Antique earrings are a must-have in your jewellery collection. These earrings are available in various designs, styles and patterns. You can find antique earrings for women at Kanhai Jewels. You can choose from a wide range of antique jhumkas, which include classic designs such as Kundan jhumkas, chandbalis and more. These antique jhumkas feature intricate work on the surface which makes them look very elegant and stylish. 

Best Antique Earring Designs

Traditional antique earrings are the most beautiful and special accessory that you can wear with your outfit. They are unique and one of a kind, which makes them more precious than any other earring that you can buy.

There are many different types of traditional antique earrings available, and they come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Antique jewellery is very popular among women because it enhances their looks in a very elegant way.

Antique jhumkas: Antique jhumkas are also called traditional jhumkas or traditional earrings in India. They were popular during the Mughal era in India. The design of these earrings was inspired by the Persian style of designing jewellery which was popular at that time. These days, people usually prefer to wear artificial antique jhumkas because they look like real ones but are much cheaper than real ones.

Vintage earrings: Vintage earrings are also known as old fashion or old-style earrings. They have been around for years but have been modernised so that people can wear them easily without any problems. These days there are many websites where you can buy vintage jewellery online for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones.

The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Antique Earrings

Caring for antique jewellery requires extra consideration because it is more delicate than modern pieces. The best way to preserve your antique pieces is to wear them as often as possible and keep them away from chemicals and water.

Here are some tips to help you care for your antique jewellery:

Do: Wear Your Antique Earrings

The best way to care for your antique earrings is to wear them often. This will prevent them from becoming damaged or tarnished over time.

Don’t: Wear Your Antique Earrings While Swimming or Bathing

Water can damage the metal of your earring and cause it to rust or corrode. So be sure not to wear your vintage jewellery while swimming or bathing.

Buy Antique Jhumkas Online

Kanhai Jewels is a renowned platform that provides you with a wide range of antique jhumkas. You can choose from a wide range of jhumkas according to your choice and preference. The antique jhumkas are available in different designs, shapes and sizes. These gold and rose gold plated earrings are made up of high-quality materials that make them durable and long-lasting. At Kanhai Jewels, you can also buy the latest antique earrings, artificial antique jhumkas, and vintage earrings online at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about antique earrings?

Antique earrings are the most cherished accessory of an Indian woman. The timeless beauty of antique jewellery is something that has been appreciated by women throughout the generations. Traditional antique earrings can be worn with any outfit, and they can make you look sophisticated and elegant.

Antique jewellery is not just about the design or the material used to make it. It’s all about how well it matches your personality and style statement. Women who want to experiment with their fashion choices will find these antique earrings perfect for them because they give them an opportunity to play around with different styles without having to spend a lot of money.

What are vintage earrings made of?

Vintage earrings are usually made of gold and silver. Gold is a soft metal that can be easily bent or broken, so it's not ideal for larger pieces. However, it is still an excellent choice for smaller pieces like studs and hoops. Silver is a stronger metal that doesn't bend as easily as gold does, but it is also a bit more expensive than gold. Vintage earrings come in many different styles, from simple studs to elaborate hoop earrings or statement drops.

How do you store vintage jewellery?

If you want to keep your vintage jewellery looking its best, it's important to take care of it properly. Here are some tips for storing and caring for your vintage pieces so they'll last longer and retain their value.

When you're not wearing your jewellery, store it in a safe place such as a jewellery box or drawer. Don't leave it out on display if you're not home since this puts it at risk of being damaged by exposure to extreme temperatures.

If you have a lot of vintage pieces stored together in one place, make sure they're separated from each other, so they don't scratch each other while they're in storage.

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