It may seem paradoxical that antique chains are inherently timeless. That something created in the past can still so effortlessly resonate with modern style and dress. Dancing through time with plenty of grace and elegance, many antique chains are no different to the luxurious, stylish necklaces we see on the catwalks.

You can just imagine an antique chain, no matter the style, poised upon a Victorian or Georgian gentlewoman's white frilled, high collar blouson shirt, with all its excess and fripperies. Yet, this same chain will easily glow and give a sense of luxury to the seamless, tailored, boxy white shirt that we often see today.

It can also be easy to overlook a chain in general, especially in contrast to a glittering pendant or a beautiful locket. In high street jewellery shops, a modern mass-produced chain is insouciant, only there to provide a function. The pendant or charm takes centre stage, and the chain itself is relegated to a utilitarian role rather than to add a further touch of glamour or elevate a piece. This is where an antique chain is different, completely in an entire league of its own. Unlike modern mass-produced jewellery, many antique jewellery pieces are one of a kind, and antique chains are no different. Antique chains and necklaces have their own subtle nuances, showing the individual flair of the Goldsmith or the idiosyncratic style of the wearer.

Why Buy Custom Antique Chains?

  1. A piece of history - When you purchase fine antique jewellery, you essentially own a piece of someone’s past. You simply can’t enjoy that opportunity with brand-new jewellery. Perhaps the piece belonged to someone famous, or it was passed down from generation to generation. Pre-owned jewellery also involves handcrafted techniques and materials that don’t even exist anymore.
  2. Eco-friendly - Buying antique jewellery is a wonderful way to protect the earth. For one, there’s less mining and manufacturing involved with these pieces, resulting in reduced air pollution and the use of the earth’s resources. A lot of antique jewellery boasts precious metals and stones in their natural forms, as they were meant to be worn.
  3. Great quality - There is no doubt that antique jewellery withstands the test of time. Careful craftsmanship results in years of wear that is difficult to match in today’s jewellery. When you purchase antique pieces, they are in wonderful condition despite being worn before, demonstrating unbeatable quality.
  4. Stylish and trendy - Celebrities love timeless fashion. Fine antique jewellery is popular among actresses; they regularly flaunt antique engagement rings and brooches on the red carpet. When you wear antique pieces, you are making a fashion statement. The wide variety of antique styles makes it easy and fun to personalise your style with pieces that not everyone else will be wearing.
  5. More affordable - Antique and estate jewellery pieces are usually priced lower than comparable contemporary pieces. It's a great way to get a fine piece of jewellery at a good value. Of course, the exceptions are sought-after signed pieces.

Buy Antique Chains at Kanhai Jewels

We could come up with thousands of reasons why you should buy an antique chain. From being infinitely wearable to hardwearing, unique and possessing a story, the saying “they don’t make them like they used to” really holds weight when it comes to antique jewellery. Many old chains were handcrafted rather than cast like modern mass-produced jewellery we see today.

It isn’t surprising that solid Gold chains aren’t the cheapest thing to buy. Modern solid Gold chains can be extremely expensive, so an antique chain is a perfect way to get that same level of quality for a fraction of the price. Many modern chains are Gold plated metal, even those that are made by designer labels. This is why, if you really want to invest in a luxurious piece that will last forever, an antique chain is perfect!

What’s more, in the cases of rare purities of Gold like 12ct Gold and 15ct Gold, antique chains are the perfect investment.

As Gold and Silver are natural materials, their tone changes over time depending on oxygen, pollution and preservation. Modern Gold jewellery is known for being brassier in tone than some pieces of antique jewellery, which can put some people off Gold jewellery altogether. However, antique Gold is known for possessing depth and richness, standing it apart from modern pieces. Gold is a noble metal that doesn't "tarnish" in the same way that Silver does when exposed to oxygen. The same can be said for antique Silver. Antique Silver pieces accrue a gloss of patina, making the pieces darker and moodier, which many people like. This can be applied to modern jewellery through forced oxidisation. However, isn’t it so much nicer to think that this was done naturally through time?

Antique Gold chains, like most antique jewellery, increase in value as the years go by, especially if the piece remains in tip-top condition. Unlike other investments that oscillate or deplete in monetary value, you can enjoy and wear your antique chain whilst also being safe in the knowledge that if you did want to sell your jewellery, it would fetch a higher price tag.

We at Kanhai Jewels have a stunning array of antique Gold chains and antique Silver chains on our website. We handpick each and everyone that is listed, so you will certainly find the beautiful chain you are looking for.

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