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Different Types of Earrings to Know About

April 01, 2023

Earrings are a perfect piece of jewellery that helps in transforming your look without overdoing it. Of course, you have noticed how just wearing a pair of Kundan jhumka with your collared embroidered kurta tends to complete your look for a wedding function or so. So, as soon as you get an invitation, the very first thing that you may start shopping for is a pair of traditional jhumkas online to match your ethnic clothes.

Earrings have been there in different cultures since ancestry years. Designers have come up with different types of earrings over time to offer a trendy look to the people who wear them. While options such as ear studs and hoops are something that is famous even in Western countries, India has got a huge list of styles and types in terms of earrings that can be talked about.

Whether you are purchasing earrings from a gold store or an imitation jewellery wholesaler, it is necessary to have a look at all the possible types available.

Artificial Stud Earrings

Ear studs are one of the commonest and classic earring options available in almost all countries across the world. These are usually smaller in size so that they can snug on the lobe of the ear without coming downwards or moving upwards. The studs stick to one place on the earlobe and are extremely comfortable to wear. Due to their small size, these are popularly also known as formal earrings because you can easily wear them for offices. A diamond ear stud is a typically classic option in the category of ear studs.

If you are looking for something apart from the usual gold and diamond ear studs, you can check out different artificial stud earrings that can have pearl, American diamond, and oxidized silver.


Traditional, Indian women often wore gold hoop earrings that used to be small and round in shape. Hoops are designed in such a way that it starts from the front side of your earlobe and closes at the backside of the lobe. Usually, hoops are known to be round in shape but modern hoops also come in many other different shapes such as oval, triangle, star-shaped, and many others. Check out hoop earrings online to find out the right match for your dress and occasion.

Similar to shape, hoops are also available in different sizes. If you wish to get an elegant look, you can go for a small round-shaped hoop but there are also huge hoop earrings that can create a dramatic look for the ones who are bold enough to experiment with such looks.


Ear drops can be stated as an extension of an ear stud. The name drops is because of the fact that it drops down slightly from the point where you are wearing the earring in such a way that the last point, usually a pearl, dances when you move. These ear drops are available in different materials, colours, and designs. If you are looking for traditional jhumkas online, you may also come across these drops that are mainly smaller in size than the usual jhumkas.

When shopping for drop earrings online, you can go for a simple-to-do drop that has a single pearl at the end of a thin gold or silver chain, or you can go for a dramatic one such as Kundan or American Diamond drops.

Also, while shopping for drop earrings online, you can also come across other versions of drop earrings such as teardrop earrings. These are a kind of drop earrings in which the dropped portion is in the form of a teardrop and they look extremely stunning because the teardrop is usually made up of a crystal or any semi-precious stone.


Chandelier earrings are named so because they reflect exactly the design of a chandelier. The basic design is similar to that of a drop but the chandeliers hang much more than the drops. These earrings are mostly fancy and extremely luxurious to look at. You can check out a wide range of chandelier earrings available at imitation jewellery wholesaler options such as Kanhai Jewels. Most chandeliers are studded with crystals and colourful stones to make them look attractive and gorgeous. These are perfect pieces of jewellery to match up with your dress if you have a huge party or event to attend.

Ear Cuff

If you are scared of your ear lobe getting pain by wearing drops and chandeliers, and you are bored of the artificial stud earrings, then you should try out ear cuffs. These are earring options that start by the usual ear lobe but extend upwards to cover the curve of your ear. These are also known by the name of ear climbers and are available in beautiful designs most of which are mainly stonework. Most of the ear cuffs are styled in such a way that sticks perfectly to the curve of the ear but there are also many such ear cuffs that may have a small drop at the end of the ear lobe to offer a more dramatic look. Look for ear cuffs with drops when you are looking for drop earrings online too. You will get floral motifs or similar artwork mostly in the case of ear cuffs.

Threader Earrings

If you are looking for a lightweight earring that can also add drama to your look, then look for a threader earring in place of traditional jhumkas online. This is mainly a thin chain-like earring that goes through your pieced hole in the earlobe and hangs at both sides. Such threader earrings come in versatile designs with statement symbols such as a heart or a star at the end of the thread. If you are looking for a traditional look, you can even get that with stones studded at one end of the threaded earrings.

Fish Hook

The fish hook is another lightweight imitation jewellery wholesale option that you can opt for. The earring comes with a fish hook pattern at the end of the design so that you just have to hang the whole earring on your earlobe with the help of the fish hook. These are usually lighter in weight so that you do not have to face much pressure on your earlobes.


As mentioned before, Indians have a lot of earring options available to suit different occasions and functions and one of them is Bajoran. This is a traditional kind of earring in which there are two points where you have to fix the earring to your ear. First, you need to fix one point on the usual earlobe while you will have to fix the other one on the center of the ear’s upper part. These are usually gorgeously created earring options that can attract a lot of attention. So, next time, if you are shopping for dramatic hoop earrings online, also consider searching for bajoran once.

So, here are some of the earring options that you should know about before shopping for them online. While options such as hoop earrings online are quite commonly available, there are other options that you need to check out at the best place such as Kanhai Jewels to get varieties and high-quality options at a much convenient price.