10 Antique And Beautiful Jewellery Trends For Indian Brides!

November 09, 2022

Indian weddings have always been a grand affair. From the never-ending guest list to the extravagant decor to the exquisite, delicious and mouthwatering dishes, everything about Indian weddings are extraordinary. However, among all the grandeur, it’s the bride who takes centre stage. From artisan-crafted lehengas to the jewellery she wears to the mehndi designs on her hands, everything holds a sense of beauty, luxe, and sophistication.

Bridal fashion and jewellery have evolved over the years tremendously. While gold, Kundan, diamond, and pearl have ruled the bridal jewellery industry for centuries, it’s antique wedding jewellery sets that are ruling the trend lately. And why not? Antique jewellery exudes a sense of elegance, luxe, sophistication and a sense of vintage style. And what bride won’t wish to bash in those vibes on her big day?

If you are on the lookout for bridal antique jewellery sets online or planning to make the most of antique jewellery wholesale online, Kanhai Jewels are your go-to antique jewellery destination.

Next, in the article, we will discuss the top 10 antique jewellery trends that all Indian brides should watch out for. So, let’s get started!

Trend #1 - Earrings with Hair Chain

Most fashionistas follow celebrities for their glam looks, their ensembles and jewellery assortments. If you have been a die-hard fan of Bahubali and absolutely loved the jewellery owned by Devsena, aka Anushka Shetty, you can take your inspiration from there for your wedding look. Devsena decked up in some of the timeless earrings with elaborately decorated hair chains, and so can you for your wedding.

No matter whether you are going for antique jhumka earrings or temple-style earrings, you can always team them with an ear chain for the wedding. The traditional antique earrings from Kanhai Jewels, when combined with the regal hair chains available in versatile patterns, will let you stand apart from contemporary brides.

Trend #2 - Multi-layer Necklace

When it comes to decking up in contemporary or modern jewellery, the ensemble is deemed incomplete without a neckpiece. Multi-layer necklaces have been an indispensable part of Indian bridal jewellery for centuries. While brides of the past decades mostly preferred gold or Kundan, or pearl layered necklaces, antique necklaces are gaining unprecedented popularity lately. Be it an antique long necklace or a choker antique necklace; you can choose to layer them as per your preferences.

You can find an extravagant collection of antique choker necklaces, the long and layered ones, at Kanhai Jewels that are sure to take your breath away. Choose to dazzle your way to the wedding Mandap and rule there with your classy antique necklaces this wedding season.

Trend #3 - Rings Stacked Up

Unlike the western ladies who wear mostly an engagement and a wedding ring, Indian brides have quite the love for wearing multiple finger rings. While most of the brides are ditching traditional gold rings now to go for a diamond and solitaire finger ring, antique finger rings are clearly gaining ground in the finger ring arena.

If you are someone who loves to wear heavy, elaborate and studded finger rings, you will always find endless options online for antique rings. However, if you wish to go simple, you can still exude classiness by stacking up multiple antique finger rings that are surely going to inspire awe among your family and friends.

Trend #4 - Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery is jewellery that’s crafted with inspiration from the bygone era of Rajas and Maharajas. We often see the queens and princesses being decked up in regal temple jewellery sets in historical literature, classic photographs, and even in documentaries and Indian movies. And don’t we all love it all? Of course, yes.

Temple jewellery often hosts crafts that represent gods and goddesses in parts of the jewellery, and it is deemed auspicious to wear this jewellery during festivities, especially during weddings. And brides and bridesmaids can never go wrong with temple jewellery sets, either in gold or silver.

Trend #5 - Chokers Knitted on Fabric

Chokers knitted on fabric - this particular jewellery style has been making trends for quite some time, and it just suits the big, fat Indian wedding concept too. While these are super expensive, the look and the vibe are sure to die for. For your wedding, choose some of the classy chokers knitted on fabric, or you can always go for antique choker necklaces that will have an equivalent effort, nevertheless.

You can find timeless pieces of choker antique necklaces at Kanhai Jewels online and at affordable prices.

Trend #6 - Guttapusalu

The wedding jewellery sets for South Indian brides are deemed incomplete without Guttapusalu. With an origin back to the Coromandel coast in South India, this ‘bank of beads’ jewellery pattern has garnered love and adoration from brides and ladies alike over the years.

If you are planning to give your wedding jewellery trousseau a classic twist, Guttapusalu is for you. Guttapusalu Lakshmi necklace, gold multi-stone necklace, bridal multi-colour pearl Polki necklace, flower pattern drop necklace, etc., are some of the trending Guttapusalu designs for Indian brides.

Get your fav Guttapusalu at Kanhai Jewels right away!

Trend #7 - Meenakari Earrings

Meenakari jewellery dates back to the 16th Century, and despite being originated in Persia, this jewellery art was brought into India by the Mughal invaders. Since then, Mughals, Rajasthani Rajwadas and rulers from different corners of India have boasted about this jewellery art. Mughal floral patterns, peacock designs, portraits of gods and goddesses, leaves, flowers, and paisley twists are some of the key meenakari jewellery patterns that have been adored in India.

Include classy meenakari earrings as part of your antique bridal set, and you are all set to dazzle on your D-day. Kanhai Jewels present you with an extensive collection of meenakari earrings and other jewellery essentials in time-tested meenakari patterns that will boost the glam of your traditional antique jewellery for bridal wear by several notches.

Trend #8 - Polki Necklaces

Polki necklaces are all the rage these days, especially for Indian brides. If you were a fashion enthusiast, you would have seen many celebrities decked up in artificial Polki jewellery. Seek inspiration from these divas and glam up for your wedding day with some regal, sophisticated and timeless Polki necklaces, earrings and sets from Kanhai Jewels.

Polki is nothing but an uncut diamond that tends to have a usual polished surface. This adds to the uniqueness of each of the Polki pieces, offering the polki jewellery a vibe of elegance and alluring heterogeneity. Embrace this alluring jewellery trend for your big day, and be your own diva!

Trend #9 - Navratna Sets

Navratna, as the name suggests, is 9-gemstones that comprises Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, Emerald, Diamond, Coral, Topaz, Garnet, and Cat’s Eye. Each of these ratnas represents a planet in the solar system. While Ruby represents the Sun, Sapphire represents Saturn, Pearl represents the Moon, Emerald represents Mercury, Diamond represents Venus, Coral represents Mars, Topaz represents Mars, Garner represents Rahu, and the Cat’s eyes represent the Ketu planet. 

Navratna jewellery sets are crafted with these gemstones in different, alluring combinations to offer brides the much-needed regency-sophistication they deserve. You can find both artificial navratna sets and genuine ones online from trusted jewellery brands. Bid goodbye to your jewellery woes for your wedding day with the ‘The One’ navratna set.

Trend #10 - Maang Tikka

Maang tikka is the jewellery that’s worn on the forehead. This jewellery’s usage is not only limited to weddings and festivities. Marwadi, Gujarati, and women from certain different parts of India wear this headpiece on a daily basis as a custom or tradition. Like Mangalsutras, toe rings and vermilion, this is deemed as an article representing the well-being and prosperity of the spouse.

So, for your wedding day, find an antique maang tikka online only at Kanhai Jewels. You will find a host of antique tikkas that will speak to your heart but choose ‘The One’ at competitive prices.

Wrapping Up

Be it about everyday jewellery or wedding jewellery, Kanhai Jewels is your one-stop destination for bridal antique jewellery sets online at affordable prices. Check out our extensive, extravagant, and extraordinary collection of antique jhumka earrings, antique long necklaces, temple jewellery, the latest antique earrings, artificial Polki jewellery, antique tikkas, ear chains for weddings, and more right away.

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