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Indian Exquisite Antique Kada

India is applauded across the globe for its rich cultural heritage, artistic elegance, expert craftsmanship and more. Jewellery designs from India have received unbridled appreciation and adoration from all corners of the globe and beyond geographical boundaries. The touch of antiquity and sophistication brought forth by Indian jewellery designers and artisans is fostered by cultural nuances, beauty, and aesthetics.

Antique kadas are hand jewellery that forms an integral part of Indian culture and are a must-have for all Indian women. The versatility of these antique kadas is the best part of them. And Kanhai Jewels is all about bringing forth versatile, elegant and timeless antique kadas to their customers.

You will be amazed at the collection of antique kadas online at Kanhai Jewels. From classic kadas to openable kadas to South India, temple-themed and peacock-themed kadas to delicate and modern ones - you can find them all at Kanhai Jewels.

Whether white is your favourite colour or green, black, blue, Ruby green, or gold is, get stunning and captivating antique kadas in versatile design patterns online. We have an antique kada for every ensemble and every occasion. Whether you are decking up for a friendly meet and greet or hosting celebrations at your place, elevate your style quotient with an antique kada from kanhai Jewels.

Gold plating, Matte gold plating and Matte Rhodium plating form the core of our antique kada collection. The plating, its finishings, and elegance add to the overall sophistication of our antique kadas. Inspire awe among your near and dear ones and make a style statement of your own with our antique kadas.

Why Kanhai Jewels is Your Go-to Destination for Buying Antique Kadas at Wholesale Prices

Kanhai Jewels is deemed one of the best-in-industry jewellery manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers when it comes to antique jewellery, Indo-Western jewellery, Gold, Kundan jewellery, oxidised jewellery, AD/CZ jewellery, and designer jewellery. Expert craftsmanship, premium quality jewellery articles, and competitive prices are some of our promises to our global customers.

With Kanhai Jewels, you can forgo the shop-hopping and just browse the extensive collection of antique kadas online with just a few clicks. Take your pick, place the order from the comfort of your couch, and we will get the jewellery chosen shipped to your doorstep in no time.

Done a captivating antique kada on any occasion, and get ready to be the recipient of unbridled appreciation from the crowd.


1. What is an Antique Kada?

An Antique Kada is a unique piece of hand jewellery, like a bracelet, worn on one arm or the other or both. These Kadas stand out with their intricate designs, often showcasing South Indian, peacock, and temple motifs. They embody the rich Indian heritage and are a testament to the exquisite artistry of Indian craftsmen.

2. Are Antique Kadas considered vintage jewellery?

Yes, Antique Kadas can be considered vintage jewellery, as they often have historical and aesthetic value due to their age and unique craftsmanship. Collectors and enthusiasts appreciate the charm and character that vintage Antique Kadas bring to their collections.

3. Are there different types of metals used in Kanhai Jewels’ Antique Kadas?

Kanhai Jewels offers Antique Kadas in various metals such as gold, silver, and brass, allowing customers to choose based on their preferences and budget. This wide selection ensures that there is something for everyone's taste and style.

4. What are the common designs found in Kanhai Jewels’ Antique Kadas?

Common designs in Kanhai Jewels' Antique Kadas include intricate filigree work, floral motifs, and traditional patterns inspired by Indian culture. These designs often have cultural and symbolic significance, adding to their appeal.

5. What makes certain Antique Kadas more valuable than others?

The value of Antique Kadas is determined by factors like the rarity of the design, the quality of materials used, and any historical significance associated with them. Antique Kadas with unique stories and craftsmanship tend to be more valuable to collectors.

6. Are there price ranges for different types of Kanhai Jewels Antique Kadas?

Kanhai Jewels offers Antique Kadas at a range of prices, depending on the metal, craftsmanship, and design complexity, ensuring options for different budgets. This affordability allows our customers to find a piece that suits their financial means.

7. What should I avoid to prevent damage to my Antique Kadas?

To prevent damage to your Antique Kadas, avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals, excessive moisture, and direct sunlight, and store them in a dry, padded container. Proper care and storage can prolong the life of these cherished pieces.

8. What factors should I consider when purchasing an Antique Kada?

When purchasing an Antique Kada, consider factors like its authenticity, craftsmanship, age, and the reputation of the seller to make an informed decision. These elements will help you choose a piece that meets your expectations.

9. How can I determine the resale value of my Antique Kadas?

Determining the resale value of your Antique Kadas can be done by consulting with experienced appraisers or jewellers like Kanhai Jewels who specialize in vintage jewellery. Their expertise can provide insights into the current market value.

10. What precautions should I take when considering repairs or alterations?

When considering repairs or alterations for your Antique Kadas, ensure you work with a skilled jeweller like Kanhai Jewels who understands the historical and aesthetic value of the piece and can maintain its integrity. Preserving the originality of the Kada is essential for its continued value.

11. Do Antique Kadas rust?

Antique Kadas, typically made of gold, silver, or alloys, undergo treatments to achieve their vintage appearance. Rusting is rare in these pieces due to the materials used. However, they might lose their lustre over time due to usage and storage conditions but can be easily restored to their original shine.

12. What are the steps for cleaning Antique Kadas?

For cleaning Antique Kadas, apply a degreasing solution or toothpaste, then immerse in warm water for 15-20 minutes. Scrub gently to remove dirt and rinse thoroughly. Finally, pat them dry to regain their original lustre.

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