Classic Jewellery Pieces to Elevate Your Royal Rajasthan Wedding Look

Classic Jewellery Pieces to Elevate Your Royal Rajasthan Wedding Look

April 29, 2023

Are you a bride-to-be from Rajasthan looking for classic jewellery pieces to complement your royal wedding attire? Look no further! We have got you covered with the top trendsetting Rajasthani bridal artificial jewellery wholesale collections combined with authentic Rajasthani traditional designs.

Rajasthan is a state in India where tradition and customs are still preserved, especially during weddings. The bridal look plays a vital role in every Rajasthani wedding, with jewellery being one of the essential elements to add charm to their appearance.

India's diverse culture preserves traditional values from time immemorial hence these Rajasthani jewels, like a bridal tikka, bridal necklace set, and more, reflect royalty and elegance that precisely describe Indian heritage, making them imperative amongst a bride’s trousseau today!

Let’s have a glance at royal Rajasthani bridal jewellery that has been artistically crafted with intricate detailing and adds charm, sophistication, and gracefulness to any bridal look.

Without further ado, let's explore some timeless jewels:

Aarsi – The Majestic Ring for Brides in Rajasthan

Aarsi or mirror rings have maintained significant importance over generations. This artificial finger ring symbolises both wealth and status growing its metaphysical value per astrology. It is consistently becoming popular among our modern-day elites.

  • It is an enchanting finger ring among various nose pin designs trendy worldwide these days but holds its root deep into Rajasthani traditions.
  • The ring comprises exquisite artistry true to every essence of Royal weddings held within the state- be it Udaipur or Jaipur!
  • This artificial finger ring is alluring and collectable, with extensive use of Kundan work over gold plating.
  • It matches beautifully well showcasing signet rings' worth as heritage finds suitable enough even at contemporary ceremonies too!

When considering your budgetary needs- you can always buy an artificial finger ring straight from a local supplier who provides artificial jewellery wholesale at better discounts ensuring quality standards.

Rakhdi or Maang Tikka - Ornate Headpieces That Define the Quintessential Rajasthani Bride

Another quintessential piece donned by all Rajasthani brides with pride is a Rakhdi or maang tikka. A Rakhdi or maang tikka is an essential part of a Rajasthani bride's wedding attire, as it adds to her overall beauty.

  • This bridal tikka is placed horizontally just above the forehead.
  • It can be made in traditional gold materials with precious stones embedded at its central point.
  • The tikka usually fastens behind the head using a string/chain that ends with beautiful decorative features, such as bells, coins etc.
  • The heavily studded bridal tikka enhances intricate hairstyling sewn-in through braids, elevating the wearer's Raani-like charm.
  • It is reminiscent of rakhdis, a traditional ornament worn by devout Rajasthanis.

Wearing the perfect bridal tikka on the forehead epitomises elegance and royalty, along with sophistication, thus completing a stunning look for any Rajasthani Bride!

Nathni – Nose Rings Reimagined to Add Grace and Glamour to a Bridal Look

Rajasthani nathni is an integral part of a Rajasthani bride's wedding attire and helps to add grace and glamour to their looks. It is usually made in gold or silver with knottily designed motifs studded on its surface along with precious stones, pearls, etc. These nose pin designs are then strung together using fancy chains, which frame the face perfectly, adding more sparkle around it!

  • These Rajasthani nose pin designs hold deep symbolism and represent the modern-day woman who knows her rights confidently.
  • It portrays a queen-like attitude that deserves regal treatment while invoking protection from evil spirits as per Indian mythology through such accessories.
  • These ornaments are symbolic representations of power, confidence, and beauty simultaneously embraced by women today with pride!
  • Traditionally, these nose pin designs were considered mandatory for all brides.
  • However, now, depending upon one’s style preferences, one can opt out of wearing them with no issue as well.

Rajasthani nathnis have been widely adopted by girls worldwide who share similar ethnicity, either as a tribute to their heritage or for the sake of high-street fashion. It is especially true in regards to bridal dressing up games where captivating statement jewellery has become synonymous with 2023 trend demands. No wonder these nose pin designs remain so popular!

Rani Haar - Traditional Necklaces that Carry the Essence of Royalty at Every Rajasthani Wedding

Rani Haar is a traditional bridal necklace set crafted to suit women’s rich taste, which is gaining attention across the globe. Royal Indian brides are often seen donning these long necklace designs as they complete their personalities and show class – despite being artificial!

  • It is usually worn in sets of two to eight pieces.
  • These long-necklace designs are decorated with complex designs and made from either gold or silver jewellery, studded with diamonds and semi-precious stones like rubies, topaz, etc.
  • The bridal necklace set exudes elegance while carrying an enchanting sense of royalty at any Rajasthani wedding, no matter what the weather!
  • It traditionally comprises four pendant necklaces, including pearl drops.
  • They hang gracefully over one’s chest area accompanied by three shorter-length chains along the sides for an extra glamour effect.

Rani Haar is a quintessential must-have jewellery for every bride who wishes to add a touch of cultural aesthetics to their outfit. These long necklace designs are the perfect accessory for those looking forward to adding zestful vibes while styling themselves this season!

Bridal Choora: An Emblematic Pair of Bangles Worn by Rajasthani Bride

The Rajasthani bridal choora is a traditional accessory that holds great significance at weddings. These bridal bangles possess considerable meaning for their cultural value, symbolising long-life blessings towards new beginnings!

  • Rajasthani chooras usually comprise a set of ivory or red bangles worn atop each other by the bride.
  • The number and style vary according to custom and tradition.
  • Some chooras have around eighty red glass bangles interlocked with shellac (lac) in sets called kada, while others feature tortuously handmade designs featuring stones like Kundan, Polki, and Jharia work on gold or silver-plated base metal reflecting rich Mughal heritage.

Rajasthani bridal chooras are highly sought after by brides worldwide. They add elegance and cultural significance to the bride's appearance, making them a well-loved accessory for any wedding ceremony. Nowadays, artificial imitation wholesale chooras are widely available to cater to modern tastes while still upholding tradition.


Rajasthan’s traditional jewellery pieces like Aarsi Rings, Rakhdi or Maang Tikka and Nathnis are classic must-haves for a royal bridal look. The long necklace designs of the Rani Haar, which carry the essence of royalty combined with the bridal choora's iconic bangles, will surely bring out the bride's best features. These artificial jewels provide timeless elegance through authentic designs that reflect India’s glorious heritage.

Artificial jewellery wholesale suppliers offer exciting discounts that fit any budget without compromising quality. So, brides should take advantage when looking to accessorise their wedding attire in preparation for this special day!