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Antique Jewellery usually belongs to the bygone era of almost 100 years and has survived gradual human evolution over the years. However, it may not always mean pre-worn or handed-down jewellery. It generally refers to jewellery made from previously old jewels from the royal era or jewellery crafted by taking inspiration from these precious vintage designs from the era of yore.

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Antique Jewellery usually belongs to the bygone era of almost 100 years and has survived gradual human evolution over the years. However, it may not always mean pre-worn or handed-down jewellery. It generally refers to jewellery made from previously old jewels from the royal era or jewellery crafted by taking inspiration from these precious vintage designs from the era of yore.

Antique jewellery tends to have the age-old unprecedented popularity even in today’s context. Despite the innumerable options for modern, western jewellery, traditional antique jewellery still is the trendsetter and trend ruler.

Antique jewellery is becoming highly popular in modern-day times because of its rustic, time-worn looks, vintage aura, unique charm, state-of-the-art workmanship, and high-quality stones and gems. Antique Indian jewellery can be easily identified given its discreet design and lustre from the royal darbars of the bygone era. Our antique jewellery is usually crafted in either Copper, Brass or a mixture of it and combined with artificial gems, beads, Kundankari or the like.

Kanhai Jewels has got decisive precision as an antique jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier and exporter. Our antique jewellery collection emits an unusual royal aura with fine detailing and distinctive designs crafted by our ace craftsman. As an antique jewellery manufacturer, we have earned the fame of creators of flawless finishes and rustic designs. Our jewellery emits a magical spell like no other. Traditional antique jewellery, temple jewellery or Indian-themed jewellery, you name it, and we have something for everyone that not only exudes the regal vibe but is also resplendent, and belongs to some of the iconic jewellery collections.

We supply high-quality, unique antique jewellery items at wholesale prices. Our aim is to create a suave fusion of state-of-the-art modern technology with vintage design inspirations. Kanhai Jewels is a wholesaler, manufacturer and exporter of some of the most rustic and aesthetic antique jewellery. The unarguably royal-looking antique jewellery, is now not beyond your reach with Kanhai Jewels. Either browse our online collection or drop into our stores and experience the aura of traditional antique jewellery yourself.

Plunge into the bygone era with us as we supply antique jewellery at wholesale prices.

Antique jewellery is a graceful and royal-looking fashion ornament. The collection of antique jewellery in Kanhai Jewels is extensive. The types of antique jewellery available on the website of the brand show the vastness of craftsmanship. Moreover, the old yet beautiful look of the rustic collection is perfect for a modern jewellery wardrobe. Antique ornament is what you would like to combine with Zardousi dresses and bridal wear attires. The vast variants of antique ornaments are meant for traditional and stylish party wear and wedding wear.

Great variety in antique jewellery

Antique jewellery is the most famous and trendy jewellery that women are very fond of wearing on every occasion to pair up with their outfits. One can fall in love with the antique jewellery designs offered by Kanhai Jewels. We offer exclusive traditional designs to our customers. Our craftsmen are very creative and have lots of ideas in their minds. We are just a click away from our customers as we have an online portal to which a customer has access to shop for antique jewellery sets. You will find all kinds of jewellery designs at our store. Be it bridal jewellery, silver antique jewellery, gold antique jewellery, or any other.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some of the timeless, exclusively-styled antique jewellery on our website and in our stores today!

Purpose of buying antique jewellery

Antique jewellery is perfect for any ethnic attire. It is a unique-looking and graceful kind of traditional ornament which imparts a classic royal look to a person. The exquisite detailing and precise designs are works of specially trained jewellery designers of Kanhai Jewels. You will be amazed to see that every piece of antique jewellery is authentically gorgeous and unparalleled. The antique jewellery section has a rich collection of all sorts of fashion and costume ornaments.

Price and types of antique jewellery

Jewellery buying has always been linked to the wealth quotient; the rich were believed to be the ones with the most jewellery. We, at Kanhai Jewels, strive to bridge this cultural, and monetary disparity by offering excellent antique jewellery at reasonable prices by making these accessible to all.

We at Kanhai Jewels offer antique jewellery at a very reasonable price. Being a wholesaler, manufacturer, and exporter of such beautiful collections, we have a vast category of budget-friendly antique jewellery collections. The broad type of antique imitation jewellery has Necklace, earrings, bangles, Pendant, finger rings, Payal, Belt, sindoor boxes, hair brooch, mangalsutra, damini, tikka, jhuda, nose rings, hair clips, ear chains, kadas, Bracelets, hath pans, Brooch, bore, baju band, chain, and pasa.

All the antique jewellery has a reasonable price with subtle detailing of work. Online shopping for such an elegant collection of jewellery is a great experience. So, visit our website for a glance at all categories of such ornaments. We are confident about customer satisfaction and the quality of the product. This is the reason why Kanhai Jewels have become a pioneer in online shopping of imitation ornaments, including antique jewellery.

Here is a description of all types of antique jewellery available in Kanhai Jewels.

Gift or Add to your Jewellery Collection

We at Kanhai jewels are committed to providing the best quality products to their clients at affordable rates. In India, we are the leading exporter and manufacturer of antique jewellery. Also, our team is punctual in delivering the products as per the expectations and even beyond that. All jewelleries offered by us last for years without any harm in polish and their appearance. You can also gift from the collection of our jewelleries to your loved ones to show your affection. Also, you can gift Kundan antique jewellery set to your bride or bridesmaid and see their happy and smiling faces.

Antique Necklace

The extensive collection of antique necklaces starts only from Rs.120/-. The necklaces are gold-plated with matching earrings. All sorts of necklaces are available in this collection. And prices of the necklaces are budget-friendly. All antique necklaces are beautifully crafted to impress anyone. This is an ideal gift for any wedding ceremony or other occasion. One can select the designer's collection from this antique necklace category to pair with a bridal outfit. And an antique jewellery set is never complete without a necklace!

Antique Earring

Antique earrings are the most loved in the antique jewellery collection. The beautiful creation of such traditionally designed earrings is perfect for any occasion. The price of the earrings is pretty affordable. The designs are available in stud, jhumkis, and other models. The rustic pattern of the royal collections of the designer section is made for pairing with bridal necklaces. These earrings are studded with beads too. The gold-plated earrings are ideal for any ethnic outfit. One can gift these to any woman on any occasion.

So, if you are someone with a massive knack for an extravagant earring collection, checking out Kanhai Jewels’ antique earring collection becomes a must for you. Dazzle in some of the timeless pieces and inspire awe among your friends, family, and peers.

Antique Bangles

Kanhai Jewels present an extensive collection of bangles. Bangles are essential ornaments for any Indian woman. The antique bangles have exemplary designs to look at. There is a pair of antique bangles for any woman- traditional or modern. The stone studded bangles are beautiful pairs to match with any other antique jewellery. The exclusive collections of bangles are overwhelmingly beautiful. The precision of the designs is amazingly graceful.

Antique Pendant Set

Antique Pendant Sets from this category are beautiful and sophisticated. The collection has a pendant set for any purpose. The daily wear sets have delicate designs that are incredibly affordable. And the heavy models of antique jewellery pendant sets are great to wear at parties. The pendant sets come in gold plating, along with a pair of matching earrings. And the designer's collections are vibrant and glamorous. The Mala designs are unique among these collections. The designer sets are around Rs.2000 to Rs.4,065. Jewellery designers precisely model the sets.

Antique Finger Ring

The ornaments from the antique jewellery section are quite impressive and unique for any modern woman. It carries the tradition of old gold jewellery. And it also has a mark of sophistication in modern designs. The price of the antique finger rings is pretty affordable. The statement finger rings are ideal for sporting with any partywear. Apart from the cost of the products, the detailing of the imitation jewellery is worth seeing. The handcrafted styles are the best in the class to choose from.

Antique Payal

Payal is an indispensable imitation jewellery from this antique jewellery section. Antique jewellery Payal has an extraordinary design, which makes it different from the other imitation jewellery payals. Kanhai Jewels have an extensive collection of antique Payal imitation jewellery. The designers have spent years achieving spellbound designs. And such collections are the best for any occasion. Bridal jewellery sets must contain such sets of antique Payal, which are available at a budget-friendly price.

Antique Belt

An antique jewellery belt is a must-have collection for any bridal party wear. It can be paired with any ethnic outfit also. There are lots of fabulous designs available in the antique belt collection on the Kanhai Jewels website. The budget-friendly antique jewellery collection starts at a very reasonable price. If you want to buy bridal belts, buy them from the designer section. Designer belts are premium and handcrafted with minute detailing. So, visit this category right now if you are planning to shop for a bride!

Antique Sindoor Box

The antique designed Sindoor Box is a perfect gift option. The newly married women will love to get a present from a loved one. The antique finish of the sindoor box looks royal. And it is available at a reasonable price too. Grab a sindoor box from this antique jewellery section for choosing any bridal gift.

Apart from being the absolute bridal gift, these antique sindoor boxes can adorn your own cosmetic and jewellery collection too. Relive the extravagant experience of traditional antique jewellery every day with Kanhai Jewels.

Antique Hair Brooch

Antique hair brooch antique jewellery is a must-have for any bride's jewellery wardrobe. The vast variants of the hair brooch will impress you at first sight. The statement antique jewellery hair brooches are best for any special occasion. The fashion ornament collection of the antique section is mesmerising and graceful. The price of jewellery is the best in the market. Multiple hair brooches are available in this section. This imitation jewellery is gold-plated. The beads and stone used in these hair brooches are stunning to look at.

Antique Mangalsutra

The designs of the antique jewellery mangalsutra are the best in the section of bridal jewellery. One can wear it daily without worrying about fading of the plating. The gold-plated designs are great for all-purpose use. It will match effortlessly with other Kundan, antique, or other imitation jewellery. The affordable prices are another level of the real reason to add in the features of the Antique jewellery Mangalsutra. Check the variants available on the website of Kanhai Jewels to know more. And order your favourites.

Antique Damini

Antique jewellery Damini is a beautiful hair accessory. It is meant to be worn on the crown. And the imitation jewellery collection is impressive in beautifying the hairstyles of a bride. Daminis are graceful and dramatic jewellery for any party or occasion. The designs of Daminis are beautiful to wear on special occasions.

Antique Tikka

Antique jewellery tikka is as beautiful as antique damini. But tikka looks more sophisticated. The description given on the website is best for understanding the purpose. The antique jewellery tikka is gorgeous to add any extra glam to the bride's look.

Antique Jhuda

The antique jewellery Jhuda is beautiful to pair with other imitation jewellery hair accessories. The detailing of the designs and stones studded in it is worth a look. The designs are handcrafted and beautifully made. The jewellery designers of Kanhai Jewels have an experienced set of jewellery designers for designing such beautiful antique jhuda imitation jewellery.

Antique Nose Ring

This section of antique jewellery is the best for any bridal collection. The bridal ornament is never complete without a piece of antique nose ring. The beauty of the nose rings lies in the strings of the nose rings. Most of the designer collection's nose rings are gracefully crafted to embrace a bride's face.

Antique Hair Clip

The designs of the antique jewellery hair clip are graceful. The fashion ornament category of the hair accessory collection is impressive, as well. The minute detailing of the antique hair clip is perfect for any occasion or party wear. The designs of the antique hair clips are fantastic for any gift purpose.

Antique Ear chain

Ear chains from this antique collection can be the best for any bridal purpose jewellery shopping. The antique jewellery ear chain is a purposeful ornament in the fashion ornament collection. Experienced jewellery designers precisely model the designer category. So it is expected that the quality of the jewellery will not be less than perfection.

Antique Kada

Most of the imitation jewellery Kada is designed for regular wear. Stone studded, and gold plated imitation jewellery Antique jewellery Kada is best for bridal wear. The price of the Antique jewellery Kada is reasonable as per the market rate. So, it will be a deal for any shopper to choose Kada from this collection.

Antique Bracelet

An antique jewellery Bracelet is the best choice for any woman. The designs are modelled with precision and detail. Antique Bracelets are of many types. The bracelets are gold-plated. Some of the Antique Bracelets have beads. Most antique jewellery bracelets are adjustable. So, it is suitable for any palm shape.

Antique Hath Pan

Antique Hath Pan is the best choice for pairing with any bridal jewellery collection. This imitation jewellery comes in a pair. All the Hath Pans are gold-plated and adjustable for any palm shape.

Antique Brooch

Antique jewellery has a versatile collection of Brooch. It enhances the beauty of any dress. The price of the Antique Brooch is pretty affordable. The designs in the exclusive antique jewellery section are premium and designed for bridal jewellery.

Antique Bore

Antique Bore is a type of maang tikka imitation jewellery. It is perfect for any wedding occasion. The company guarantees the quality of such bridal jewellery for customer satisfaction. This is available in usual, and matt finish.

Antique Baju Band

A bride's costume is never complete without a piece of Baju Band imitation jewellery. Antique jewellery Baju Band is ideal imitation jewellery for pairing with ethnic outfits.

Antique Chain

The designs of the antique chain are delicate yet sophisticated. It is perfect for daily wear. And this section has the lowest price of imitation jewellery for women.

Antique Pasa

The imitation jewellery collection is an impressive choice for any bride or newly married woman. Antique Pasa, a variety of imitation jewellery, helps to enhance the party look.

Buy antique jewellery online easily

Kanhai Jewels have a wide range of ethnic jewellery collections. It includes traditional jewellery like antique jewellery sets. The online site offers to see the antique jewellery designs available online with prices. The Antic jewellery collection consists of antique rings, antique gold jewellery, antique necklace and other types of ornaments.

The traditional jewellery trend

The trend of traditional jewellery and ethnic jewellery has become the latest bridal fashion. The antique necklace and antique earrings collections are the most purchased products for wedding purposes. Apart from these, antique rings are also popular among brides as they increase the beauty of a bride's palms. Antique gold jewellery is the best option to gift to any woman who loves gorgeous ornaments.

The culture of wearing antique jewellery

The culture of wearing antique jewellery arrived in the ancient time when people used to consider it as an emblem of the aristocracy. Now, Kanhai Jewels offer a vast collection of antique jewellery online to every buyer. We provide artificial jewellery wholesale all over the planet. Antique jewellery is popular among the young generation too. Newly married women love to pair their outfits with trendy antique gold jewellery that we sell on the website.

The maintenance and durability of antique jewellery

Antique jewellery can be cleaned and maintained easily with professional expertise. We do not recommend using any unknown chemicals (including perfumes) for cleaning. And we also suggest avoiding water to maintain the beauty of the piece of jewellery. It will make it last for a more extended period. Moreover, Kanhai Jewels sell the best quality antique jewellery. So, all of these are sturdy and long-lasting.

Kanhai- the best destination for antique jewellery shopping

Get the latest designs of antique jewellery at none other than Kanhai jewels which focuses on delivering and making its customers happy with its products. We take care of our client's tastes and preferences and try to customise the design accordingly. You can do online shopping for various jewellery designs by exploring the website with the best-discounted rates at none other than Kanhai Jewels.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Antique Jewellery?

Antique Jewellery is a kind of traditional Jewellery or Ethnic jewellery. It is an emblem of age-old ornaments. It has a unique vintage style.

What types of Antique Gold Jewellery are available here?

We have various types of popular antique jewellery designs. It includes an antique necklace, earring, finger ring, bangle, pendant, payal, antique rings, belt and so on. All trendy designs are available here.

What are the countries where antique Jewellery sets are famous?

Antique jewellery designs are famous in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other middle-east countries. Nowadays, western countries are also importing antique jewellery sets as the demand has been increasing day by day.

Can Antique rings be a bride's ideal ornament for the big day?

Artificial Jewellery is a superb choice for parties, occasions, weddings and other rituals. It enhances the bride's attire providing a glamorous look.

What are the categories of Antique jewellery designs on our website?

You will get the bridal collection, designer collection, daily wear collection and many more things on our website. You can choose according to your preferences.

Who can wear Antique jewellery?

An antique necklace is one of the most popular artificial jewellery sold on our website. Any woman can wear this kind of jewellery according to their choice. There is lightweight Jewellery in this section also for daily wear.

Why is antique gold jewellery the best option for a gift?

Antique Jewellery designs are the best for brides and newly married women. It is the perfect gift option for any occasion like puja, wedding, party and so on. The price is also reasonable. So, you can buy these as budget-friendly gifts.

What are the plating types available for Antique jewellery?

It is a cheap jewellery option also. It is available in Kanhai Jewels in Mehndi plating, Rhodium plating, gold plating, oxidised plating, matte gold plating and even two-toned plating.

How to maintain the Antique Jewellery set?

It is easy to maintain the antique jewellery set. All you need to do is to follow the instructions for maintenance provided by the Kanhai Jewels team of experts. And you will see how durable these imitation jewellery are!

Why is it safe to buy Antique Jewellery online?

We, the Kanhai Jewels team, will guide you to pay safely online. We have secured payment gateways that protect customers’ confidential records and data. So, you need not worry about it.

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