5 Ways to Style Oxidised Jewellery

April 01, 2023

There is nothing that exudes elegance and confidence more than a simple piece of oxidised jewellery adorned on any outfit. Oxidised jewellery has been a staple in Indian culture for years, and there are several tribal groups across the country that have their own unique designs that hold a lot of social and cultural relevance. And Bollywood has played an integral part in reintroducing oxidised jewellery into mainstream fashion. There are a plethora of oxidised jewellery options to explore, and if you are a connoisseur of oxidised jewellery, then you will never run out of reasons to spend on them!  

The versatility of oxidised jewellery makes it the perfect fit for both formal, festive and casual occasions. From that important job interview to that Diwali party, oxidised jewellery is the perfect blend of simplicity and class. While the options for oxidised jewellery options are innumerable, it is daunting to figure out the right piece of jewellery for the right outfit and occasion. So, if you are new to oxidised jewellery or if you are looking for inspiration, here are a few ideas that you might like to try :

The classic jhumkas

Who can resist a pair of oxidised silver jhumkas on a simple white cotton kurta on a pair of dark blue denims? While this has been a tried and tested look, there are a variety of outfits you can pair your jhumkas with, including formal wear. A simple jhumka [albeit not too chunky] is a perfect accompaniment to a simple cotton saree or a formal dress. Also, if you are someone who prefers Indo-Western, you can pair your jhumkas with flowy formal wear; just ensure that your makeup is basic and your jewellery is minimal so that it doesn’t look too overcrowded and your overall look is balanced.

Depending on the occasion, you can either choose a chunky or a simple design for your jhumkas; for an official engagement, opt for the subtler version of the jhumka, which are simpler and easy on the eyes. For festive and wedding wear, you can style your outfit with designer multi-stoned oxidised jhumkas for a pop of vibrancy. Another addition to the jhumka is an earring chain that will add an elegant flair to your face.

Rest assured that you can never go wrong with a jhumka, there are various jhumka types for different face structures, and they are definitely a jewellery must-have!

The not so traditional maang tikka

While a maang tikka is considered a quintessential piece of traditional jewellery, it has now found its way into mainstream fashion and haute couture. You can wear a maang tikka on traditional outfits like lehenga choli, ghagras, anarkalis, shararas, and sarees. If you are feeling a bit edgy, you could wear a simple oxidised silver or brass metal maang tikka on any indo-western outfit, like a flowy kurta or a pair of dazzling palazzo pants. The best way to nail this look is to experiment, mixing and matching your maang tikka with your outfits before zeroing in on the final look.

Once you are confident in sporting a maang tikka, you can try oxidised maang tikkas encrusted with precious stones, which are catchy and vibrant. And the best compliment for a maang tikka is kohl-rimmed eyes or winged eyeliner.

Also, a maang tikka automatically shifts the focus on your hair, so you can either opt for an updo, soft beachy waves, or even a sleek pony. And for those with short hair, don’t worry; there are plenty of maang tikka options for you too!

Edgy nose rings

The traditional Indian nose ring has caught everybody’s fancy across the world. Many fashion labels have been inspired by the Indian nose ring and have created some masterpieces that have adorned the red carpets of Paris and New York.

While a nose ring was considered a traditional and cultural necessity in Indian society, over the last few years, it has been accepted as an exquisite piece of jewellery that can be worn in Indian and western wear. While you might be apprehensive about getting a nose piercing, there are many clip options in oxidised nose rings that are ideal for first-timers. Also, it isn’t such a bad idea to first get comfortable with clip-on nose rings before getting your nose pierced; it’ll definitely boost your confidence and help you figure out the right nose ring to compliment your face structure. If you are worried about your outfit choices with a nose ring, remember that there are plenty of nose ring designs to cater to every occasion. Nose rings can now be worn on almost any attire or occasion.

There are a variety of options for different face shapes, so be a little adventurous and gift yourself that nose ring.

Chunky oxidised rings

If you love your rings, then oxidised rings are a must in your collection. There are oxidised rings available for every occasion, from work wear and wedding wear to festive wear. While chunky rings are best suited for festive wear, you can wear them with formal wear but avoid pairing them with other jewellery and keep your makeup minimalistic.

Oxidised rings are one of the safest pieces of jewellery and can be worn on any outfit and occasion; you can never run out of reasons to wear one of these! Also, another recent hit is stacked rings, which make your fingers look slender and elegant. If you are opting for a simple oxidised ring, you can pair it with a bracelet to complete the look.

For weddings or festive wear, you can check for designer rings to compliment your festive outfit, and yes, weddings are the best time to experiment with your look, and there are some unique oxidised ring bracelet designs that are worth exploring!

So ring on that special occasion!

The Indian Choker

We saved the best one for the last, as this is one piece of jewellery that has revolutionised the fashion industry and is definitely one of India’s best gifts to the fashion world. From Princess Diane’s love for chokers to the elegant oxidised silver and brass chokers that are available at your neighbourhood fashion store, the choker is a regal piece of jewellery. Chokers are a great addition to your jewellry collection, and you can never get bored of the designs or run short of ideas to experiment with. Pairing a choker with your outfit gives the illusion of an elongated neck and can make you look and feel regal with a touch of soft sophistication.

Chokers are normally best worn on wide or V-neck attires, and if you are running out of time and need to rush for an event, a choker is your best friend. A choker can be worn without any accompaniments and is best paired with minimal makeup or winged eyeliner for a flawless look. These are also great for people who don’t prefer makeup, as a choker is a statement piece, and it will automatically brighten your look.

If you are planning to buy a choker for the first time, then you can opt for an oxidised silver or brass metal choker, and these are pretty pocket friendly, too. If you're feeling adventurous, then you could explore options from tribal artisan groups; these pieces are unique and hold a lot of traditional and cultural relevance.

For those, who love their chokers but are tired of styling them the same way, you could wear your choker as a headband too. You can wear these headbands on festive wear, including sarees and ghagras.

Apart from these mentions, you can also check out oxidised kamar bandhs [waist belts], which can be worn on any fancy sarees, skirts, or palazzo pants. Oxidised silver anklets are another great option to explore; these look great on knee-length skirts and capris; depending on the occasion, you can opt for a chunky and or a simple design. There are several other oxidised jewellery options that are a great addition to your collection, especially if you are someone who wears them regularly.

While oxidised jewellery is long lasting here are a few maintenance tricks to ensure that your favourite piece of oxidised jewellery stays with you for the long haul - Store the oxidised jewellery in air-tight containers or zip lock pouches, and ensure the jewellery isn’t directly exposed to moisture and alcohol [especially perfumes]. Before storing the oxidised jewellery, always wipe your jewellery with a dry cloth to remove any moisture and residue. Another trick to preserve your oxidised jewellery is not to mix it with other pieces of jewellery to prevent scratches and breaks.

These pocket-friendly jewellery options are gender-neutral and can be worn across age groups which makes them excellent gifting options. So why wait for an excuse to buy your first piece of oxidised jewellery? Remember, there is a piece of oxidised jewellery for any occasion, outfit, and time of day.