American Diamond CZ Jewellery

Kanhai Jewels offer a vast range of attractive and designer American Diamond CZ Jewellery. In a country like India, jewellery has evolved from a status symbol to style statement. Gone are the days when women preferred only high-priced, real diamonds, gems and pearls. Today’s trendy women are looking to accessorize their outfit almost every day with matching fashion jewellery. Also known as western jewellery, this type of jewellery gives the wearer the dual benefit of adorning jewellery while making a style statement.

Fashion jewellery like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings in different shapes, sizes and colors allows the much-need space to the wearer to match the jewellery to any outfit from their closet. Designers have worked their way out to create some stunning, lightweight and easy-to-go fashion jewellery designs over the years. Moreover, since it’s almost an everyday item, fashion jewellery comes in at very affordable prices.

Kanhai Jewels is proud to list themselves as one of the best fashion jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier and exporter. Our fashion jewellery line has revolutionary designs that are in tune with the everyday changing fashion trends. Kanhai Jewels is a supplier and exporter of some really cool fashion jewellery with vibrant colors, textures and lovely designs.

From classic to bold designs, playful to subtle colors, we are the finest fashion jewellery manufacturers. All shapes and sizes for rings, neck pieces, earrings or bracelets are available at wholesale price with us.

Discover the trends with the fashion jewellery from Kanhai Jewelers, the largest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of western jewellery.

Among the jewelry ranges, American Diamond CZ Jewellery is an excellent choice for any elegant lady. They have specialized artisans for crafting, drawing and producing such imitation jewelry of this collection.

American Diamond CZ Jewellery is a premium choice for any special occasion. And American Diamond CZ jewelry is a mark of beauty at its best. And, this collection offers the customer a variety of options to select.

Reason for buying American Diamond CZ jewelry

American Diamond CZ Jewellery is a brilliant choice for any use. One can choose it to wear in the office. And one can also wear it at an evening party. The elegance American Diamond CZ has is unbeatable in comparison to other range of jewelry. Kanhai Jewels offer a vast range of designs in the collection of imitation jewelry. And you also get an option to customize your choice if needed. The gorgeousness of American Diamond CZ jewelry is worth visiting. A full collection of all kinds of American Diamond CZ Jewellery is there on the website of Kanhai Jewels.

The best American Diamond CZ jewelry from Kanhai Jewels

There are details of every kind of jewelry they present on the website. Not only that, they have high-resolution pictures of every single American Diamond CZ  jewelry they sell. So, choosing your favorite option is so much difficult to buy a piece of imitation jewelry. American Diamond CZ Jewellery is the show stopper of their craftsmanship. This type of jewelry is always preferable to any other fashion jewelry available in the market. The reason is nothing but beauty and the best price. All the American Diamond CZ jewelry they sell is at a reasonable price. Kanhai Jewels are the best in the market to buy wholesale and retail American Diamond CZ jewelry.

Types of American Diamond CZ Jewellery

Kanhai Jewels design and sell various types of American Diamond CZ Jewellery. These all are beautiful costume jewelry. It will enhance the look of any woman instantly. There are all types of designs, from classic to bold. Choices of colors are also available in the category of American Diamond CZ Jewellery. So why wait? Come and visit the beautiful and glamourous collection of American Diamond CZ Jewellery.

American Diamond Necklace

Kanhai Jewels have an extensive range of American Diamond CZ jewelry necklace. It starts with the only Rs.380. This delicate design comes with silver plating, rose gold plating, gold plating, rhodium plating, and two-tone plating. The simple collection of American diamond CZ  jewelry comes with a pair of beautiful earrings. There are necklaces of every price range. And you will see how uniquely these are made. Every design is different from others. The highest range for this collection runs up to seven to eight thousand in Indian currency. The prices are at wholesale rates for all imitation necklaces. The partywear collections come with bold earrings and heavy necklaces. And these fashion jewelry are like a fashion statement. Wedding guests would love to gift the American Diamond CZ jewelry to a bride.

American Diamond Pendant Set

Pendants are always simply beautiful. These add a touch of grace to any woman's attire. So, you can wear such American Diamond CZ jewelry comfortably daily. American Diamond Pendant Set is an everyday wear imitation jewelry for women of any age group. So, you can buy without any hesitation. Kanhai Jewels have a significant collection of American Diamond Pendant Set. It starts from a very decent range. The pendant comes with an attractive pair of earrings. This kind of American Diamond CZ jewelry is perfect for gifting also. You can choose from gold plating, rhodium plating, rose gold plating, two-tone plating, and other options. American Diamond CZ Jewellery comes in various colors of stones. So you can choose your perfect choice to match with your outfit.

American Diamond Kada

American Diamond CZ jewelry has a new range of Kada. You will get a fantastic collection of American Diamond CZ jewelry Kada on this website. The Kadas are available in two-tone plating, gold plating, rose gold plating, rhodium plating, and many more. These are beautifully studded with beautiful American diamonds for an added glam. All the designs are different from each other. And this impressive collection of American Diamond CZ jewelry starts only from Rs.100/- for wholesalers or business people. The range gets higher with types of designs and quality of American Diamonds. The premium collections are worth to have a try.

American Diamond Earring

Kanhai Jewels offer you to choose the best collection of designer earrings from their website. American Diamond CZ jewelry earrings are such an option for any woman who loves imitation jewelry. The wholesale rate of earrings is pretty low. It starts from Rs.30/- for a reference. The best quality earrings are available in Jhumki, Stud, and other designs. There are also colorful stone-made earrings available in this American Diamond CZ jewelry category. The premium collections are unparalleled as per crafting and quality of American Diamonds. The uniquely built designs are preferable for any party or occasion.

American Diamond Bangles

Kanhai Jewels have an extensive collection of American Diamond CZ jewelry Bangles. Bangles are one of the best choices for any elegant woman. A pair of uniquely crafted bangles will enhance the gorgeousness of a lady's arms. The sparking glory of premium quality American diamonds will add extra beauty to such costume jewelry. These Bangles range from Rs.190/- to Rs.1,635/- for wholesalers and business people. No American Diamond CZ Jewellery collection is complete without American diamond bangles. These bangles are available in silver plating, rose gold plating, gold plating, rhodium plating, and two-tone plating. And one can choose it in different colors of stones. The heavy and bold pairs of Bangles are perfect for a bridal collection.

American Diamond Bracelet

Kanhai Jewels have a premium range of American Diamond Bracelet. American Diamond CZ jewelry collection from this category will surprise you with variety. These are available at a reasonable price, which is around a hundred bucks. But the designer collections are available at a higher range. The imitation jewelry bracelets are always the best option for any day-party or office meeting. American Diamond Bracelets are the best gift options for birthday, wedding, anniversary, and Raksha-Bandhan. Such beautiful imitation jewelry is the best collection for any girl or woman who loves sophisticated yet simple style statements.

American Diamond Mangalsutra

Kanhai Jewels have wide variants on American Diamond CZ jewelry, including Mangalsutra. American Diamond Mangalsutra is the premium collection of imitation jewelry. And a sophistication lies in the design. The grace and beauty of such uniquely crafted Mangalsutra are worth to have a look. American Diamond imitation jewelry is the best option for daily wear. Mangasutra is an essential ornament for a Hindu married woman. Such delicate designs are perfect for office wear too. These are available at a reasonable price and in many types of plating.

American Diamond Finger Ring

Finger ring enhances the femininity of a woman's fingers. Imitation jewelry is the prime choice for most women to wear a finger ring for daily purposes. Kanhai Jewels offer an enriched collection of finger rings in the American Diamond section. These are available in gorgeous designs too. One can select a bridal finger ring as statement jewelry. Daily wear finger rings are available only from Rs.85. The ranges get higher with intensity if the designs and quality of stones used. The gold plated rose gold plated, rhodium, and other types of finger rings are available on the website. The rates are best in the market.

American Diamond Hath Pan

Hath Pan is a piece of traditional bridal jewelry. But wedding guests also wear Hath Pan as fashion jewelry. Kanhai Jewels have a premium range of imitation jewelry, including Hath Pans. Softly designed Hath Pans are perfect for a party look. And boldly designed ones are appropriate for a bridal look. Hath Pans are available in gold plating, rose gold plating, two-tone plating, rhodium plating, and many more. Imitation jewelry collections are always incomplete without a Hath Pan. The sparkling stones on the ornaments emphasize the grace in it.

American Diamond Tikka

Any partywear imitation jewelry collection must have a tikka or mang tika. It looks gorgeous on any woman's temple. It completes the bride's beauty too. Kanhai Jewels have an extensive collection of American Diamond Tikka are of many types: Gold plated, rose gold plated, two-tone plated, rhodium-plated, and so on. These collections are available from only Rs. 190 for wholesalers and businessmen. The collection also includes designer choices. These are perfect for any bridal wear or party wear. All designs are unique and worth trying.

American Diamond Chain

American Diamond CZ jewelry chain is an essential ornament for any jewelry lover. It is a daily wear ornament worn mostly by women and girls. The delicate beauty of the chain is worth trying from this imitation jewelry range. The price of the products is also very reasonable. The American diamond-studded chains are worth to have a try. You will never be dissatisfied with the collection. The heavy chains are available at a little higher price. But the bold designs are worth buying for attending a party. These chains are available in various color stones and different types of plating, just like other imitation jewelry of Kanhai Jewels.

Why choose Kanhai Jewels for American Diamond CZ jewelry?

Imitation jewelry that is available in Kanhai Jewels is worth buying. All collections are unique. Designs that are handcrafted for making precious collections are made with the help of top jewelry designers. The simplicity of imitation jewelry is another reason buying form Kanhai Jewels. It is the final destination for shopping costume jewelry and imitation jewelry.

American Diamond CZ jewelry for All-purpose

American Diamond CZ jewelry is a stylish sort of ornament. Sport a corporate look or glamorous party wear look with American Diamond CZ jewelry. The versatility of such sophisticated ornaments is easy to carry with any outfit. The essential collections like Mangalsutra, Kada, Chain, and Earrings are preferable to add in any woman's jewelry shopping list. And bridal collections like Tikka, Necklace, Bracelets, and Hath Pan are essential to include in a bride's shopping list.

Online shopping of American Diamond CZ jewelry

Kanhai Jewels have made it easier for businessmen and individual shoppers to buy imitation jewelry online. Only you need to sign up for an account. Payment procedures are safe to pay online. The shipping system of jewelry is hassle-free for any customer. So, all you need to do is to log in the website and fill your cart for online shopping. We will deliver the best collection at your doorstep without any extra hazards. So, visit now The American Diamond CZ Jewellery collection to select your favorite ones.

American diamond jewellery trend

The glamour of the American diamond never fades. Kanhai Jewels provide an extensive collection of the American diamond jewellery with exceptional quality of designs. You will be amazed to see the collection of CZ jewellery here on the online shopping store of Kanhai Jewels. The trend of wearing American diamond jewellery came with changes in fashion worldwide. And, Kanhai Jewels establish a new twist in the ranges of the same with unique patterns and best quality.

The versatility of American diamond jewellery

The collection has been spiced up with additions of Cubic Zirconia jewellery including Cubic Zirconia rings. The famous AD jewellery patterns are made of premium quality CZ stones. Cubic Zirconia Jewellery has high demand nowadays for the versatility of it. Cubic Zirconia rings are popular among brides and grooms too.  CZ rings add a different aura of glamour to the bride's looks. The CZ rings are popular in the AD jewellery range. Kanhai Jewels have an extensive premium collection of all kinds of Cubic Zirconia jewellery.

The popularity of American diamond jewellery

American diamond earrings and American diamond necklace set are popular among the bridal collection. You will be surprised to see the beautiful designs of these sets of ornaments. Most of the American diamond necklace and earrings are curated for bridal occasions. These are great options for gifting also. CZ rings also have a matching pair with such earrings and other American diamond jewellery.

Current Trends in American Diamonds Jewellery

American Diamonds are an extremely gorgeous substitute for real diamonds and are widely being loved by women of all age groups. Be it a young girl, a beautiful woman, or an old lady - diamonds, indeed, are girls' best friends forever. As per the latest market trends, American diamonds are being worn and loved by all generations. Special love is being poured on the combination of pearl and American diamonds as diamonds take care of the glitter part while pearl adds a classic element all together to the jewellery.

Apart from combining them in earrings, rings, etc two simple yet beautiful combos can be created by the two by using a big pearl in the middle surrounded by little shining American diamonds and another one could be created by swapping the places of diamonds and pearls with each other.


Best Sellers of Kanhai Jewels in American Diamond CZ Category

American diamond jewellery sets are also prepared by providing different platings to the jewellery items such as black plating, rhodium plating, etc. An entirely enhanced look comes out of the jewels due to these platings.

Some best sellers at Kanhai Jewels are pearl and diamond combinations, cz jewellery jhumkas with gold plating, cz front back earring with dual tone plating, classic American diamond jewellery, cz short earring with gold plating, classic ring and necklace sets with rose gold plating, etc, and many more.


New Arrivals in American Diamond CZ Jewellery at Kanhai Jewels

The astonishing diamond cuts which are provided by the workers of Kanhai Jewels with great expertise in hands have no other competition in the market. All our products are loved by the masses which give us the motivation to bring in more and more new additions into the collection. By adding some new and quirky designs to the collection, we have our unique new arrivals range in American diamond CZ jewellery collection.

Earlier the customers were in love with our American diamond beaded earrings, and thus we have added some really gorgeous designs like cz moti earrings with various plating options available.

The different vibes of western jewellery in CZ collection

Kanhai Jewels offer an elegant range of CZ jewellery. These are the most beautiful range to wear in any elegant gathering or meeting. The gorgeous western collections are the best choice to team with a partywear. All kinds of jewellery AD are a perfect combination of sleekness and glamour at the same time.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is American diamond Jewellery?

American diamond Jewellery is made with American diamonds. And American diamonds look like real diamonds whereas it is a cheaper option.

What types of CZ Jewellery are available here?

There are various types of American diamond jewellery set for a wedding on our website. American diamond necklace set, American diamond earring, cubic zirconia rings, American diamond pendant, bangles, kada, bracelet, cz rings, mangalsutra and so on are popular options.

In which country Cubic Zirconia Jewellery is famous?

American diamonds and the jewellery made of it are famous in Canada, Australia, USA, India and so on.

Why American Diamond Jewellery is the best option for brides?

If you are the bride who loves delicate yet sophisticated designs of bridal jewellery buy CZ jewellery. The gorgeous designs are curated with a lot of attention.

Which categories of ornaments are available in CZ Jewellery section?

We emphasise on the bridal collection of Cubic Zirconia Jewellery mostly. But daily wear collection is also available. The designer collection is there too if you need more gorgeous pieces!

Who can opt for American diamond jewellery?

From working women to brides, anyone can choose their best sets of imitation jewellery and western jewellery from us. The CZ collection have exquisite designs and unparalleled quality that will blow your mind!

How Cubic Zirconia jewellery differs from other types of ornaments?

CZ jewellery is crafted with a lot of patience and care! The expert designers create minute detailing on each ornament. And the patterns will stand out always when you wear these!

How is the quality of the American diamonds in CZ jewellery section?

The quality of Kanhai Jewels American diamond jewellery is outstanding. We provide the best quality of American diamond stones. These stones are original American diamonds and have more glow than ordinary stones.

Is American diamond Jewellery long-lasting? How to care?

These imitation jewellery are long-lasting if maintained properly. The team of experts of Kanhai Jewels will provide you with a detailed maintenance guide after purchasing from us. Proper care will elongate the longevity of the imitation jewellery.

 Is it safe to pay online while placing an order of American diamond Jewellery with us?

You can easily pay online with secured payment options. And if you face any trouble Kanhai Jewels customer care executives are there to help you.