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Antique Jewellery Necklace Designs to Include in Your Inventory

April 29, 2022
5 Antique Jewellery Necklace Designs to Include in Your Inventory
The charm of antique necklaces will never go out of style. Whether you’re a jewellery aficionado or someone who’s just getting started, you can’t help but be captivated by these antique jewellery necklaces.
An antique necklace exudes an air of nostalgia and grace that is beautifully unmatched by more modern designs. Imitation jewellery wholesalers and collectors alike know this and that is why so many of them have turned to trading vintage necklaces as one of their major items.
If you are thinking about getting into this antiq jewellery accessories business, then you can include an array of different antique variations in your inventory, but when it comes to vintage jewellery necklaces, the variety is especially high.
Here you will explore 5 antique jewellery necklace designs you would love to include in your stock.
  • Beaded Necklaces
Beaded necklaces are one of the best necklaces to offer in your store.
  • They look modern and relaxed at the same time.
  • Beads come in all colours and sizes, which gives retailers plenty of variation for customers.
  • It's easy for you to create bead patterns that complement what your customer prefers or that would be perfect for an upcoming event.
  • Pendant Necklaces
Pendant necklaces are a popular jewellery item, especially for people who are interested in an antiq long necklace set.
  • Many online retailers offer pendant necklaces, and they come in different striking designs.
  • Large pendants use up more space and create more drama, while small ones can be worn with anything and tend to allow for more intricate visual details.
  • Choker Necklaces
Another trendy and fashionable type of ornaments that an imitation jewellery manufacturer offers is the choker necklace.
  • These are usually worn with low-neck outfits and provide a more delicate type of look in contrast to the other types of necklaces that may generally be seen as bolder.
  • The most common type of this jewellery is a small necklace worn around the neck where the string may be seen going under and emerging out again in a pattern.
  • The choker neckline sits snug and close to the wearer’s neck, enhancing all the features.
  • Choker necklaces provide for a very versatile look.
Round Necklaces
The round necklace is a classic choice that all jewellery retailers should have in their jewellery inventory.
  • Round necklaces are elegant and simple.
  • They are slim and complement most outfits if the accents on the necklace are matched with the colour scheme of the entire outfit.
  • These necklaces are often made of different materials like gold, silver, or brass with various features like beads, crystals, and pearls.
  • It can be worn with almost any outfit and the wearer will always look polished and put together.
Double Strand Necklaces
A double-strand necklace is one of the trendiest ways to wear an antique jewellery necklace.
  • It's designed with several strands that are tied in the back into one big knot.
  • It comprises two strands: one vertical strand that goes around the neck twice, and another one that goes inside the first one to make a loop.
  • Wearing it with twice as many drop-shank pendants, create a modern, yet elegant look.
Whether you are just starting out with antique jewellery or you have been in the trade for many years, it is worth investing in high-quality supplies, including antique combo sets.
There are a plethora of factors that work into what makes a piece of jewellery worth more money than others. Rarity is one factor and the type of metal and stone that were used, and more. Recognizing these little details can help you find unique antique jewellery necklaces that will help you provide an edge over your competitors.