Trendy Oxidised Earrings

Oxidised jewellery is turning many heads lately, and rightfully so. Though this jewellery came into existence approximately 5 to 6 decades ago, these jewellery pieces are gaining unprecedented popularity and demand across the globe.

Oxidised earrings are deemed the finest standalone jewellery as well as the key part of oxidised jewellery sets.

For the oxidised earring enthusiasts out there, Kanhai Jewels is your one-stop destination for a wide array of oxidised earring designs at competitive prices. The intricate designs, careful carvings, the die-for polish and fine furnishings are some of the value propositions the Kanhai Jewels team brings forth.

Oxidised Earring Outfit Ideas

Are you on the lookout for trendy oxidised earrings ideas to team up with your daily or occasional ensembles? Kanhai Jewels brings to you a curated collection of the finest, authentic, and premium oxidised earrings in a host of styles, such as temple-style earrings, jhumkas, chandbalis, layered earrings, and more.

No matter whether you are getting ready for the office in a pair of jeans or formal attire, planning to meet up with your friends over a cup of coffee, or if you are attending a wedding or social gathering, oxidised earrings by Kanhai Jewels can be the perfect fit. Get premium oxidised earrings at Kanhai Jewels at stunning designs and affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are oxidised earrings?

Oxidised earrings are earrings that are produced with gold or silver alloyed with other metal variants. Though these earrings were introduced during the mid-20th Century, the popularity and demand for oxidised earrings grew by leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades. Be it office wear, party wear or casual wear, oxidised earrings go well with any ensemble. Get ready to dazzle in some of the finest oxidised earrings by some of the esteemed and trusted brands.

Is oxidised silver better than silver?

When it comes to jewellery materials, be it gold, be it silver, or other metallic variants, each of these has its own set of pros, cons, and elegance. When it comes to silver and oxidised silver, we can’t say either is better than the other. Oxidised silver is regarded as blackened silver wherein the silver surface is intentionally blackened with chemical processes. This essentially speeds up the natural tarnishing process, creating an attractive dark patina, which consists of a layer of silver sulphide on the exterior of the metal. Compared to pure silver, oxidised silver is cost-effective and appears classy, regal, and elegant with curated handcrafting.

Does oxidised earring rust?

Oxidation and the process of rusting are linked. So, if you are wondering if your favourite piece of oxidised earring is going to rust over time, you can rest your worries. With the process of alloying, the surface of silver or gold is darkened to offer it the oxidised polish. The polish of the oxidised earrings might decline over a period of time depending on the usage frequency, other external factors, storage, and cleaning conditions. However, the process of rusting is much slower when it comes to oxidised jewellery pieces.  

How do you clean oxidised earrings?

Everyone wishes their jewellery to be gleaming and dazzling, be it gold jewellery or silver or diamond jewellery or even oxidised jewellery. However, with the dazzle of jewellery comes to the nuances of keeping the jewellery pieces clean and shining at all times.

If you are wondering how to clean your oxidised earrings, you can take a deep bowl, aluminium foil, baking soda and distilled water. Keep the oxidised earrings immersed in the warm mix for 15 to 20 minutes; clean the earrings carefully, rinse them off, and dry them. Apart from this, there are a lot of other DIY ways at home that you can leverage to keep your oxidised earrings shining like brand-new ones.

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