Kundan Tikkas

Maang tikkas, the ultimate forehead jewellery, needs no introduction. Be it from the times of the Indus Valley civilization or the mythological times of Ramayan, Mahabharata or the Rajputana royal legacy, maang tikkas have been profusely mentioned in historical tales. Even today’s modern, millennial women are embracing the maang tikkas as a style statement and must-have jewellery essentials, specifically for ethnic and festive celebrations.

While today’s marketplace is replete with AD/CZ, Indo-Western, Gold, and artificial maang tikkas, Kundan maang tikkas are in a league of their own. Kundan, which is otherwise regarded as the purest form of Gold, has been extensively used in the art of jewellery making since ancient times, and this Kundan jewellery is still ruling the trends even today. Kundan tikkas are perfect for achieving that all-encompassing ethnic look for any festive occasion. You can choose to coordinate Kundan tikka jewellery with matching Kundan bangles, neckpieces, earrings and finger rings to attain a regal and elegant look.

We at Kanhai Jewels understand your inclination and emotional attachment towards classic and captivating Kundan jewellery. And our expert craftsmen have thus strived to carve some of the spellbinding Kundan maang tikkas in versatile patterns to suit your varying styling needs.

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Ethnic Looks with Kundan Tikkas

What are your styling preferences? Are you a minimalist or someone who leaves no stone unturned in achieving the perfect look for any and every occasion? Whatever your style may be, you can never go wrong with some of the elegant Kundan tikkas from Kanhai Jewels.

Whether you are decked up in a classic Kanjivaram or South Silk, Patola saree, pastel lehenga or any Indo-Western style fusion wear, you can style your forehead with a Kundan maang tikka. From classic tikkas to Moti tikkas to Chand and Pearl tikkas to delicate ones, we have them all. You are hardly going to be disappointed with our collection. Brown, white, maroon, moti, peach, green and think of any other coloured attire, we have a perfectly matching Kundan tikka for you.

Deck up in style with our Gold, Rose Gold, Matte Gold, Rhodium and 2-Tone-plated Kundan tikka jewellery and thank us later for the attention that you are gonna garner at any and every gathering.

Why Choose Kanhai Jewels for Buying Kundan Maang Tikkas Online?

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1. What is Kundan Tikka?

Kundan Tikka is a traditional Indian forehead jewellery, commonly adorned by brides on their wedding day. It is celebrated for its intricate design and symbolises beauty, elegance, and marital bliss in Indian culture.

2. What does it symbolize in Indian culture?

In Indian culture, Kundan Tikka symbolises prosperity, beauty, and grace. This jewellery piece reflects the rich heritage and aesthetic values of traditional Indian adornments.

3. How does Kundan Tikka differ from other Tikka jewellery?

Kundan Tikka is distinguished from other Tikka jewellery by its elaborate use of pure gold and uncut precious stones. This results in a unique and luxurious design, setting it apart from other varieties of Tikka.

4. Why does Kundan Tikka hold significance in bridal jewellery sets?

In bridal jewellery, Kundan Tikka is pivotal, symbolizing the joy and sanctity of marriage. It embodies the rich cultural heritage of Indian weddings. Brides often choose Kundan Tikka to add a touch of regal elegance to their bridal ensemble.

5. What is the correct way to wear Kundan Tikka?

Correctly wearing the Kundan Tikka involves placing it on the forehead and securing it with a hair chain. It should complement your hairstyle and makeup. If you wear a Kundan Tikka properly, it enhances the overall grace and beauty of your traditional attire.

6. What cultural significance does Kundan Tikka have during festivals?

During festivals, Kundan Tikka's cultural significance is profound, enhancing the celebratory mood and traditional attire. It symbolises joy and festivity, making it a popular choice for enhancing the spirit of the occasion. This jewellery piece thus becomes a key element in festive celebrations.

7. How can I determine the quality of my Kundan Tikka?

To determine the quality of your Kundan Tikka, inspect the fineness of the gold and the clarity of the stones. Also, assess the precision of its design and craftsmanship. These factors collectively contribute to its overall value and appeal in the jewellery market.

8. What materials does Kanhai Jewels use in making Kundan Tikka?

Our process for making Kundan Tikka starts with a meticulous selection of pure gold and uncut diamonds. We enrich the designs with precious stones and, for added visual interest, occasionally coloured glass. This focus on high-quality materials ensures each Kundan Tikka we craft is a symbol of elegance and artistry.

9. How do I choose the right Kundan Tikka for my face and outfit?

To choose the ideal Kundan Tikka, consider the shape of your face and the style of your outfit. Also, think about the colour scheme of your attire to ensure the Kundan Tikka complements it well. Our experts at Kanhai Jewels are always available to assist in making the perfect choice.

10. What types of Kundan stones do you use in Tikka designs?

Our Kundan Tikka designs feature a variety of stones, including lustrous diamonds, vibrant rubies, serene emeralds, and captivating sapphires. Each stone is carefully selected for its quality and beauty, adding to the overall allure of the jewellery. These diverse stones allow us to create pieces that are visually stunning and rich in character.

11. How can I style my Kanhai Jewels’ Kundan Tikka with modern outfits?

We ensure our Kundan Tikka elegantly complements modern outfits, creating an exclusive fusion of traditional and modern styles. Our jewellery is a standout accessory for both traditional and contemporary wardrobes. Perfect for fashion enthusiasts who cherish classic elegance and a modern twist, our Kundan Tikka offers the best of both worlds.

12. What do the colours in Kundan Tikka designs symbolise?

The colours in our Kundan Tikka designs, such as red, green, and white, hold deep cultural significance. Red symbolises strength and passion, green represents prosperity and new beginnings, while white denotes purity and peace. These colours enhance the aesthetic appeal and also imbue our Kundan Tikka designs with rich cultural meanings.

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