7 Ways to Style Indian Jewelry with Western Outfits - Sensational Fashion Fusion

February 28, 2023

Wherever an Indian woman goes, their love for Indian jewellery will always last. While these Indian jewellery options match perfectly the ethnic clothing, people are also experimenting to match them with indo-western or western outfits. Surprisingly, the charm of this jewellery is such that they compliment even western outfits very beautifully.

Wearing jewellery is no more just a matter of adding glitter to your apparel. Jewellery today helps in enhancing your personality and offering you a fashion statement. All you need to choose the right jewellery and match it up with the right apparel to get a look that w ccill suit your style.

Moreover, combining Indian jewellery with western outfits is a bold thought. It can offer a very unique look if done rightly otherwise can absolutely destroy everything. It is not just about wearing any random fancy bangles with any western attire that you are wearing. Combining the two contrasting elements requires a lot of creativity and you should be able to carry it confidently.

Here are some trending fashion statements that have come up combining Indian jewellery along with western outfits.

Choker with White Shirts:

There was a time when white shirts were considered so formal that they were not used for any casual outings. But now many celebrities have modified this trend by making white shirts look casual and stylish with Indian jewellery such as a golden choker or statement necklace.

If you no longer wear your white shirt to your workplace, it is time to give it a new life. Wear your white shirt with the very famous blue jeans combination to keep your statement necklaces highlighted. Also, you can wear a floral skirt with this white shirt and add up the choker set to look stylish and modest in any get-togethers or family gatherings.

Not just white shirts, you can even combine chokers and necklaces with any coloured shirts, provided they are contrasting well with each other. Top it up with a blazer to get an even more sophisticated look, especially when you are wearing a proper choker with your shirt.

Golden Bangles:

Earlier, bracelets were the only option with western outfits. But now for many celebrities and even commoners, a stack of golden bangles has replaced the bracelets. These bangles are available in different designs and patterns to suit your choice and taste.

Bangles are an integral part of Indian society, especially for grown-up and married girls. A few years back, wearing bangles with a western outfit was considered down-market. But now the style has changed and wearing golden fancy bangles with western outfits such as jeans, skirts, and dresses has become a fashion statement.

While you are trying out this fashion, you need to keep in mind a few essential points such as making sure to keep your outfit monochrome so that the focus remains on the bangles. In place, you cannot manage a stack of bangles, you can always look out for kadas made out of oxidised material.

Statement Necklaces:

Different statement artificial necklace options are heavily trending not just in India but also outside India. The traditional motif designs on black metal necklaces have become quite a hit with blazers and crop tops. Apart from the black metal necklaces, kundan necklaces are also another great piece of Indian jewellery that is getting famous with western outfits such as off-shoulder gowns and a plain shirt.

When you are styling the kundan necklace with an off-shoulder gown, match it up with the right pair of earrings and minimal make-up. Similarly, when you are wearing a black metal necklace over a crop top or blazer, keep down your makeup so that the necklace remains the hero of your look.

Silver Chain for One-Piece:

A one-piece dress is something that has become a favourite of many modern women today. When it comes to Indian jewellery, a long silver chain is something that matches well with such dresses. While these chains go well with any multicoloured single dresses, these are highlighted the most in dresses that are monochrome in colour.

If you are choosing the colour black, then these silver chains can look magical. Wear a silver chain with a pendant set with traditional motif designs to offer an indo-western look. Of course, you should be confident enough to carry on with this bold look.

Apart from a silver chain, you can also go with a layered necklace set or a multicoloured chain with a huge locket when you are wearing a western outfit such as a crop top or even a monochrome-coloured shirt.

Long Earrings or Jhumkas:

When you are confused about what to wear for a party, a dark-coloured little dress such as a little black dress always works wonders. These dresses come in different designs and styles according to your body type and choice. To add up a twist to this simple-to-do dress, you can always wear long earrings or even oxidised jhumkas in the first place.

Offer a shadowy touch to your eyes while keeping your lip colours light and you can act absolutely stunning for a party. If you are confused about the right earrings or jhumkas that you can match up with your dress, look for long earrings online and you will be amazed by the range of options available that can go perfectly with your dress.

Go Boho:

When nothing else is working, silver and oxidised jewellery options always do. There can be a number of times when you are not getting anything matching your dress. So, in place of not wearing anything, it is always a great idea to offer a touch of silver to your western attire. Whether you are wearing indo-western attire or a complete western outfit, wearing silver accessories such as necklaces, finger rings, dazzlers, and others surely offers a unique look.

Silver jewellery is the perfect way to turn your simple western attire into a boho-chic look. Pair up your maxi dress with a coin necklace or try out an oxidised neck piece with a plain formal shirt. Also, you can deck up yourself with an entire set of necklaces, earrings, finger rings, and others when you are wearing a bodycon dress. If you love the idea of being boho, this is the ultimate fashion statement that you will fall in love with.

Cropped Jeans and Anklets:

Anklets are another traditional Indian jewellery that has been worn by women for ages. In fact, in many Indian cultures, it is mandatory for women to wear anklets after getting married. While silver anklets are something that forms a part of the traditional attire, you will come across anklets now with a modern twist that you can match up with cropped jeans.

You can get anklets with colourful pendants or different patterns that you can wear with ankle-length jeans or even a side-slit dress. Make sure to wear wedges so that the anklets show off pretty well. If you are bold enough to carry a heightened look, you can also wear a wide and heavy silver anklet with traditional motif designs. 

When you are wearing narrow chain-styled anklets, you also have the option to wear them in just one leg. These single anklets look extremely chic and stylish, especially when you are wearing it with a western outfit such as a pair of jeans.

Glitter Earrings:

While jhumkas are something that is a bold decision when you are wearing them with a western outfit, statement earrings are something that you can always try out with your western dresses for any occasion.

Whether you are looking forward to wearing something with your western formal attire for your office or your western casual outfit for an outing, these glittery earrings also fall into the right place.

If you have stored kundan earrings for a long time in your jewellery box, now is the time to take them out and pair them up well with your western attire. It offers a minimalistic yet stunning look that you can carry every day. Make sure to tie your hair in a clean bun or a ponytail so that these small glittery earrings can come into the limelight.

Do you love matching your attire with your accessories? You can surely do so as you can get these small earrings in various colours and designs now so that you can get different earrings for different attire and according to the occasion.

Apart from the above-mentioned jewellery options, you can also make use of accessories with a traditional touch such as an oxidised brooch embellished with colourful stones on your blazer. Similarly, you can tie around a silver waistband when you are wearing an evening gown for a party.


Nothing can match the beauty and elegance of Indian jewellery. While these are best suited with traditional attires, adding them to western outfits offers a feminine touch to the person wearing them. Whether you wish to get an extravagant boho look or wish to keep it minimal, there are ample modern Indian jewellery designs available today that you can wear to complement your western attire very well for casual wear or for different occasions.