with red coloured stones as well as green coloured stones, hair brooches with plating etc have been the new arrivals in hair brooches at Kanhai Jewels.


  1. What are some of the popular trends in the hair brooch jewellery category?

The latest trend that has been seen in artificial hair brooch online has somewhat been similar to those in the ethic and traditional jewellery category as people nowadays want all their accessories, from top to toe, to be matching and complimenting each other be it Kundan work, pearl work hair brooch, gold plating hair brooch, etc.


  1. What are your best selling products?

We are among the hair brooch wholesalers in India who have many options to serve our customers. Among all the products, there are always a few pieces which rule in the hearts of the audience. Thus our best sellers are antique temple hair brooch with matte gold plating, layered classic hair brooch with gold-plating, pearl work hair brooch with gold plating, etc.


  1. When can we style a hair brooch?

Firstly women do not need a reason to dress up and accessorize. But if we talk about where you can possibly carry a hair brooch, we would suggest that you can carry it at weddings, festivals, functions, temples, etc. Every occasion worth dressing up is worth using our beautiful hair brooches.


  1. What materials are used by you for making hair brooch?

By using non-precious metals such as copper, brass, or bronze as the material with gold plating or matte gold plating for making hair brooch, we are not only able to make light-weight and beautiful hair accessories but they are relatively cheap and can imitate the exact looks of gold jewellery very easily.


  1. What makes Kanhai Jewels a highly preferable pick to buy artificial jewellery online?

When you buy from Kanhai Jewels, you take back a great quality product at great prices which is not easy. We make sure that through the right techniques and technology, our jewellery is made in the best way possible. All these factors make us different from others.

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