Different varieties of Bangles


Your accessories not only add more description to your outfit but also compliment and beautify your body. Bangles are one such jewellery that a woman should possess and experiment with them a lot. Bangles are basically circular in shape and can be made of various precious and non-precious metals. Unlike bracelets, they are not flexible though they have a beauty of their own. There are various varieties of bangles available in the market such as glass bangles which are worn by the majority of middle-class Indian women.


Glass bangles are not just comparatively cheap but are also available with a lot many color options. Bangles are loved by all age-groups in Indian society. Not just a newly-wed lady, but even a young girl child is also seen wearing bangles, be it of plastic, or wood.


Get the latest designed bangles at Kanhai


Kanhai Jewels being one of the best bangles manufacturers in India provide with a long range of options in bangles which provide premium quality bangles at affordable rates. When we talk about the variety and options available, the list can go on and on. To begin with, some quick suggestions could include Antique bangles, Western bangles, Kundan Bangles, Indo-western bangles, etc.


Online shopping of bangles for great convenience


Any outfit is considered to be incomplete if you do not accessorize it properly and Bangles exist only to beautify your overall outfits. You will be surprised by the beautiful designs available in American diamond bangles, pearl bangles and much more. We, at Kanhai Jewels, offer you a safe place to shop online bangles, and other jewellery without any worries.



  1. Is it safe to buy bangles online?

Absolutely, with Kanhai Jewels you need not worry about the safety of your purchases as we ensure that they reach you safely.


  1. What are the varieties of bangles available?


There are numerous options available at Kanhai Jewels like American diamond bangles, golden color bangles, pearl bangles and kada, Kundan Bangles, etc.


  1. How to style bangles?


Kanhai Jewels have so many choices to offer that you can style your beautiful bangles in different ways to bring out the best from your entire look. Try them in contrasting colors of your lehenga, or pair them with some bold antique kada.


  1. Does customisation of jewellery cost more?


It totally depends upon the design and the amount of work that needs to be done on the jewellery piece. As this extra time and effort can cause the price to increase slightly.


  1. Is it compulsory for brides to wear bangles?


It is an individual's choice to wear bangles or not. However, bangles have been a part of our Indian culture from a very long time and even today women wear it as a symbol of feminism.


  1. Are there only traditional bangles available with you?


Every individual has an individual taste and keeping this in mind, at Kanhai Jewels, you can get not only traditional bangles but bangles with a modern twist are also present. Indo-western and western styles would be an equally amazing option.


  1. Will you be able to take bulk purchases?


With the development of modern technology, it becomes a very simple task to complete orders for wholesale bangles and make them available for online shopping for us. So you need not worry about any of these things.


  1. Which types of bangles are mostly liked?


Our collection of bangles and American diamond collection is not just very unique but is of very premium quality. They imitate the look of being made of precious metals very well and are highly preferred by the buyers.


  1. Are your bangles light weight?

Yes, our bangles are extremely light-weighted as we are aware of the fact that they could be worn on a daily basis and should support the wearer in day-to-day activities.


  1. Why should you pick Kanhai Jewels for your purchases?


Our one short promise for all our jewellery is Quality over everything. And things get better when you can have gorgeous designs and styles to choose from. Be it bangles, or any other jewellery piece you can always rely on Kanhai Jewels.